Fiction: planet of the Archangels (Chap 19a)

Fiction: planet of the Archangels (Chap 19a)

Cebu : Philippines | Jun 04, 2012 at 11:52 PM PDT
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Skooter reporting 06/05/12

What they did not know Antiochus could appear in two or three different places just like what was happening in the Willowdale State Forest where Kim and TJ were pursued by a pack of wolves and at that same moment the malevolent angel was with Jennifer and Mariel, they were about to be taken hostage.

Jennifer feared that something would happen to them at that very minute; she didn’t know what would happen and she wouldn’t like to know. By this time Mariel could smell something burning somewhere in the house.

“Mother…” she said. “You smell something burning somewhere?”

Jennifer could smell what her daughter-in-law had sniffed. So she told her to go to the kitchen because it seemed the malicious smell came from there. Mariel hurriedly went to the kitchen but she did not find anything burning.

She continued to search, followed the smell until she found herself at the window. She could tell that the odor seemed to be burnt woods. Her head jutted out of the opening, stretched her neck, looked here and there but she did not see anything blazing or evident of curlicues of smoke.

She went back, told the old lady that there was nothing ablaze in the kitchen however, the smoldering smell seemed to come from outside.

Jennifer asked Ms. Sandra Dee to go outside and find out what was the nasty odor about. Nervous by now, she made a sign of the cross before her and thought that something could be wrong up there in Willowdale, they could be in trouble.

They heard rumbling in one of the rooms upstairs as if someone released a bowling ball, shaking the entire house. Mariel and her mother in law looked up, appeared owlish and frightened. Ms. Sandra Dee came back and told the same that she did not see any wood ablaze outside. What was the objectionable odor about? All three wondered.

Then Jennifer put her finger on her lips telling Ms. Sandra Dee to shut up and listen to the noise they heard upstairs. At first, the nutritionist denied hearing something unusual nonetheless the old lady insisted to open her ears wider. True enough, Ms. Dee heard something rumbling upstairs as if someone was having a good time learning how to bowl. That was the sound like, they were not sure of it though.

The trio made small steps going up to the second level of the house to investigate.

Their eyes were wide open expecting something horrible would come out. They held each others’ hand as they went up step by step until they were at the door of the room. Jennifer swore she heard indeterminable rumbling sound inside and so with the others.

Mariel pressed her ear on the door to find out if the rumbling sound really came from inside. She looked back at the two other women over her shoulder.

“What are we going to do?” Someone asked.

Mariel held the door knob, cautiously twisted it open. Jennifer stopped her, unsure if they were doing right. Mariel astonished of the interruption nevertheless, she went on opening the door.

The old woman watched her in fear. The door was half open; she peered inside and found nothing. The strange noise abruptly stopped, and tranquility ruled in place.

Suddenly an unseen force pushed the three women inside. They fell on their knees; all three looked back over their shoulders to see who pushed them. There was no one. The women embraced each other quivering, by now there was more fear; the unseen thing swiftly entered the room. They could feel it.

In a few moments, the strange power gathered together, formed into a body mass of a human like figure and eventually appeared before them. All three fell backward, their jaws dropped in total surprised looking up at the odd image.

“What in the hell…?” Jennifer astonished to what she saw.

A hawk like face, hook nosed, eyes afire, black robe with a long cape behind him and a deep voice came out from his throat telling them not to fear. Then he crossed his arms over his chest as if in defiance.

Meantime the thing remained afloat in the air casting down its fiery eyes enough to burn them to death. Mariel looked up; she could clearly see the funk looking hair style on its crown as if he was a rock star.

At one time, the boyish face of RJ super imposed the hawk like face. Mariel cried her son’s name but RJ’s face suddenly vanished. Instead, the hawk like face reappeared.

“Who are you and what do you want from us?” She asked.

Back in the snow covered hills the truck continued to snake down the road. What showed up in Somerville also showed up once again before Kim and TJ, not in a black robe but as the leader of the pack that was put to sleep in their last encounter uphill. The huge wolf was flying solo this time.

The dark creature landed on the hood of the vehicle, growling, snarling at the two doctors. Kim swerved the truck abruptly to throw the animal outbalance. It didn’t work, it hang on and leaped onto the roof. Its sharp claws tried to reach the driver but the hellish thing failed because the window was up. Nevertheless, it didn’t give up easily; it slammed its powerful paws against the glass window. The blows made a spider web on the vehicle’s window glass.

Meanwhile TJ, remained in his seat, cowering and confused, he didn’t know what to do. However, he didn’t forget the magic vials, in fact he held couple of them in both hands, ready to hurl those once the huge monster finally gain in. His female companion at this time was not bothered at all. She got hold of an odd looking cane with a carved cobra head at one end.

“What’s that?” TJ said. The lady doctor just looked at him.

The cobra head cane was a gift from her tiny pals, the jinn. It was handed over to her a month ago in her room when the tiny people paid a visit to her. She was told that the cobra head cane was a powerful weapon not only against ordinary mortals but also to supernatural.

The wolf by now smashed the glass window of the truck. Kim stopped driving and quickly aimed the cobra head at the monster wolf. The cane gave off a strange light like a lightning. The hairy animal appeared to be electrocuted, dropped to the ground and lay still. In a few seconds, the animal vanished from where he lay.

The couple felt relieved, and Kim returned the cane to its sheath that hangs behind her back like a Ninja’s katana. Kim had a strange feeling and thought that the huge wolf was actually Antiochos. She now had second thoughts why the wolf disappeared suddenly was because Antiochus was now in Jennifer’s house.

She whispered to Thomas James saying that something is going wrong, something strange happening in your mother’s house. TJ then said, “Yeah, you’re right, he is now harassing Jennifer. And in the next moment they hit the road pretty fast.

to be continued...

Author Noel Horlanda

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skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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