Democrats turn white population gap into Nazi plantation eugenics.

Democrats turn white population gap into Nazi plantation eugenics.

Vancouver : Canada | Jun 01, 2012 at 3:10 PM PDT
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Steven Levitt: Are children's carseats necessary?

The discussion has been around for a while. White folks just ain’t breeding. The number of children in a white family is nothing like it used to be. Sure, there are the Duggers doing more than their fair share to keep the population “stable,” but the abortion explosion in middle class white feminists and their ilk is something else again.

It’s called the “demographic gap.” But it took a white “researcher” (surprise!) to turn it into a vicious slur against blacks. Sure, there’s the brother from Knoxville, Tennessee with the 30 kids (oh, excuse me, didn’t they just report that “actually” he “only has 24 kids”?). Anyway, there’s “actually” a slight drop in the black birth rate. The real action these days (what with immigration and all) is in the Hispanic community. In just one more generation or so, Hispanics will be the largest single ethnic group in America.

So we’re told. So that white “researcher,” David Bositis at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, says, “The Republicans' problem is their voters are white, aging and dying off." There’s more: “There will come a time when they suffer catastrophic losses with the realization of the population changes.”

Apparently, no one, I mean no one in the mainstream media has been able to see through this racist rot, to expose the brazen bigotry for what it is.

Let’s start with whites and the Republican Party. What’s to prevent white Democrats from moving over to the Republicans? Remember the “Reagan Democrats” who gave that great man his monster-landslide presidential victories? Twice. Then there were Republicans who went the other way, making Obama President. Let’s dig deeper. What was the skin color of the voters who made Abraham Lincoln President? That’s Lincoln the Great Emancipator. A Republican. Who had the vote at the time?

So it is understood that the white vote can swing wide and wild. So how dare a white “researcher” not assume that the black vote can swing exactly like that? Following Lincoln, blacks were overwhelmingly Republican. Who’s to say that blacks and Hispanics won’t come to tire of condescending Democrats who have nothing but pity to offer us? There is not the slightest hint that this possibility was even considered. What gives?

Good for Rush Limbaugh, at least he knocked these people for trying to scaremonger whites (“dying off”). Then the Coward National Network, that’s CNN, had one of its girl-anchors bring on one of their “contributors” to diss Rush – behind his back of course.

What I am fleshing out goes deeper still. The real “catastrophic loss” that’s coming is coming at ignorant left-loon Democrats and their “researchers” who presume to know what is in a black man’s soul now and for all time.

This isn’t the ugliest that these ignorant geniuses have been at it. About a decade ago, Steven Levitt, the freak behind what he calls “freakonomics,” made the vile claim that violent crime went down in the 1990s as a direct result of all the abortions that poor black women had in the 1970s. In other words, when those born-to-kill black beasts would have been in their prime killing teenage years, they weren’t. Because born-to-kill had himself been killed before he had been born in the first place.

No, born-to-kill could not possibly have turned out to be the one who would have found the cure for sickle cell anemia. What? Poor, black, born to an unwed (of course) teenage mom? Does that sound like anything but born-to-kill to you?

That’s how the Nazis sorted wheat from chaff; who should live, who must not.

Steven Levitt can sling hate like hash. He has called his colleagues cheats and accused them of bribery. He was sued, of course. But the judge who ordered him to take it back (sort of: he had to write a letter saying that what he said was not so) nevertheless ruled that Levitt was not guilty of “defamation.” Well, if that’s as far as his powerful white equals got, you can imagine the results of my efforts to get Levitt shamed and sacked from his fancy post at the University of Chicago. Well.

Some years ago, Levitt was forced to admit some mistakes in his “research.” Some blasted his “ineptitude.”

And then?


AuthenticSavage is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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