Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 18c)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 18c)

Cebu : Philippines | May 30, 2012 at 11:21 PM PDT
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Skooter reporting 05/31/12

Each wolf that passed through the doors was ripped to pieces by the blistering guns before they could leap in the air. But they were surprised to see within a minute their split bodies were back in their usual form and were ready to attack again. Kim quickly hurled a vial and once more three or four of the hairy animals blasted to kingdom come. Thomas James followed what the woman had started. They were so elated that the vials were so effective so that the cantankerous wolves were nearly wiped out. A big wolf slammed into the glass framed windows, massive paws landed unexpectedly with a thud before the doctors, eyes glowing red, growling, tacky saliva dripping from its mouth. Before it bounced off in the air it appeared to have a little bit of fear staring at the woman with a vial.

Kim thought this massive thing could be the leader of the pack. Yes, this monster seemed to be afraid of the tiny bottle, Kim observed him; hesitated for a while and without warning, it began to launch a fatal attacked on her. But her partner was quick to toss the minute glass at the leaping fiend. The magic vial recoiled on its snout and exploded sending the huge mammal outside the cabin, including the two doctors.

Kim and TJ were not hurt, scrambled back to their feet and ran fast to the truck that was parked nearby. The leader of the pack remained lying in the thick snow, unconscious. They were inside the truck by now trying to get the hell out from the place as quickly as possible. Some thirty meters away, another pack was fast approaching towards the vehicle. The engine was already running and off they head down the snowy road.

Thomas James looked back and saw the pack stopped running after them. The entire pack was trying to revive their chief. The older doctor turned his sight to the front and said, “that was closed, doc, we have nothing to worry now, they’re gone.” The woman remained quiet as she drove down the hill. The other doctor thought the woman was still stunned of the ferocious assault, so he took an inventory in the inside of the surviving back pack that was strapped on his shoulder. He was glad to see the magic stuff was still plenty enough for another encounter with the supernatural.


Back at the Somerville, Mariel was at Jennifer’s home surprising the little old lady. She asked about her husband and son’s whereabouts. Jennifer was cautious not to alarm the woman to what happened to her son. She told Mariel that her husband followed her son some hundred miles from Somerville for a camp out. The old lady assured the wife that in a day or two they’ll be back home.

In a separate event, the Kalaonians faced the dark forces of Antiochus, a massive fighting was going on. The dark forces were headed by Teracleos, the god of the Underworld and of the Dead. The fierce battle between his forces and the Kalaonian agents was seemingly endless for both were equally equipped with powerful and deadly weapons the planet Earth had never seen before.

The team of Ghedoriah and Savaniah were outnumbered but never outfought. The battlefield occurred somewhere in the outer space away from the sight of human eye using their newly created weapons that had already annihilated a quarter of Teracleos army. Not to be outsmarted, Teracleos dark forces fought back with determination to equalize what was lost. The Kalaonian spacecrafts which by now were badly damaged.

The nearly crippled spacecrafts of Ghedoriah and Savaniah swiftly returned base to Kalaonia as they requested for reinforcement. The agents’ spaceships entered the mothership that was stationed above the planet of Kalaonia and took refuge as the battle outside raged on. Soon three squadrons of spacecraft jettisoned out from the mothership and met headon the swarm of Teracleos dark forces.

Exchanged of Jet streams of red-orange light began, explosion here and explosion there illuminated the battlefield like a festival of brilliant colors. Ghedoriah and Savaniah were about to mount fresh spacecrafts to continue fighting. But they were held up by the call of Chokmahiel. They saw Chokmahiel waved at them at some distance. In due time the three met and talked.

“Leave the battle to Kokawiel,” he said. “He can handle it. Right now, you’re going back to Earth not without me.” The warrior angels in fact welcomed this good news. They already knew the head Archangel had some important unfinished business down in the blue planet. Chokmahiel in the other hand knew his two agents had a hard time finishing off the all powerful Antiriah. With his help working as a team together with Kim, TJ, and the boy doctor there was no reason they can’t put down the ambitious dark angel. Yes, the dark angel will fall for good, Chokmahiel look forward to that day.

to be continued...

Author Noel Horlanda

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The Kalaoniah world of the Archangels
skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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  • The Kalaoniah world of the Archangels


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