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Cairo : Egypt | 2 years ago  
Egypt’s Supreme Presidential Elections Commission (SPEC) announced on Wednesday it could not announce final results of a run-off presidential vote on Thursday as planned...
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  • Egypt election result due today

      The Independent | 2 years ago
    Amid continuing protests and claims of victory by opposing sides, the results of Egypt's presidential election will finally be revealed this afternoon. This comes after days of disputes over who has won a bitter contest between a former military...
  • Egypt's election results postponed again

      United Press International | 2 years ago
    Polling stations opened across Egypt on 16 June 2012 for a presidential election run-off contested by Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and Ahmed Shafik who was Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister. Some 50 million people are eligible to vote...
  • Egyptian election results to come Sunday

      MarketWatch | 2 years ago
    A supporter of Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi demonstrates at a rally against the delay of the Egyptian presidential results and against the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces at Tahrir Square in Cairo on Saturday.
  • Egypt's ruling military threatens to stamp out election rebellion

      Daily News & Analysis | 2 years ago
    Egypt's ruling military council warned on Friday that it would use its powers to overcome protesters' threats to confront the regime if it announced a former general won last week's presidential election. In a strongly worded statement, it accused...
  • Egypt presidential election results to be announced Sunday

      The Globe & Mail | 2 years ago
    42 AM EDT Last updated Saturday, Jun. 23 2012, 8:44 AM EDT The result of Egypt's presidential election will be announced on Sunday, a member of the committee overseeing the vote told Reuters on Saturday. More Related to this Story The news conference...
  • Report: Egyptian election results to be announced Saturday night

      Yedioth Ahronoth | 2 years ago
    Breaking News Egyptian media on Saturday reported the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate Mohamed Morsi has won the presidential runoff, citing sources in the election commission. Morsi's opponent, Ahmad Shafiq, has previously claimed he came out on top...
  • Egypt: HPEC Denies Reports Over Excluding a Frontrunner From Runoff Vote

      Africa Headlines | 2 years ago
    The commission asserted that it is still revising challenges filed by the two frontrunners Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq. Secretary General Counselor Hatem Begato said that no date has been set to announce the results of the presidential runoff...
  • Egypt: Minister - Prosecution Probes Runoff Complaints

      Africa Headlines | 2 years ago
    The results of these investigations will be announced as soon as they are completed, Abdel-Hamid said on the sidelines of a meeting held to tackle a study jointly prepared by the Egyptian Court of Cassation and the French Research Institute for...
  • Egypt army talks tough as Tahrir Square demonstrations resume

      The Daily Star | 2 years ago
    Cairo's Tahrir Square relived its glory days of the revolution Friday as tens of thousands of flag-waving protesters called on the Egyptian army to relinquish power, in defiance of a stern communique from the generals criticizing the Muslim...
  • Muslim Brotherhood looks for united front

      United Press International | 2 years ago
    The Muslim Brotherhood said Friday that it formed a united front with its political counterparts to confront a challenge to civilian leadership. Mohammed Morsi, the candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, faced Ahmed Shafiq,...
  • Egypt: Mursi Calls for Quick Polls Announcement

      Africa Headlines | 2 years ago
    What was previously announced (the results the campaign publicized) were reports signed by the judges supervising poll stations," Mursi said at a press conference aired on Misr 25 channel. "The result is expected and we will not allow anyone to...
  • Egypt On Brink Again As Tension Mounts Between Military and Islamist Party

      International Business Times | 2 years ago
    Tensions between Egypt 's ruling military council and the Muslim Brotherhood have mounted, as official results for the presidential run-off elections are expected this weekend after controversial delays have raised doubts about the legitimacy of the...
  • Egypt's Brotherhood says poll win must be respected

      Daily Nation | 2 years ago
    Rating Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood expects its anticipated presidential election win to be respected, its candidate said on Friday, after the ruling military threatened to deal "firmly" with any unrest. The Brotherhood wants neither "confrontation nor...
  • Egypt's Military Ready to Use Force to Quell Election Protests

      International Business Times | 2 years ago
    Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi (Reuters) Egypt 's military leaders have threatened to use force against protesters as demonstrations about the controverisla presidential elections continued in Tahrir Square. Protesters...
  • Egypt military rejects calls for reinstating Parliament

      Indian Express | 2 years ago
    The military's terse statement came as thousands of protesters gathered at the iconic Tahrir Square here to denounce what they see as a power grab by interim rulers by stripping the next leader of much of his authority....Morsi warned today against...
  • Egyptian military defends its actions as protesters gather in Tahrir Square

      Washington Post | 2 years ago
    The country's presidential election commission was expected to announce the winner in the presidential election runoff on Thursday, but the proclamation has been postponed . Mohamed Morsi, the Brotherhood's candidate, has said he won the vote, and...
  • Egypt warns against bids to harm public interest

      NOW Lebanon | 2 years ago
    Its comments appeared to be directed at the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, which said that its candidate Mohamed Morsi had won the election, providing what it said were certified copies of ballot tallies to bolster its claims. Morsi's rival Ahmed...
  • Thousands in Tahrir Square slam Egypt military “coup”

      NOW Lebanon | 2 years ago
    Thousands packed Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square on Friday to denounce a power grab by the ruling military, as the nation nervously awaited the results of the first post-Mubarak presidential election. Members and supporters of the powerful Muslim...
  • More protests planned against Egypt military ‘coup'

      DAWN | 2 years ago
    More protests planned against Egypt military coup' AFP 12 mins ago Egyptian supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi attend a rally amongst thousands of other supporters in Cairo's Tahrir square, on June 21, 2012.
  • Tahrir Square fills up as Egypt awaits result

      Al Jazeera | 2 years ago
    26 Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood at a gathering to celebrate Morsi's "victory" [Getty] Thousands of protesters have filled Cairo's Tahrir Square overnight as Egypt's rival presidential candidates accused each of trying to steal an election...
  • Egyptian Military Threatens Crackdown over Presidential Elections

      Palestine Chronicle | 2 years ago
    The military council is determined not to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to seize power...The junta intends to retain full control of the executive.   The military source suggested that any attempt to declare Mursi the winner threatened the stability...
  • Shafiq confident of Egypt victory

      BBC | 2 years ago
    Ahmed Shafiq (L) Mohammed Mursi (R) Mr Shafiq's campaign team adamantly rejected his claim, pledging to take legal action to prove their case. Higher Presidential Election Commission), are rejected by most Egyptians and contradict the basics of...
  • Egypt ex-general Shafik says sure of election win

      The Daily Star | 2 years ago
    Former Egyptian general Ahmed Shafik said on Friday he was confident of victory in last weekend's presidential election, stepping up a war of words with his Islamist opponent as Egypt waits anxiously for the delayed result. Mohamed Morsy, candidate...
  • Shafiq or Mursi? What may happen next in Egypt

      BBC | 2 years ago
    The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate Mohammed Mursi and ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafiq have put in more than 400 appeals about alleged violations in the run-off. As both contestants have claimed victory, the expected announcement will be made during...
  • In lieu of results

      Al Ahram | 2 years ago
    Either way the Brotherhood won't give up without a fight, writes Amira Howeidy After an exhausting two-month presidential election marathon Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi took to the podium at his Freedom and Justice Party's downtown...
  • Jumping the gun

      Al Ahram | 2 years ago
    Yet in the absence of a final tally, the camps of both presidential runners have claimed victory for their candidates in what appears to be an exercise in dangerous brinkmanship. Monday dawned with Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed...
  • Egypt's Shafiq Campaign Signals Softening in Standoff

      Voice of America | 2 years ago
    Egypt's election officials are reviewing complaints about irregularities in the nation's first freely-contested presidential election, delaying announcement of the results. The indefinite postponement is adding to tensions already heightened by the...
  • Egypt on edge as election results delayed

      The Daily Star | 2 years ago
    Egypt was on edge on Thursday after the Muslim Brotherhood warned of "confrontation" between the people and the ruling generals unless its candidate is named to succeed toppled president Hosni Mubarak. A delay in announcing official results from the...
  • Egypt: Aswany Says Mursi 'Legitimate President', Predicts Forgery for ...

      Africa Headlines | 2 years ago
    Aswany described the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi as the "legitimate president", insisting that the revolutionary stance requires defending him. "I hope that Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood will not let us down and make deals with the...
  • Egypt won't see "Algerian" war: senior Islamist

      The Daily Star | 2 years ago
    Egypt's generals have set political rules that could keep the army in power for years, one of their senior Islamist opponents warned on Wednesday, but the Muslim Brotherhood will not fight back in the way that plunged Algeria into bloody civil war.
  • Egypt election result delay fuels coup fears - live updates

      The Guardian | 2 years ago
    The delay in the presidential election results has added renewed uncertainty to Egypt 's political crisis ahead of a planned protest against the military council. And as the fighting intensifies in Syria , world leaders haggle over a possible...
  • Egypt: officials postpone announcement of presidential election winner

      Taiwan News | 2 years ago
    Travel & Delicacy Beauty never Ends Ecological Environment Taiwan News, Staff Writer 2012-06-21 11:11 AM The result of last week's presidential run-off has been delayed due to the political tension soaring as the polarized country awaited for the...
  • Egypt presidential poll results postponed till next week

      The Hindu | 2 years ago
    The political scene in Egypt continues to bubble as the announcement of the results of the presidential elections were postponed till early next week, with the authorities saying it needed more time to examine the complaints after both candidates...
  • Results delayed in Egyptian election

      United Press International | 2 years ago
    The formal release of the results of Egypt's presidential election have been postponed, the Presidential Election Commission announced Wednesday. The commission did not set a new date, saying it needs to investigate allegations of fraud, The Wall...
  • Egyptian Presidential Election Results Delayed

      Voice of America | 2 years ago
    VOA News June 20, 2012 Egypt's Election Commission says it has delayed Thursday's planned announcement of the results of a runoff presidential vote while it continues to review appeals from the two candidates, hiking tension as allegations of fraud...
  • Egypt presidential election results delayed

      NOW Lebanon | 2 years ago
    The run-off, which took place on June 16 and 17 pitted Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi against ousted President Hosni Mubarak's last Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, with both candidates claiming victory. The election commission was on...
  • Egyptian election result delayed

      BBC | 2 years ago
    The result of Egypt's presidential election has been delayed, state television has said. It had been scheduled to be announced on Thursday, but the Supreme Elections Commission says it needs more time to look into complaints presented by the...
  • Egyptian presidential result delayed as both candidates claim victory

      The Guardian | 2 years ago
    A group of women in Tahrir Square, Cairo, show support for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi. Rex Features Egypt 's election committee said on Wednesday it may not be ready to announce the results of a runoff presidential vote on...
  • Egypt official says election result may be delayed

      The Daily Star | 2 years ago
    Egypt's election committee said on Wednesday it may not be ready to announce the results of a run-off presidential vote on Thursday as planned because it was still reviewing appeals from the two candidates, both of whom claim to have won. Egyptians...
  • Egypt: MB Warns of Confrontation if Shafik wins

      Al Sharq Al Awsat | 2 years ago
    Supreme Presidential Elections Commission have bad intentions, and warned against any attempt to falsify the will of the voters. He said: "If Shafik is declared the winner, then this means the military have staged an obvious coup." He added that "...
  • Egypt in turmoil, with Mubarak at death's door

      Sydney Morning Herald | 2 years ago
    Kareem Fahim, David Kirkpatrick June 21, 2012 Read later Help from above supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood chant in Tahrir Square as the military maintained power while both presidential candidates claimed victory. Confusion over the health of...
  • Egypt's election winner announcement may be delayed, officials say

      The Globe & Mail | 2 years ago
    Story An Egyptian man holds a poster of Islamist candidate Mohammed Morsi with Arabic that reads, "Mohammed Morsi, president for Egypt, revival is the will of the people, " in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, June 18, 2012 The Associated Press video An...
  • Brotherhood avoids Egypt army clash

      Daily News & Analysis | 2 years ago
    The Muslim Brotherhood signalled a step back from confrontation with the army on Tuesday as it called for dialogue to solve Egypt's worsening constitutional crisis. The Islamist group led a fresh demonstration in Tahrir Square last night to protest...
  • Ousted Egyptian President Declared Clinically Dead

      Novinite | 2 years ago
    Egypt's ousted President Hosni Mubarak , 84, was declared clinically dead on Tuesday, shortly after being moved from prison to a military hospital in Cairo...Adel Saeed, the official spokesman of the Egyptian prosecutor, was quoted by the CNN as...
  • Egypt: Thousands Protest Military Power Grab

      Africa Headlines | 2 years ago
    Citizens Protest Against Constitutional Declaration in Tahrir 19 June 2012 Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Cairo's Tahrir square on Tuesday to protest against the complementary constitutional declaration the ruling military council issued on...
  • Egypt's Mubarak on life support amid crisis

      Taiwan News | 2 years ago
    Egypt's Hosni Mubarak was on life support after suffering a stroke in prison Tuesday, deepening the country's uncertainty just as a potentially explosive fight opened over who will succeed him...He was revived by defibrillation but then had a stroke...
  • Egyptian rivals unite to confront the military

      The independent | 2 years ago
    Back in 1992, the world had seen the likes of Batman on the big screen, doing reasonably well at the... Suggested Topics An emboldened Muslim Brotherhood appeared to be on a collision course with Egypt's ruling generals last night, as it called on...
  • Conflicting Reports on Mubarak's Death

      Voice of America | 2 years ago
    VOA News June 19, 2012 Egyptian security sources say ousted President Hosni Mubarak is unconscious and on a respirator, contradicting earlier reports by the country's state news agency that said his doctors had declared the former leader clinically...
  • Reporter's Notebook: Egypt Returns to Tahrir

      Voice of America | 2 years ago
    Davin Hutchins June 19, 2012 Early last year, the powerful images of millions of Egyptians flooding Tahrir Square became a symbol embraced by the world as ground zero of Arab self-determination. Sure, Tunisia was the Arab Spring's first revolution to...
  • Egypt's former dictator Hosni Mubarak 'clinically dead'

      Australian Broadcasting Corporation | 2 years ago
    Mubarak's heart stopped beating and was subjected to a defibrillator several times but did not respond." The 84-year-old was sentenced to life in prison earlier this month for ordering the killing of protesters who helped end his three-decade rule in...

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