The Goverment that will Rule the Earth Forever.

The Goverment that will Rule the Earth Forever.

Manila : Philippines | Jun 22, 2012 at 10:33 PM PDT
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"It is not for man who is walking even to direct his steps," says Jer. 10:23. This verse of the Holy Bible means that men are not designed by God to live independent from Him. Men always need guidance from God to succeed in life. Yes we are given by God free will but we should use this in accord with God's laws and principles. If we will not do so we will reap the bad consequences of our deeds.

This is the reason why our world is in trouble right now, men in general are ignoring God's will and doing what they think is right. We are showing the same attitude shown by our first parents Adam and Eve. They were given by God a perfect start in life. They were placed in a paradise home called Eden and they are the ones with their descendants that will take care of it until it encompasse the entire planet.In time the entire planet would become a paradise inhabited by perfect human beings.(Gen. 1:28,31) Perfect in the sense that they will not grow old, got sick or die. But bec. of their greed and ambition they used their free will in opposition of their Creator. They believed the snake who act as a puppet of Satan the Devil that if they will disobey God regading the "Tree of Knowing Good and Bad" they will be like God. They desired to have the power to decide what is good and what is bad for them. From then on after eating the fruit of the forbiden tree men are deciding for themselves what is good and bad for them. We are now reaping the bitter fruit of their rebellion.(Gen 3:1-17)

Bec. of man made problems our planet is in the brink of destruction right now.If God will not interfere with the affairs of men the whole planet would be destroyed and all its inhabitants will certainly be annihilated.The problems regarding nuclear weapons and our environment were the result of greed and short sightedness of men. We are also continously being short changed by Satan. He made us believed that what is good is bad and what is bad is good. He used our fleshly desires to enticed us to do his will. This desperate situation that we are in right now is the result of men's self rule under the influence of the great deciever Satan the Devil.

Men can not solve the problems he brought to himself with out the help from someone more powerful than him and the devil that is behind his self rule. Even those seemingly more simple problems like garbage disposal and traffic problems could not be solve by first world nations. How can we expect that men's efforts to solve those more serious problems that is threatening our existence would be successful?

Only the true God Jehovah can reverse the problems brought by the rebellion of men. Immediately after the start of the rebellion of the first humans God have already formulated a solution to the impending problems this rebellion would bring. God prophesied at Gen. 3:15 that there will be a seed from the woman that will bruise the head of the symbolical snake Satan the Devil. The first part of the seed was later known as Jesus Christ. He will be the primary king of the Kingdom of God. He will be accompanied by his co-rulers the 144,000 humans who are bought from the earth. They will be the Kings that will rule the earth. (Rev. 5:10). The Kingdom of God is really a goverment that will replace all earthly goverments. At Daniel chapter 2 of the Bible the king of Babylon have a dream about an immense image whose brightness is extraordinary and has a dreadful appearance. The head of the image is made up of gold, its arms and chest is of silver, its belly and its thigh is of copper, its legs if of iron and its feet is of iron and clay. According to Daniel the head of the image represents the kingdom of Babylon ,then it will be replace by more inferior kingdoms as the metal wich they are made of is more inferior than gold. This kingdoms represents the political powers which will have hostile relationship with God's people. Then suddenly out of nowhere there appeared a stone not cut with man's hand and struck the image that caused its destruction and disapearance. The stone became a large mountain and filled the whole earth (Dan. 2: 31-35). Then Daniel 2:44 stated " In the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will not be brought to ruin. And the Kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crushed and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to time indefinite." The stone represents the Kingdom of God that will replace all political powers that is ruling the earth during that time.

This goverment will put an end to Satan system of things. All those supporting the rulers of this present system will be annihilated during the war that will end all wars at Armagedon (Rev. 16:16). After this the millenial reign of God's Kingdom will begin (Rev. 20:4,6). During this time all problems human rule have brought will be solve by the rulers of God's Kingdom. At the end of the mellenium all humans will become perfect like Adam and Eve and the entire planet will be a global paradise. Then Jesus Christ the primary King will surrender back the Kingdom and its subjects to God their rightful owner. (1 Cor. 15:24-28 ; Isiah 45:18 ; Prov. 2:21,22 ; Rev. 21: 3-5)

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ferdsanz is based in Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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