S Yorks culture, where morality and honesty is 'the sickness'

S Yorks culture, where morality and honesty is 'the sickness'

Wakefield : United Kingdom | Jun 09, 2012 at 5:53 AM PDT
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I am fed up of living in S Yorks travelling to libraries on rough arrogant bus loads where you can get headaches if wanting to hear non corrupt and quiet adult talk. The talk you get in libraries if they see any innocent controlled person near is that they are sick, sensing you do not and cannot talk like it, therefore are fit to be called victim of the 'sickness' or living in a mental home. A lot is punition for not talking corruptly and is very bad ethics.

I once applied to libraries years ago with a degree, being a quiet controlled young adult with enough naivete to think they may think of setting an innocent young adult on. I got nothing back of any veracity or promise, and certainly no interview. My CV was fly paper. I was put on placement, (as one once called clever, later in life kicked with illegal breaking of medical laws as a near murder virgin stalker victim from 2001-9) with a corrupt disabled placement place called Morthyng in Barnsley. I was handled by a corrupt and dubious jobcentre lady called J Lockwood on Barnsley jobcentre plus disabled team, who is a moral disgrace to her profession. They played with me, recording a lovely mock interview where I was miraculously still able to sound young and intellectually lively, and keen, and then had manipulated me, having me interviewed by corrupt people in Secret Garden children's project, who said I interviewed well , then backed down, putting me down as a person. All mentally very confusing. The place next to Morthyng, the Black and Ethnic project, has just been exposed for extensive financial corruption and is to close. They make you sick and trust destroyed. The impression is that if you are honest and clean living and naive they can gossip at back of room calling you mental for decency, and can draw big wages, with such sleaze in their minds they can hardly believe you are able to do simple work like typing and copying. Work which is beneath ability level of graduates. Then they said the library would not take me on placement even off disabled. I was in Barnsley library, where I agreed to register again after surrendering card in objecting to what I was hearing, and staff talked so big headed and surreptiously the place was not fit to sit down in . Their behaviour was to me, mental. I felt there was something going on.If I had been married with a kid I would have been unable to trust and preserve a home and happiness, and unable to help my kids learn, due to their treatment of me and what they were playing at in general. But then most public behaviour and attitudes of staff I hear in shops and libraries would disable me similarly.

In Wath library I heard a lad 2 weeks ago tell his mate on computers he wished to get a knife, knive someone in and get drugged up and drunk. Staff were not bothered. There would have been a murder on premises. This week the atmosphere was so evil, with just one female clerk on duty, that I was afraid sat on free computer access site.

As I say that is the nearest I have ever got to work in a library. Wath murmured name of an iphone lady I write for, maybe having heard of me since I advertise in a neighbouring library and people slander me as an abuse victim. They talked as if the name and my work was pith and worthless, so to speak. The Barnsley library, seeing me asking for computer access to get a US tax number form and help, I think mentioned ruthlessly they had picked up I got poems published, as if hard work to do so was like a bit of string. So hard and badly behaved and ruthless you have to draw off disabled to eat. A world round here at least that is not fit to have married and had kids in.

That is the library culture here and no good behaviour gets placement. Honesty and decency is 'the sickness'. I was just in Wakefield library and felt staff gossip was so hard it was not fit to walk near; they may have meant me, for I felt they were saying they had heard of an 'odd' and 'worthless' person, whose parents had them by 'fault' , something mentally ill perverts linked to churches in the area have said about me. As if suggesting innocent adults abort the innocent at birth. The press says Leeds care in Wakefield let a lad hang himself, enquiry on. The services may be so bad with vulnerable non earners they may have hung him and done a dirty cover job after.

That is how bad it is. Your trust goes over the years. Who will stop them? A mental version of the police force, at least seen so in their ruthless view?

Tallott is based in Barnsley, England, United Kingdom, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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