Ominous Clouds Gather Over Beit El Community

Ominous Clouds Gather Over Beit El Community

Bet El : Israel | May 31, 2012 at 4:57 AM PDT
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Labor Zionism and the CFR

A pair of salvos fired, one intentional, one indirect, at the Givat HaUlpana section of the Beit El community in the Judea and Samaria areas east of the Green Line are raising concerns among those opposed to the demolitions of Jewish neighborhoods. The first shot was made by Defense Minister Ehud Barak when as part of his speech to the Conference of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv where he stated, “If it is impossible to reach an agreement with the Palestinian(s), we should consider an interim arrangement, or even a unilateral disengagement.” The second salvo came from IDF Judea and Samaria Division Commander Brigadier General Haggai Mordechai when he met with Beit El Mayor Moshe Rosenbaum and requested that the Mayor ask the residents of Givat HaUlpana to voluntarily leave their homes in order to avoid a confrontation.

Judging from the long record of Ehud Barak favoring demolitions as an expedient and preferred method of dealing with any challenge to the legal ownership of areas east of the Green Line upon which Jewish housing or businesses have been built makes any such reference from him as a direct threat, even those built at the request and with the assistance of the Government. Defense minister Barak has even gone so far as to find avenues in order to remove Jews from their legal residences after agreeing to a compromise to delay such as was the case of Beit Hamachpelah where Barak fabricated out of thin air a danger to the peace in order to order the removal of fifteen Israeli Jews from their legally purchased small apartment building. Now the Defense Minister who has near total control over such actions in Judea and Samaria making a statement directly making reference to the option for unilateral disengagement from Judea and Samaria as occurred in Gaza in 2005 is indeed a chilling event. It immediately produces visions of Katyusha and even larger rockets being fired from the Judean hills overlooking central Israel just as has been the rule resultant from the unilateral disengagement from Gaza. Such a threat would endanger the lives and livelihoods of over three-quarters of the Israeli population.

When you add in the request from the commanding general over the forces which would be tapped in order to execute such a disengagement making a request for the residents of a long established community to surrender their homes for demolition just adds to the perception of impending doom. This also begs the question of where does Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu stand on this issue. When one looks at the Prime Minister’s recent actions concerning attempts by numerous members of the Knesset, including many from his own Likud Party as well as others from his original coalition before Kadima joined, his spoken commitment to do whatever it takes to save these neighborhoods becomes rather suspect. When legislation was being proposed to alter the selection process for Supreme Court Judges, as well as all other judges, which would give elected Knesset Ministers the predominant advisory role in the process replacing the Supreme Court Judges, Attorney General and high officials from the Lawyers Guild, once again Prime Minister Netanyahu demanded the Knesset bury the proposed legislation. Despite the method used in almost every Western country giving elected officials direct approval over candidates for judgeships, Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed with the elite far leftists who claimed doing such would destroy the democratic system by neutralizing the court’s near monopoly on power and subjecting judges to review by elected ministers. While agreeing with the far leftist view, the Prime Minister first ordered strict coalition discipline to defeat the motion and then used his position to press for the legislation to be refused introduction to the Knesset floor. The legislation died in committee. He has demanded that coalition members withdraw motions to legalize the challenged settlements in Judea and Samaria. After the first time Prime Minister Netanyahu killed legalizing legislation, Defense Minister Barak used the opening to have two separate housing communities destroyed well in advance of the deadline set by the Supreme Court in their ruling. Just last week he requested firmly that Knesset Minister Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz to withdraw the latest motion to legalize the communities in question claiming the need for more time to find a different avenue to save the communities in question.

It has come to be time for a small revolution by those who support legalizing the communities which are under judicial assault by the Supreme Court in conjunction with leftist NGOs which bring charges of Arab ownership of properties on which exist established Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. The purpose of utilizing the Supreme Court for these demolition rulings is that the Supreme Court is not tasked with verifying the ownership claim and can rule purely on political emotions and slant. With the Supreme Court being extremely slanted to the leftist progressive post-Zionist political philosophy, they will take virtually any opportunity to rule to destroy Jewish homes east of the Green Line. When cases have been adjudicated in the lower courts where proof of ownership must be proven, there has yet to be a proven case of Arab ownership of these lands. Past President of the Supreme Court Dorit Beinisch made a ruling in the last month of her term setting a vindictive precedent for all future cases. She made a ruling that all lands which were not State Owned Lands, regardless of who held deeds of ownership, were to be considered and adjudicated as Arab owned lands. This immediately voided every deed which denotes Jewish ownership of lands in Judea and Samaria. These are the typical actions and attitudes taken by the Supreme Court, Defense Minister Barak, B'Tselem plus similarly oriented NGOs, and numerous European backed Arab and leftist groups which make the need for a sweeping piece of legislation that neuters all these enemies of Zionism and as such, Israel, and unilaterally end this onslaught against the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria. To legalize these homes and communities one-by-one is too risky and has proven unworkable. There needs to be definitive steps taking care of the two threats which have reared their heads and threatened the destruction of Israel through stages just as Yasser Arafat had predicted would occur.

The courts and black robed tyrants need to be neutered and their wings clipped placing sane limits on the overbearing application of judicial activism. Also, security has to be legislated for the Jews living in Judea and Samaria as the ceaseless incremental destruction of homes and neighborhoods slowly digesting every vestige of Jewish life in Judea and Samaria simply must to be ended once and for all. So, allow me to make a plea, Prime Minister Netanyahu, be brave, forget your desire to be loved by all; that can never happen as you must act and action by its nature will displease one side, the other, or both. Take the bull by the horns and allow coalition members freedom to vote their consciences and let legislation to legalize all of Judea and Samaria to be vetted and voted. Secondly, it would restore the balance of Israeli democracy if the appointment of new judges would be vested outside of the judiciary and related interests. The people must be given some selective voice and having the Knesset approve the appointments of judges even if the initial selection is proposed by the judges themselves. The current allowance of the complete appointment procedure being virtually monopolized by the Supreme Court and related influences does not serve democracy, it preserves a strictly enforced hierarchy that has produces a priesthood consisting of lawyers and judges who are usurping the powers which should lie with the other branches of the governance. Trust the people and their elected representatives. The more power placed with the people, the better the government will serve the people and not serve an elite cadre with narrow interests.

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Policemen stand guard outside the Supreme Court building in Islamabad
Policemen stand guard outside the Supreme Court building in Islamabad
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