Bring healing to your life through Quantum Energy with Joshua Bloom

Bring healing to your life through Quantum Energy with Joshua Bloom

Jersey City : NJ : USA | Jun 13, 2012 at 6:20 AM PDT
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Quantum Healing - Anything Is Possible! Part 1
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Joshua Bloom has been helping people heal their bodies, and find answers in their lives, through Quantum Healing for the past 14 years. Joshua's techniques have yielded incredible results for all his clients, and people are usually surprised to discover how quickly they can see results and how easily the principles he teaches can be implemented into their lives. The secret can be found in how you shift the energy within your body, which can change your perspective of the world around you and result in major changes in your life. All of this can be achieved within a few minutes a day and in time will become a permanent part of your being and outlook.

When Joshua first discovered the techniques for himself he wanted to share them with the world, and has since made Quantum Energy Healing his major focus. Through his Quantum Healing Center and his “Come to the Edge Healing School” Joshua has been successful in healing clients of all sorts of ailments including allergies, headaches, ADD and even dyslexia. His movie “The Ultimate Answer is Inside” explains how Quantum Energy Transformation™ is possible and how it is all based in science. Healing is achieved through non-invasive and non-medical techniques, and most clients say it has changed their life in ways they would never have imagined before. The exercises are simple, easy to learn, and take only minutes to work, but have profound results on the way your body feels, reacts, and copes with the stresses of everyday life.


In this two part series Joshua Bloom will explain how he discovered Quantum Energy Healing, and how it has changed his life and the lives of those he has shared it with.

What were your experiences like before you discovered Quantum Energy Healing and how has it changed your life?

Quantum Healing really found me because I needed it. I needed something that was going to change my life. I had a really great life actually, but all of a sudden one day I just started having anxiety attacks. I didn’t know how to deal with them. I also started getting migraine headaches, ADD, and dyslexia. When I started getting these problems and ailments it was very hard to move forward with my life. I moved forward very easily once I discovered Quantum understanding and using it. There is a big difference between Quantum and the model in which we live. We live in a model called the therapy model or the medical model. It could also be the school model or the family model, but it’s really all the same model. The model in which we live unfortunately limits us. In our experience of Quantum Energy Transformation™, which is the modality that I created, it gives us the understanding that we are powerful. We are powerful beyond measure. More powerful than we have ever realized. Its quite amazing the possibilities that we don’t even think are possible. They can change your life in an instant when you realize the science, as well as the spirituality concept of Quantum Healing. It is pretty amazing.

Why did you decide to make a movie about Quantum Healing?

I decided to create a DVD movie many years ago, called “The Ultimate Answer is Inside”. This movie is so powerful because it brings together the understanding of not just healing, but of transformation and evolution. You can take your life to another level instantly. I know I keep saying instantly, but it's true. If you want to change your life, it is possible. It may not be possible in a medical model or a therapy model context, but in a Quantum model time is irrelevant and anything can happen. When you put your attention and your awareness into the possibilities that’s when things change, and when things happen so easily. Normally we don’t see that because we don’t live in that model. So I invite you to see things in a different model. A model in which anything is possible. When I realized I had all these problems I decided I wanted to create something for myself. But while I was helping myself, I was also helping others. Then that became my mission in life, and that's what I wanted to do. So I started to help people and in seeing them heal I started to see the possibilities for me. I didn’t see the full possibilities for myself until I began to see other people changing. I saw people with fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, anxiety, depression, you name it . Physical and emotional problems, it doesn’t matter, I saw it all. We work in a non-medical model, so when we work in that new way, it really gives us a new perspective. When you have a new perspective that’s when the changes occur. If you keep working from the old perspective, that’s when you get what you already have, and keep getting the same results. From this new perspective, that’s where the magic is, and that’s what changed my life. It’s very powerful.

It seems like it has a lot to do with opening up your mind, as well as opening up your body. The techniques are also very simple. People just have to open their minds to a more positive outlook and a new way of looking at things. Do you feel the things blocking most people from doing this are for example, society, their past experiences, or the way they have been conditioned. But you say it is easy for them to change as long as they open up their minds to it.

Absolutely, the key thing to understand here is that you don’t have even have to believe this works. You don’t have to believe you can change, because belief is irrelevant in Quantum. When you change your energy, everything else in your body, physically and emotionally, follows that energy. So when you change your energy everything else in your life changes. That is the beauty of this work. The great thing is you don’t have to go into the body and pull something out, and you don’t have to take medication. Everything we use in Quantum is natural, everything already comes from within you. You already have it all there, to help yourself and to heal yourself. The problem is most people don’t know how to access it because we have been taught to live our lives backwards. We have been taught to live the opposite of what really works. I will show you what works and how it works so easily, then you will get that understanding that anything really is possible. You don’t even have to believe it at first. I just invite you to try it and see what happens.

You do classes from your home via Skype. How long do you feel it would take for someone to change their outlook and for Quantum to become a natural, everyday part of themselves?

Typically people work with me in a class that I call “Come to the Edge”. We don’t live on the edge because we are scared of the edge. We don’t want to go to that place that challenges us and it might feel good, but it also might be scary. But because of the way I teach the class, it makes you feel the strongest you have ever felt in your life, so you aren’t as scared of going to the edge, and it becomes easy. In this 3 month program I teach you how to heal yourself and also how to change the lives of the people around you, like your family and friends. The tools that I teach are very simple, but they are also very profound. It would make a huge difference if you just do one of the things I teach, never mind doing all of them.

Part two of this interview will be featured in the near future. To learn more about Joshua Bloom and his Quantum Healing Center, check his website at and to learn more about his movie.

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Susan Velasquez is from Sydney, Australia originally but has been living in the NY/NJ area for almost 20 years. Having mostly worked in the insurance and banking industries she is now writing and attending University studying IT. Susan has travelled to 30 countries and been to approximately 15...

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