Warrior and none warrior American Presidents: A commentary

Warrior and none warrior American Presidents: A commentary

Washington : DC : USA | Jun 16, 2012 at 1:26 AM PDT
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World War ll president

Warrior and none warrior American Presidents: A commentary



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It is very interesting to know that wars were always associated with every past, present and future U.S. president. However, there were past American presidents who did not sponsor any war during their stay in office.

Please allow this writer to delimit and to use the administration of President Theodore Delano Roosevelt as the cut-off regime of this presentation. It was during this regime when World War Two was fought and presumably had ended but it went on in what now known in history as the “Cold War.”

Everyone is invited to know and appreciate the warrior and none-warrior American presidents as presented in the following table:

Table – 1 American Presidents since the end of World War Second





1933-1945 WORLD WAR II (1939-1945}

WARRIOR President

33 - *Truman, Harry S (D}

1945-1953 atomic bombing of Japan(1945} Cold War with Soviet Union United Nations, Marshall Plan (1948} NATO (1949} Korean War (1950-1953}

Warrior President


Eisenhower, Dwight David
"Ike" (R}


Cold War with Soviet Union continues

Warrior President


Kennedy, John Fitzgerald*(D}


established Peace Corps (1961)
Bay of Pigs incident

Warrior President


*Johnson, Lyndon Baines(D}


escalated involvement in Vietnam War (1954-1975)

Warrior President


Nixon, Richard Milhous**(R}


"War on Drugs" (1971)
visited China (1972)
détente with U.S.S.R.
eventual withdrawal of U.S. troops from Southeast Asia

Warrior President


**Ford, Gerald Rudolph.(R}



None-Warrior President


Carter, James Earl, Jr. "Jimmy."(D}


Carter, James Earl, Jr. "Jimmy."

None-Warrior President


Reagan, Ronald Wilson(R}


military involvements in Grenada, Central America, Lebanon, Libya
Cold War subsides (Glasnost with U.S.S.R.)

Warrior President


Bush, George Herbert Walker(R}


Persian Gulf War I with Iraq (1990)

Warrior President


Clinton, William Jefferson "Bill"(D}


Persian Gulf War II with Iraq (1999)
Serbia vs. Bosnia, Kosovo, NATO...

Warrior President


Bush, George W. "Dubya"(R}


Afgan War against the Talliban and Al Qaeda (2001...)
Iraqi Invasion and Occupation (2003...)
"War on Terror"

Warrior President


Obama, Barack Hussein II(D}


"Pashtunistan - Waziristan War"
or (as I also choose to call it) "The War Across the Durand Line",
continuing legacy of all G. W. Bush Administration wars.
Awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Warrior President

In view of the above presentation, it is clearly shown that from 1945 to 2012 or a span of 67 years, the United States of American has been involved in wars as parts of foreign policy of each of the U.S presidents. There were 13 presidents who reigned within that period, 6 were Republicans and 7 Democrats.

It is of great interest that only two of the presidents (Republican and Democrat} are labeled as none warriors, however, their administrations were always prompted by the temptations of war.

Former President Gerald Ford simply presided over the fall and withdrawal of US troops from the Vietnam War to usher its end. Vietnam War demoralized the victorious spirit of an American soldier that made him couldn’t fight the Vietcongs anymore at any longer time. Ford withdrew the troops and put them in U.S Bases nearby like in the Philippines before sending home finally. Then, he accepted that Vietnam had to close the “Cold War”. Ford is labeled as none warrior because he did not plan and fight a war in the name of his very short regime.

President Jimmy Carter then, was confounded by the idea of getting rid of Iran of its Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi which he did. Pahlavi was excised from the peacock throne but Carter was compensated with the hostage taking of American Embassy personnel in Teheran. Carter was made to preside over a hostage crisis that was never resolved during his term. This scenario highly tempted Carter to wage war against Iran but did not prosper.

It is noted that America suffered a recession during the administration of former President George W. Bush because of the wars waged against Iraq and Afghanistan which were handed down to President Barack Obama.

Obama pulled out U.S troops from Iraq without winning the war. Iraqis continue the war among themselves. He inherited the Afghan war as he builds his own “brand of war.” Obama is associated with the fall of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the elimination of Libya’s Mammuar Gaddhafi. In 2011, he started shopping for war in certain African countries.

Obama is the object of racist war. He is at war to combat unemployment to improve US economy. He faces an ultimate war to get back to Washington D.C. come November 06, 2012.

In view of the warrior U.S presidents, there is just one thing prominently deduced in this presentation and that is “all the wars have significantly contributed to the lowering of quality of life for the average American notably, those in the Poor and Middle Classes.” About 50 years ago, poor in America were the rich in their counterparts in Third World Countries.

Another radiant observation is that the “wars were responsible for the lost of the American Dream.” America known as the land of milk and honey and a promised land now seems to have been reduced to the “land of struggles” in all forms. None White people living in America have to struggle to be separated in thoughts from “American Whiteness” and “Real Americans”.

Four of past U.S presidents are still living, two of them in the twilight zones of their lives and other two are very much alive and kicking. They live long enough to teach that America must not go to war anymore but they seem not doing it.

How long will these wars last? How soon will these wars end?

Use of asterisks (*): by Laurie Spiegel is adapted in this presentation


died in office


replaced preceding President who died


left office before completion of term


replaced preceding living President


  1. http://retiary.org/misc_pages/us_presidents_and_wars.html

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Present USA
President Barack Obama
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