Has the Republican Party turned into a party that is waging war on the rest of Americans?

Has the Republican Party turned into a party that is waging war on the rest of Americans?

Washington : DC : USA | Jun 14, 2012 at 6:14 AM PDT
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I have taken note of several situations lately that have turned my stomach. I have always seen the Republican Party as a party that was against gun control and abortion. It was the party that didn’t want the government to intervene in the free market and wanted to let the marketplace determine winners and losers in the business arena. I could always respect that, because the message was clear and it made sense, even if I did not agree.

The Republican Party we see today is not the same party. It has gone so far right that logic is no longer a part of the picture. Extremism has taken hold and there does not seem to be an end in sight. It is no longer about gun control and abortion, although those are the strongholds for the diehards who still support their party. Now it is about waging wars against entire sections of society that do not fit into their mold.

There is currently a war on women. The attacks the Republicans have made on women in the past couple of years are inexcusable. But what seemed to really spark the extremism was the day Sandra Fluke testified before Congress. Her testimony was on behalf of women who need access to birth control for medical reasons. Women, for example, that suffer from PCOS need birth control pills to regulate their cycles and reduce agonizing symptoms. She told a story about a woman who actually had an ovary rupture, which required emergency surgery, because she did not have access to her medication. Rush Limbaugh came out and called her a slut, and the war was on. These women pay the full premium for their health insurance, yet they were not allowed to have access to potentially life-saving medication.

It suddenly seemed as if women should not speak out about sex, birth control or their own bodies. Do we live in the 1950s? No! We are a society filled with strong women who are intelligent, well-spoken and competent. Women comprise more than 50% of the population in the U.S., so why would they wage this war? To me it is pretty simple. They never wanted women to have the freedoms we currently have. They don’t want us to speak out about these issues because it takes away their control. Only "sluts" would openly talk about sex, right? I am not in my reproductive years; I am a grandma and loving it. None of these issues affect me because I don’t take birth control. But this grandma got downright pissed off! How dare they try to stuff women back into a hole and silence us!

Next we have the war on the poor. You have seen the comments and “jokes” on social networking sites, right? Only lazy people need welfare. If one job isn’t enough, get two jobs to pay your own way. I used to believe that, too. I can’t lie. I did. But then I stepped out into the world and realized that there are so many different situations and so many individuals that I could not simply generalize an entire class of society under one umbrella. There are children that are born with illnesses and birth defects that prevent them from ever being able to be self-sufficient. There are hardworking adults who are injured or become ill that are no longer able to take care of themselves. There are people who live in areas that do not have enough jobs to go around. Then you have the corporations that offer minimum wage jobs with no benefits that prevent their employees from ever earning a living wage. The stories go on and on and on. Are there people that take advantage? Of course there are. But my primary focus is on the people who really aren’t able to improve their individual situation. I can’t dismiss an entire class of people -- I care about the individual stories.

Next we see the constant attacks the Republicans make against anything President Obama tries to do. I truly believe that if he came out and said the sky is blue, they would wage a war against him on the premise that the sky is really green. It doesn’t seem to matter that the conservatives initially pushed for health care reform; Obama actually had the backbone to implement it, and now the Republicans have waged a war against it. It is so shameful it isn’t funny. And the worst part of all… the part that really gets under my skin on a daily basis… they fool their blind followers into buying what they say. I don’t understand how people can be so naive that they don’t see things for how they really are. It is truly baffling to me.

It seems to me that anyone that is not affluent, wealthy, male and white does not matter to the “evolved” political party that was once called the Republican Party and I now call the Republicant Party. It is now a party about dismissing individuals and devaluing them and not about trying to help our nation thrive. It is shameful. It is an embarrassment. It is simply disgusting. That is my opinion, take it or leave it.

Below are links to articles I have written about these different subjects.

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There are more, but that is a start. Happy reading!

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Has the Republican Party turned into a party that is waging war on the rest of Americans?
Amee Ellsworth is based in Bennett, Colorado, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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  • Has the Republican Party turned into a party that is waging war on the rest of Americans?

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