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Washougal : WA : USA | 2 years ago  
President Barack Obama will return today to the U.S. to engage in the tough election battle, amid growing uncertainties about the economic future of the nation. The president will...
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  • Fast and Furious, Indeed

      Canadian Free Press | 2 years ago
    Each day found my jaw hitting the floor as my mouth dropped open again and again. Sometimes it was at good news, sometimes at bad, and sometimes at plain old OMG unbelievable. At long last, after months and months of foot-dragging and obstructionism...
  • ‘Left, Right & Center': Obama, Romney Woo Latino Voters

      Truthdig | 2 years ago
    Jun 23, 2012 Barack Obama and Mitt Romney appeared before a conference of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. Moody's cut the credit rating of 15 major banks, including Bank of America and Citigroup. And the White...
  • Presidential candidates: Vows, charges fly in immigration debate

      Denver Post | 2 years ago
    Font Resize The Associated Press President Barack Obama, in a strikingly personal appeal, renewed his call for an overhaul of America's immigration laws before a supportive Latino audience Friday. He portrayed rival Mitt Romney as an obstacle to...
  • Readers 'Furious' over partisan duels

      Boston Herald | 2 years ago
    A vote of contempt may not be enough to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious, President Obama's failed attempt to crack down on Mexican drug cartels by letting thousands of weapons walk into Mexico...That was one recommendation made by an enraged...
  • Obama slams Romney on business, immigration

      San Jose Mercury News | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama pounded Republican challenger Mitt Romney over his past business practices and current immigration views during a swing Friday through the heart of the nation's largest battleground state. At a boisterous campaign rally near...
  • Obama Basks In Latino Politicians' Love After His DREAM Moves

      National Public Radio | 2 years ago
    Coming a week after President Obama announced that he would defer deportation proceedings for many young illegal immigrants, it was safe to predict that he'd get an appreciative response from an audience of Latino leaders...It started with a woman in...
  • Obama says he will fight for immigration reform

      The Tribune | 2 years ago
    I'll tackle immigration in 'civil' manner Romney: I'll tackle immigration in 'civil' manner Backing off the harsh rhetoric of the Republican primaries, Mitt Romney pledged Thursday to address illegal immigration "in a civil but resolute manner."
  • Obama swipes Romney for threat to veto immigration DREAM Act

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    Romney addressed the group, Obama sought to telegraph the message that he's the candidate who has the best interests of the Hispanic community a group critical to his reelection at heart. Referring to Romney as your speaker from yesterday, Obama...
  • Mitt Romney tries to soften image among Hispanic voters

      Washington Post | 2 years ago
    He did not say what should happen to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, nor did he mention the Dream Act, the stalled legislation he previously vowed to veto that would legalize many young people brought to the country...
  • Contempt for 'Fast and Furious'

      Boston Herald | 2 years ago
    Updated 54 seconds ago Text size  C ontempt seems to be just about the right word for the dysfunctional relationship between President Obama's administration and Congress. This week, however, the word signaled more than just how the two branches are...
  • Romney to Hispanics: Boost legal immigration, more green cards

      News Press | 2 years ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney acknowledged that Hispanics may not always agree with him, but he offered a vision Thursday of an America more welcoming to certain legal immigrants and their families. Speaking to the National...
  • Romney Softens Rhetoric, If Not Message, In Speech To Latino Leaders

      National Public Radio | 2 years ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney softened his tough primary-campaign tone on immigration, if not his positions, during a speech Thursday to national Hispanic leaders. In comments to thousands gathered at the National Association of...
  • Poll: Obama and Romney even

      The New Zealand Herald | 2 years ago
    Friday Jun 22, 2012 A majority of Americans disapproves of how President Barack Obama is handling the economy, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. The pessimism hurts his re-election chances as the November election looms, with the poll...
  • Romney taunts Obama, ducks overall immigration fix

      Los Angeles Times | 2 years ago
    Accusing President Obama of taking Latino voters for granted, Mitt Romney told an influential Latino audience Thursday that he would replace and supersede Obama's new deportation policy for young immigrants but offered no details. One day ahead of...
  • Mitt Romney Addresses Latino Lawmakers, No Mention Of Self-Deportation

      New York Observer | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney Addresses Latino Lawmakers, No Mention Of Self-Deportation 1:35pm Gov. Mitt Romney addressed the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, and he  made no mention of the immigration buzzword he is perhaps most famous for: self-...
  • Mitt Romney Offers Few Immigration Details In Speech To Latino Leaders

      International Business Times | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney articulated an immigration policy largely based on economic prosperity during a highly-anticipated speech to Latino officials on Thursday. In an address to a National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials conference in...
  • Bryson resigning as US commerce secretary

      The News & Observer | 2 years ago
    GOP attacking Holder to suppress voters The top House Democrat says a committee vote holding the attorney general in contempt of Congress is part of Republican efforts to suppress votes in the upcoming elections...Court: Use new drug sentencing law...
  • How Fast and Furious investigation could hurt the GOP

      NY Daily News | 2 years ago
    With the economy stalled, the unemployment picture gloomy and confidence in a recovery low, the Obama administration needs a distraction from economic ennui. Enter Operation Fast and Furious, the gun walking program meant to trace weapon purchases to...
  • President Obama's Fast and Furious Scandal Grows

      Canadian Free Press | 2 years ago
    Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed by an untraceable assault weapon that was deliberately handed to Mexican drug lords by U.S. officials via Operation Fast and Furious. Ever since, the Terry family and Americans across the nation...
  • Clock Ticking As Holder Looks To Avoid 'Unprecedented' Full Contempt Vote

      International Business Times | 2 years ago
    If he wants to avoid an unprecedented contempt vote before the full House of Representatives , the embattled attorney general must strike a deal with Republicans seeking more documents in an investigation of the failed "Fast and Furious" gun-...
  • Phony executive privilege

      NY Daily News | 2 years ago
    President Obama 's claim of executive privilege to conceal documents about Operation Fast and Furious has set off a political firestorm. Almost exactly 40 years after the break-in at the Watergate hotel, a claim of executive privilege reminds...
  • Thursday's live events

      CNN Blog | 2 years ago
    The Supreme Court may soon rule on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care law.  Once a ruling is issued, CNN.com Live will be there for all the reaction and fallout...Aung San Suu Kyi addresses UK Parliament - Myanmar pro-democracy...
  • Mitt Romney addresses NALEO: Five things to watch for

      Washington Post | 2 years ago
    Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R) delivers a much-anticipated address to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials annual conference Thursday afternoon...Romney's speech, which comes on the eve of President Obama'...
  • Romney faces immigration test in speech to Fla. crowd

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    Romney's momentum has stalled since Obama announced his administration would halt deportations of illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children, a move Republicans acknowledged as deft since it energized the Hispanic voters the...
  • Romney, Obama Fine-Tune Pitches To Latino Voters

      National Public Radio | 2 years ago
    June 21, 2012 President Obama and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney are taking their stump speeches to a prominent group of elected Latino officials this week...The appearances come just a week after the president announced a new...
  • US: Justice Secretary Charged with Contempt of Congress

      Israel National News | 2 years ago
    The sting ended when an emigration authority employee was killed by one of the weapons. Holder testified before Congress that he was informed of the sting only weeks in advance, but document s have surfaced proving he knew a year in advance.
  • Obama, Romney even amid economic worries: Poll

      The Economic Times | 2 years ago
    Fewer Americans believe the economy is getting better and a majority disapproves of how President Barack Obama is handling it, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. Meanwhile, new financial filings reveal that although major donors supporting...
  • Sorry Holder, Your Role in Fast and Furious is Not a Political Issue

      Salem News | 2 years ago
    Democrats say an eight-month Republican House investigation into the events of 'Fast and Furious'- the deadly gun walking program where ATF provided weapons to Mexican drug cartels, is a political 'witch hunt carried out on an election year'.
  • Congressional committee finds Holder in contempt

      Christian Science Monitor | 2 years ago
    ments Congressional committee finds Holder in contempt A Republican-dominated House panel found the Attorney General in contempt on a straight party-line vote; the last Cabinet official found in contempt was Janet Reno during Whitewater. By Pete Yost,...
  • 'Furious' at contempt

      Politico | 2 years ago
    The Fast and Furious investigation has finally handed House Republicans a prize they've long sought: a legal smackdown of the Obama administration. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was able to show skeptical conservatives that his spine could stay stiff...
  • Issa releases statement following committee vote

      Fox News | 2 years ago
    FoxNews.com House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa issued the following statement Wednesday on the committee's approval of a report finding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over his refusal to...
  • Contempt charge for US top lawyer

      BBC | 2 years ago
    Congress contempt charge for US Attorney General Holder The Department of Justice says it has already turned over 7,000 documents to the committee A US House of Representatives committee has voted along party lines to hold Attorney General Eric...
  • Obama campaign predicts Romney June fundraising win

      Reuters | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama attends a news conference on the second day of the G20 Summit in Los Cabos June 19, 2012. President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, stung by the fundraising success of rival Mitt Romney and groups supporting him, predicted...
  • Holder found in contempt of Congress by House Oversight Committee

      Los Angeles Times | 2 years ago
    The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform voted to find Atty...Congress for failing to provide subpoenaed documents in the flawed Fast and Furious gun-tracking case, just hours after President Obama asserted executive privilege and...
  • Romney campaign cuts press call short after immigration questions

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    The conference call was set up to focus on the economy and knock President Obama's comment that the private sector was "doing fine."  But reporters wanted to ask about immigration.  Romney aides repeatedly urged reporters to restrict their questions...
  • Obama asserts executive privilege over Fast and Furious files

      The Guardian | 2 years ago
    Benjamin J Myers/Corbis The Obama administration on Wednesday asserted executive privilege, refusing to provide documents to a committee of the Republican-controlled US House of Representatives about a failed gun-running investigation. The White...
  • Obama seals Fast and Furious file

      BBC | 2 years ago
    White House withholds Fast and Furious files US Attorney General Eric Holder could be held in contempt of Congress over Fast and Furious President Obama has taken the rare step of claiming executive privilege to withhold documents sought by lawmakers...
  • Poll: Obama holds lead, majority of voters say Romney ‘out of touch'

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    The Bloomberg National Poll asked likely voters which candidate's argument has been more convincing, as each campaign works to paint its rival as unaware of the plight of the "average American" in an election year dominated by the struggling economy.
  • House panel to vote on Holder contempt charge

      Reuters | 2 years ago
    Attorney General Eric Holder delivers a national security speech regarding the Obama administration's ongoing counter terrorism efforts during his visit to the Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, March 5, 2012. A Republican-led...
  • Michigan Is Looking Rosier to Romney

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    Suddenly, Michigan Looks Like More Fertile Ground to Romney Campaign Richard Perry/The New York Times Mitt Romney held a campaign event on Tuesday at a resort in Michigan, which he now thinks he can take from President Obama, who carried the state in...
  • Republicans argue Romney has momentum in states on his bus tour

      Des Moines Register | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney addresses the crowd gathered at his campaign rally at Le Claire Park in Davenport on Monday. (Justin Hayworth/The Register) An operative with the Republican National Committee is circulating a memo that argues that the GOP has the...
  • Romney: Rubio being vetted for VP candidacy

      Taiwan News | 2 years ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Tuesday that his campaign is "thoroughly vetting" Marco Rubio as it searches for a running mate despite reports that the popular Cuban-American senator from Florida is not being considered.
  • Romney's way: Give more to the rich

      CNN | 2 years ago
    Donna Brazile , a CNN contributor and a Democratic strategist, is vice chairwoman for voter registration and participation at the Democratic National Committee. She is a nationally syndicated columnist, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University...
  • Romney: Russia still a foe

      United Press International | 2 years ago
    Russia remains a "geopolitical foe" of the United States, likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Tuesday on Fox Radio. "The nation which consistently opposes our actions at the United Nations has been Russia," Romney said. "We're of...
  • Dis of Marco Rubio by anonymous advisers derails Mitt Romney for a day

      Miami Herald | 2 years ago
    That didn't sound like news until anonymous Republicans cast doubt on the situation Tuesday, throwing Romney's campaign into a messaging tailspin that took an entire day to clean up. And it was Romney who had to do the mop-up work after ABC, the...
  • Republicans refine immigration message after Obama's policy scoop

      CNN | 2 years ago
    Certain GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney led the Republican counterattack, accusing President Barack Obama of undermining the possibility of long-term immigration reform by taking the partial step of halting deportations of some young illegal...
  • Obama And Congress: Bipartisanship Talk Met Reality

      National Public Radio | 2 years ago
    June 19, 2012 June 19, 2012 From now until November, President Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will emphasize their differences. But the two men's lives actually coincide in a striking number of ways...Earlier, NPR's David Welna...
  • THE RACE: Romney wooing GOP Hill leaders has risks

      The Tribune | 2 years ago
    Romney wooing GOP Hill leaders has risks Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney is throwing his lot in with his party's leadership in Congress, a break with other recent GOP White House seekers who have kept some distance. Romney and GOP...
  • Elway poll: Romney support grows, but Obama still well ahead in Washington ...

      Seattle Times | 2 years ago
    The poll conducted June 13-16 found that 49 percent favored Obama, compared to 41 percent for Romney. That's a gain of three percentage points for Romney from an Elway poll conducted last February...Elway also noted that Obama remained under 50...
  • Three reasons Mitt Romney will win Michigan, and three reasons he won't

      The Christian Science Monitor | 2 years ago
    That question arises because the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is touring Michigan Tuesday and Wednesday at the end of his six-state Every Town Counts bus tour. Mr. Romney was born in the Wolverine State, of course, and his father was a...

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