The Sin of Christianity and Organized Religion

The Sin of Christianity and Organized Religion

Washington : DC : USA | Jun 28, 2012 at 10:37 PM PDT
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Nonbelievers have hijacked the conversation on God

There are more than one billion people each, said the late Steve Cokely, who claim to be of the Christian faith/all beliefs and the Muslim faith/Islam, with untold millions more leveraging the faiths of Judaism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Krishnaism, and hundreds of other types of religions ... and yet, the world is still run and controlled by the most corrupt religious sinners on the face of the earth who call themselves "believers."

There are only Ten Commandments, two really that "all the law and all of the prophets" hang on, and most self-professed Christians fall far short of upholding one of those Commandments, let alone all 10.

The Religious Evangelical Right has held this nation called America in a death grip of self-serving contempt since Ronald "raygun" Reagan was elected President in the 1980s, so the jury is still out on whether he went upward or downward when he bounced off this earth's atmosphere ... nevertheless, because this nation has been held in that grip for so long, this country was spiraled into an economic Recession that nearly turned it on its unowhat.

The last time economic crises of this proportion happened, Republicans were in charge, and a Democrat named Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to bail the country out. Then Reagan did it again in the 1980s and another Democrat named William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton had to bail the country out. America's deficit was at an all-time low for the costs of the time and America was operating "in the black" when George W/ Bush got selected President and here we are, once again, with a Democrat (Barack Obama) having to bail the nation out.


The Republican Party has a history of doing these kinds of things, and it would appear that America would finally be good and tired of playing the abused Lady Liberty and giving her terrorizers one chance after another ... if you give us more tax breaks, we can create more jobs ...

Yada. Heard it all before.

What they create with those tax breaks are overseas bank accounts, jobs in Singapore, Indonesia, and China were there are no regulations and wages are slave-mentality low, and start wars leveraging OPKM (other people's kids and money) ... wars that aren't made to end. Ever.

And this morning, during the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the inidividual mandate of healthcare reform, these "Christians" were on their knees praying to their "god" that healthcare reform would fail.

Was it the same God that some of us read in the Bible (those who bother to read it, that is) Who sent His one and only Son here to lay hands on people and heal them and didn't charge them a widow's mite for the service? To which "god" were they praying: The One whose Son fed people and sent them away with blessings? The One whose Son paid His taxes and told them to "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" in order to be in compliance with the law?

With Christians like that, who needs the devil? They do all of the enemy's work in his stead.

But the Lord is about to make a "short work" of this world's ending ... for those whom, when He arrives, are found calling themselves by His name knowing that they have put the gods of money before Him; for those who have taken His name in vain by calling themselves Christians while stealing and deriving false deceptions and not recognizing that He was watching all along; for those who have committed adultery on the Word of God by fornicating the scriptures even with readily available knowledge and who will be without excuse when He arrives; for those who have stolen the property of others against a direct command by Him not to do so; those who have borne false witness while swearing under oath not to do so; and for those who have coveted by taking that which was not theirs to take and then trying to cover their sins in lies.

But people who are cowardly, unfaithful, detestable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars will find themselves in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death." - Rev. 21:8

The world, the nation, is turning atheist because of Christians and religions like these, who are supposed to "let their light so shine amongst men that their good works are seen and the Lord is glorified because of them."


For those who had the unmitigated gall to join forces with others who bring shame on the Lord's name and pretend to serve the Lord while serving only themselves, and who would stoop so low as to pray against the very known and 'attested to' will of God ... may the graves they prepared for others be the ones in which they are buried.


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Hm. Not shocking, considering...Gervais says Christians don't have a monopoly on good. True. The most honest people have a tendency not to ascribe to any religious philosophy. Good thing Christ wasn't a 'Christian' or we'd all be in hell, or some derivative thereof.
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