If McCain had beaten Obama

If McCain had beaten Obama

Atlanta : GA : USA | Jun 14, 2012 at 6:59 AM PDT
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As much of a tragedy as President Obama's election has turned out to be for the economy, the rule of law, and the massive overreaching of nearly every regulatory body, had John McCain won, it would have been much worse in the long run for the country.

McCain as a RINO and not a true constitutional conservative would have continued in the Bush footsteps, causing the country to continue to muddle along. Ultimately, the populace would have become more upset with the lack of progress and this would have paved the way for a major Democratic victory in both the Congress and presidency in 2012. It may also have spelled the end of any Republican hopes to be a factor in political policies for at least a decade. Given an unfettered hand, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party would have run rampant.

This is the same reason that I commented to friends when President Obama was elected that President Bush's prevailing in Bush v. Gore back in 2000 in the long run actually paved the way for Obama's victory in 2008. Had Gore won in 2000, the Democrats - and in particular Gore - most likely would have done such a poor job that it would have made a Republican victory easy in 2008, if not 2004, and Gore would not have caused nearly as much damage as Obama has in the past three years.

Since Obama won, the progressive wing of the Democratic party ceased the "slow and steady" approach to socialism they have been pursuing for nearly 100 years. They have successfully used this approach over the past 50-60 years by first gaining control of our higher education system and turning out a larger proportion of left-thinking, left-leaning journalists and K-12 teachers.

These colleges and universities, rife with the stifling of free speech through speech codes, and hiring and tenure discrimination against professors who don't hold left-leaning views, turn out the journalists who "report" the news to us . Seventy-nine percent of these journalists admit to voting Democratc, and their bias for Obama is tangible.

So we end up with generations of students who have been given the leftist viewpoint, believe in "diversity", "inclusion" and "fairness," just to name three mind-controlling words, who then hear the "news" from a biased press, and now have elected a Marxist as President. Because he's "cool".

The big mistake the progressives then made was not to continue the slow and steady nibbling at the edges of society, but instead saw Obama's win as the signal to put the "pedal to the metal" on social and economic reforms. When they did, the great silent majority snapped to and reacted with a "What the hell is this?" response. The progressives, due to overconfidence and smugness, overplayed their hand and exposed what they are really all about. PPACA ("ObamaCare") is just one stunning example of this overreach, if only viewed by the process by which it was passed.

So, McCain's losing the presidency has actually been a good thing. Obama's actions and those of the leftists in Congress - Reid, Pelosi, etc - have been exposed for what they are. This may mean the death-knell of the Democratic Party, at least in its present form, and ensure a return to constitutionally-based conservatism that will get the U.S. back on track as an economic and political world power.

The success of this will depend heavily on how well the new president (probably Romney) and the Republican control of Congress actually take the cue from the voters and do the hard tasks of reducing the size and expense of government, opening up the free market through reduction in regulations, reforming our energy policies, and similar steps that will grow jobs and increase tax revenues. They are being handed a golden opportunity - let's hope they don't screw it up.

The other good news is that the Democrats may finally be able to wrestle control of their party away from the radicals and return it to its former respectible position in U.S. politics.

So, if McCain would have won, it would probably have meant the end of the Republican Party's influence for a decade. Turns out that by winning, Obama's victory has done the same for the Democrats.

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John McCain in 2009
U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) lost the U.S. presidential race to then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in 2008. PHOTO: U.S. Senate
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