Review of The Amityville Haunting

Review of The Amityville Haunting

New Orleans : LA : USA | May 26, 2012 at 7:01 PM PDT
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The Real Amityville Horror - Part 1.

The Amityville Haunting is a fictional account of a family who move into the Long Island home in 2008.

It begins with telling the factual history of the house; that of Ronald Defaeo JR's murder of his entire family in 1974. He used a shot gun to murder his family execution style as they lay in their beds, allegedly asleep.

There is even a website and multiple books on the subject. is a site dedicated to collecting information and cataloging all media on the subject.

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Of course, there is the most well known story....that of George Lutz and his family who lived in the house for only 28 days. Their horror story is known to countless fans of the paranormal. The demonic entity allegedly possessed George causing him to obsess over the house thereby neglecting his family and his business.

The demonic entity used him to terrorize the family, giving a physical embodiment to its machinations.

It is done in a mockumentary style as a group of teenagers sneak into the house to have party full of alcohol and sex before being murdered one by one by the demonic entity that calls the house its home.

The family who moves in seems to mirror, somewhat that of the Lutz family. The husband is immediately drawn to the house. He goes to the real estate lady that they are ready to sign papers but either in her rush to flee a house that terrorizes her or the demonic entity shoves her down the steps. She is found dead in the driveway.

One of the movers claims the house sucks and suddenly tumbles down the stairs and dies on the landing.

The youngest child, a little girl, immediately begins talking to an imaginary friend much as the little girl did in both movie incarnations. It was a floating pig named Jody in the original version.

In this incarnation, the father is a military man and his demanding nature is multiplied by the house. The older daughter is considered a slut by her father and the house only makes her father's reaction work.

The boy, Tyler, however begins catching the paranormal activity on his video camera. His dad makes him stay behind when he sends his wife and daughters off to the movies.

Each of the family is affected in a different way to the house.

In all actuality, according to the BBC report, this family or the family in which the actors portrayed, never lived in the home.

James and Barbara Cromarty, who bought the house three years after the horrified evacuation by the Lutz family have repeatedly stated that they have never had any activity at all. If they bought the house in 1977 and lived in it until recently, there was never a young family who had a terrifying experience.

If the history and the owners' story are to be believed then only two families' lives have been horrifically changed by living in the house.

The only thing that seems to be in any way relatable to any specific paranormal activity is the created scenes of open doors, slamming doors, and alarms going off during the "Witching Hour" which is 3 am which is the reverse of when Christ is believed to have been crucified.

The director did try to recreate some of the paranormal warning signs with the little girl having the imaginary friend, the infestitation of flies, and the middle of the night the Lutz version it was the boat house door slamming as if caught in a hurricane.

There is a twist with the cop who investigates. He reveals that in the 1990s that a letter surfaces where one of Defeo's sisters was responsible for the murders and with one of her friends. He questions their santity in buying the house when they knew the history of the house.

The majority movie was a waste of time and money. It was boring and a film version rip off of the more popular mockumentaries of Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project. This movie did not even have the cheap, sudden, in your face scares that made me amused by The St Francisville Experiment.

The creepiest thing that happened during the movie is the movie cut off in mid stream almost as soon as the police officer left the house. The father becomes uber paranoid about his family's safety. As in previous tellings the father is the one who is latched onto as the primary source of controlling the others.

However for those die hards who are willing to sit through the crap that is the majority of the movie, the last half hour really picks up with some creepy scenes.

The man who used to be in the dad's unit, comes in and fixes the security system. As soon as he does and goes to leace, suddenly the electric line drops from the roof and electricutes him. The Marine father finally breaks down and the mother begins sleeping all of the time.

The dad says he cannot fight what he cannot see and begins pouring through books. He begins to suffer a mental breakdown and finally begins to believe his son.

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