I’m an Avid Fan of Obama from the Philippines

I’m an Avid Fan of Obama from the Philippines

Manila : Philippines | May 26, 2012 at 2:41 PM PDT
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I'm Rummel Pinera from the Philippines. I’m a blogger, salesman, citizen-journalist, free-lance writer, entrepreneur, poet, human-rights advocate, and campaigner for social reforms. I was only 17 years old when I took part in the "1986 People Power Revolution" here in the Philippines. Such non-violent revolution toppled an authoritarian regime and restored democracy and freedom in the Philippines. My country is sometimes referred to as the 'Pearl of the Orient Seas'. I've personally witnessed how my countrymen struggled hard to regain democracy and freedom from 1983 to 1986. I have participated in the 1986 People Power Revolution that somehow influenced the pro-democracy movements in Taiwan, South Korea, the former Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe during the late 1980s. The 1986 People Power Revolution was a non-violent uprising that showed to the world the Filipinos' excellent spirituality and untiring love for freedom. After the success of such peaceful revolution, I later joined various solidarity-campaigns here in my country that somehow supported and promoted the championing of human rights and democratization throughout the world. I also took part in the peaceful rallies that led to the EDSA Revolution of 2001. The said revolution peacefully overthrew the administration of then Pres. Joseph Estrada. EDSA means Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. The EDSA Revolution of 2001 was also a peaceful uprising that somehow resembled a 'fiesta-like celebration' in the country.

I became active in doing online campaigns for the good causes that I believe in way back in 2001. I also wrote some online books about my political beliefs from 2003 to 2006. I started my personal cause which I called a 'political abrogationism' in year 2003. Political abrogationism is an advocacy which preaches that all dictatorships, monarchial reigns and despotic regimes all over this world should all be abolished through peaceful and lawful means. Political abrogationism also preaches that every country, social organization and culture in this world should peacefully and lawfully embrace democracy and protect human rights. I know that the ultimate objectives of such an advocacy are nearly-impossible to achieve. I didn't create such advocacy to really make democracy become absolute all over the world. We know that most countries in this world right now are already democracies. I know that there will be some situations that may occur on this planet that can give way to a dictatorial rule in some parts of the world. I created the advocacy of political abrogationism for the main purpose of making the citizens of this globe become always vigilant in their lifetimes in defending the importance of human rights, democracy, civil liberties, constitutional processes and freedom. Such form of vigilance should always guide humanity in the march for global stability and progress. I personally believe that human rights, civil liberties and freedom are natural and universal for all humanity. Hence, all humans deserve to have democracy and freedom.

I became involved with citizen-journalism way back in year 2005. I was then uploading certain pictures and videos of rallies here in the Philippines on my blogs and on other websites. I didn't know at that time that what I was doing is 'citizen-journalism.' I continued doing that until 2008 when I took a long break from 'uploading of pictures and videos of rallies' because I started doing online campaigns supporting Obama's bid to win the Democrats' primaries during that time. I believe in 2008 that an 'Obama victory' in the US presidential election will somehow push the peaceful and lawful struggle for racial equality in the whole world to greater heights and better frontiers. I've organized pro-Obama forums, groups and discussions all over the internet or e-web during that year. I was really impressed by Obama's intelligence, charm and high respect for global cooperation and harmony that even though I'm not a US citizen, I campaigned for his presidential bid in year 2008. I even recorded a 2-minute video about my 'fanaticism' to Obama in October 2008 and uploaded on CNN iReport. The said video was even shown on CNN International. I even got interviewed twice by a 'documentary show' here in the Philippines because of my fanaticism to Obama.

I went back to doing citizen-journalism in 2009. Though I became very active back then to citizen-journalism, I maintained the online fan clubs that I've organized for Obama. I defended Obama from online critics because I do believe that Obama is a sincere statesman who respects and upholds international law.

It was about February of 2008 when I established 2 online fan clubs for Obama on Friendster. I think those were the very first online fan clubs for Obama in a social networking site. As I've said, even though I'm not an American, I actively used the power of the internet to promote the then presidential bid of Barack Obama in 2008. I even went to the extent of chatting with my friends and relatives in the US to convince them to support and campaign for Obama during that time. I actively joined several online forums frequented by Democrats and Republicans from the US to defend and promote Obama's presidential campaign. I used the internet to campaign for Obama during the Democratic primaries in 2008 and ,also, during the actual campaign for the US presidential election. Because of such dedication, I got interviewed on two different occasions by a national TV network here in the Philippines for the 'online campaigning' that I did for Obama in year 2008. Such interviews happened after Obama won the US presidential election.

After Friendster changed its 'social format' in 2010, all the online groups there, including the online fan clubs for Obama, suddenly disappeared. I continued being an active fan of Obama by establishing my own blog called as 'The Obama Fanatic's Blog' in year 2010 after all the online groups and forums in and upon Friendster disappeared. I also continued defending Obama from his 'online critics' from 2009 onwards.

This year 2012, I established a new online fan club for Obama on Facebook. The group is called as 'Barack Obama's Worldwide Fans'. The said group was established as a forum for US Pres. Obama's fans from all over the world. Most of the members are Filipinos and quite young. Other members are from Europe, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Tunisia, US, etc.

The group was established on Jan.18, 2012 at 7:15 pm. The said fan club is basically a cause-oriented group dedicated to the advocacies of curtailing modern-day slavery and human trafficking as well as campaigning for democracy, human rights and freedom throughout the world. The group opposes child labor and wants an effective worldwide system that can curtail global warming and all forms of pollution. Our fan club also champions racial equality and religious freedom on this planet.

US Pres. Obama today is an iconic symbol for racial equality, religious tolerance and global cooperation in solving worldwide problems. Since I believe that racial equality and religious freedom should be upheld by every country here on Earth, I do admire US Pres. Obama's support for movements that are peacefully struggling for racial equality and religious freedom anywhere in this globe of ours.

Obama has fans throughout the world because he's a truly-charismatic man who sincerely works for global cooperation in solving worldwide problems like global warming, human trafficking and environmental degradations. Our online group, the 'Barack Obama's Worldwide Fans', supports the Obama administration's efforts to work with the rest of the world in curtailing global warming, human trafficking and environmental degradations.

Our group supports Pres. Obama's reelection bid. I believe that Pres. Obama still has to accomplish his mission to cement the efforts of enforcing worldwide laws that will curtail carbon-emissions to the atmosphere. Pres. Obama can likewise motivate the United Nations to work out a global agreement that will truly-curtail modern-day slavery and human trafficking. I believe that Obama is a great inspiration to all of us who believe that all human beings on Earth deserve civil liberties, human rights and freedom.

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That’s me in the video. I’m an ardent fan of Obama.
RummelPinera is based in Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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