President McCain 2008- What if McCain won the presidential election in 2008?

President McCain 2008- What if McCain won the presidential election in 2008?

Washington : DC : USA | Jun 15, 2012 at 1:26 PM PDT
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kings and queens

The Presidential election of 2008 was one of the most important in the history of the United States. The economy was on the verge of complete collapse, and decisions had to be made to ensure the economy did not fail.

Let’s imagine, if we can, how things would have been different if McCain had beat Obama. The McCain-Palin ticket offered something that could have made history. A female vice president of the United States would have been a huge step toward equality for women- especially in positions of power. Aside from that one historical marker that would have been positive (in historical context only), the country would have hit a brick wall.

Conservative leadership led to one of the most serious economic crisis faced in the history of the United States. The fallacy of “Trickle Down Economics” was beginning to expand the chasm between the ultra rich and the middle class. Wealthy “job creators” were given tax breaks during a time when the United States was carrying a surplus. President Bush had two options: Pay down the national debt or give tax cuts. He opted for tax cuts for the nation’s wealthiest citizens. This decision, compounded by the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the housing bubble bursting, sent the nation in a tailspin.

In order to try to save the economy, Bush had already signed the bailout bill before leaving office. Americans did not realize how serious the situation was and this choice created havoc from coast to coast. As the reality became more and more apparent, the election of 2008 became final. As we are using our imaginations here, let’s say that McCain won the 2008 election. This is where the beginning of the end becomes evident.

The Republican Party had embraced the “Trickle Down” fallacy, so McCain would support this ridiculous philosophy as well. Once the bailout money became available, McCain would not expend funds on the auto industry or banking system. Republicans believe in a so-called free market that will determine which businesses fail and which will succeed. It is necessary to note here, however, that a free market does not exist in the United States. A free market means there is no governmental intervention in the marketplace. It is essential to understand what this means. It means that when Republicans talk about their devotion to a free market, they are either confused over its meaning or they are lying, because we do not have one.

As McCain now has access to billions of taxpayer dollars and he embraces that silly “Trickle Down” philosophy, he is going to use that money to give more tax breaks to those good old “job creators." This means that the banks and the auto industry fail. When the banks file, the American dollar literally has absolutely no value overnight. We instantly become a nation trying to thrive with a barter system as a new economy is developing. Hopefully you have gold, silver and other items that are easy to trade. You will need them in order to get food for your family.

As Americans are beginning to panic because there is no stability on the horizon, something horrific begins to happen. The ultra wealthy 1% of the population begin to gather their wagons, so to speak. The most powerful people in the country are suddenly in a position of even greater power. Their ideal dream of a new royalty population in the United States has come to fruition. Elections are no longer necessary because the new leadership establishment will determine who plays those roles moving forward.

The American people are living on the streets and millions are starving. The new royalty leadership sets aside certain cities to create “Cities for the Poor”. These cities are driven by crime, violence and self-directed. The entry and exit is restricted. Envision, if you will, something along the lines of “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.” The poor are now disposable. The royalty rule the land. Good-bye, America, hello Thunderdome.

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Mad Max Thunderdome
Amee Ellsworth is based in Bennett, Colorado, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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