America the Beautiful: Or not

America the Beautiful: Or not

Edmonton : Canada | Jul 05, 2012 at 11:01 AM PDT
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Obama Runs Constructive Criticism Ad On McCain

Since the Reagan Administration my interest in American politics has been raised. America went through periods of prosperity followed by periods of economic downturn. What has remained constant is that there are elections every four years and if you don't like the government in power you have the power to change it.

There have always been divisions in America, but none as obvious as those during George Bush's term, followed by the present incumbent of the White House. Unfortunately division will never result in getting anything constructive accomplished, especially with the state of affairs now.

Reading articles from both the conservative and left press makes one cringe at some of the allegations. Republicans obviously want to push grandma over the cliff in her wheelchair and Democrats want to create a socialist dictatorship by distibuting wealth equally to everyone and put you in front of death panels. Think about those statements for minute.

George Bush was a war criminal and should have been arrested and tried for crimes against humanity, according to the left. Meanwhile Barack Obama is obviously a Muslim and not born in the U.S. according to the far right and Birthers. Think about that nonsense for a minute.

Do Administrations come out with policies and laws we don't like? You bet. Elections have consequences, but policies should always be made in accordance with the rule of law. It is the job of White House lawyers and Justice Department legal advisors, to ensure that legislation and decisions are made in accordance with the law. Remember that there are elections every four years. This is the time to change the Administration.

While there is no problem with constructive criticism, brainwashing and bashing, in my opinion, is not on. Everyone has a view and should be able to express it. Outright lies and distortions of the truth go beyond the limits of spin.

During the Clinton administration, the Executive Branch and Congress made things happen. Bill Clinton practiced give and take with Newt Gingrich and the result was a well working economy and deficit reduction.

My point is that there can be positive results even if Congress is controlled by a party different than that of the occupant of the White House. There is no doubt that every President does his best within his capabilities. George Bush 43, in his book "Decision Points", lays out his time in office and gives detailed descriptions of how his decisions were reached, including Comprehensive Immigration Reform, rejected by both Democrats and Republicans and of course the deliberations to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. While there may be differing views on whether or not America should be involved in these wars, it is obvious to me that those decisions weren't made easily.

While each political party labels the other, they should both stand for improving America. The rest is noise.

Recently "Operation Fast and Furious" and the SCOTUS decision on Obama Care have been the subject of mud throwing by both sides. Have you ever thought about how ridiculous those arguments sound to us outside the borders of the good old USA? Maybe you should.

The most recent argument on the mandate for ObamaCare is about whether or not it's a tax. Well, it seems to me, the mandate is constitutional because it was ruled to be a tax by SCOTUS. Plain and simple. Does it really make a difference though? I think not.

With the US election campaign being cranked up for the final round leading to November, you can expect a lot of mud slinging and probably the dirtiest campaign in history. Campaign funding will reach an all time high to pay for attack ads.

Don't be swayed by spin or attack ads, educate yourself and make an informed choice. Also remember how America looks to the rest of us outside your borders. Let's just say not too beautiful.

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Karl Gotthardt is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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