To whom Egypt will end the french or the roman revolution?

To whom Egypt will end the french or the roman revolution?

Cairo : Egypt | May 27, 2012 at 5:41 PM PDT
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11-2-2011 Egypt Revolution 2011 Victory! Egyptians be proud! Egypt Protest Jan 25 - Feb 11

At first let's be clear that this article express the Egyptians ideas about the critical case they live in it now... Although there are about 5 millions of Egyptians who belongs to the brother Muslims are happy now because their candidate could to win and he will repeat beside the other one who belongs to the last regime and also has other 5 millions are happy with him ... but the truth of fact can't be ignored that there are 12 millions of Egyptians may be more , went and voted for the revolution's men but they lost in suspicious scenes.

So voices now raised to ask this important question ...

To whom Egypt will end or choose , the french revolution result or the Roman?

In order to understand more how Egyptian think,we have to go back to the history after the French Revolution, which failed because it came with Napoleon's dictatorship system while the Romanian revolution ended with the return to the old system to rule again ..

So here to whom Egypt will put her future with...?

Will Egypt choose the religious dictatorship in the face of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the ruling party Justice and Freedom and the famous Brotherhood leader ?

Or will it choose the old Mubarak 's regime in the face of Major General Ahmed Shafik?

In fact the Egyptians and they are more than 70 million citizens do not want this nor that, because they refuse to make a religious state according to the dream of Hasan Albana the founder of the Muslims group and the reason for that ,Egypt is more than one group, Egypt is a big country has many varieties in its society, history and so on..

At the same time they also refuse the Major General Shafiq, because they made a great revolution against this system, they lived very dark years under their ruling . So now doesn anyone expect that the Egyptians' demands will be met by them again .

Actually Egyptian can't see their future with the last system to restore it and approve the triumph of the out-set president Mubarak in his prison.

For the previous reasons, the only choice in front of the Egyptians is to gather behind Hamdeen Sabahi, the strong Revolutionary candidate and who represents the real Egyptian people ... and also who took the third position in the presidential election according to the unofficial results .

Today in Alnahar TV he said that his decision and with him all the Egyptian is to continue the Revolution till they are achieving all their legitimate demands ...

But that doesn't solve the current problem or even say to where Egypt will stop after 3 weeks from now " the date of the second trip of the presidential election"....

Therefore Egyptians still think and share their opinions in the soical website what they can do, to where they will it stop and rest, will they choose the French Revolution result or the Romanian ?

With this confusion and fear I do not have as an Egyptian a solution, but will pray and call God to let Egypt win and avoid the coming revolution with choosing a civilian revolutionary president to achieve the demands of the Egyptian nation.

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Hamdeen Sabahy
Egyptian president candidate
abeer almadawy is based in Cairo, Kairo, Egypt, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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