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One may ask, what is the secret element of a good teleserye? From a viewer’s perspective, there are two: effective acting of the actors to their role, and proper treatment of the story.

There are times that viewers were tired of waiting when will be the main character find out the secrets. There are times also, that making the story too long enough to reach its revealing part makes out of no sense, thus, resulting to loosing the viewer’s interest. Quick pacing of the story, without too much detail through flashbacks and long dialogues are the secret elements that the teleserye ‘Walang Hanggan’ has. Its story gives it all, and had done impressively. Proof to this is the consistent high rating of the teleserye everyday as AGB Nielsen provided.

On the other hand, it is already given that actors and actresses of the teleserye gave impressive performances; besides they are of high caliber actors from various generations of talents. Among those in the lead roles are: veteran actress, Susan Roces and Helen Gamboa; former love team, Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta; new breed of matinee idol Coco Martin and Paolo Avelino; and young star Julia Montes. They are with Joem Bascon, Melissa Ricks, Ogie Diaz and many more. Performances of these actors are really believable. But the focus of this article is on analyzing the proper treatment of the story base on (again!) from viewer’s perspective.

But before that, let’s have a brief recap of the story from its grass root level:

Conflict began when Emily, a once peasant lady fell in love with Marco, a haciendero boy. Dona Margaret is against the relationship of the couple since she wanted her son to marry the daughter of a multi-millionaire and former girl friend of Marco. But since Marco found his true love to Emily, he had decided not to get involved with his former girl friend and pursue his relationship with Emily.

Emily got pregnant and Marco has no knowledge about it, since she had decided to let go off him because of his mother. When Dona Margaret learned of this, she abducted Emily’s son, and replaced it with a dead one. With this plot, Emily promised to seek revenge to Dona Margaret and to Marco, for not fighting for her. Emily met an Italian businessman whom fell in love with her, and when he died she got all his wealth.

Little they know, Manang Henya, Dona Margaret’s sister, saw how her sister gave baby Daniel to a certain midwife. She followed where the midwife left Daniel and got him. She raised Daniel and kept the secret until he grew up.

Daniel found love from his child hood sweet heart Katarina, but when their love affair was revealed, it resulted to making grudge to Katarina’s father. Despite the hindrances on their relationship they still pursue it. Until, Katarina’s father died. Her brother, made Daniel’s life miserable and even ended up murdering Daniel.

Everybody thought that Daniel died, but it was destined that he was saved by the now glamorous and multi-millionaire businesswoman Emily Guidote. She brought Daniel to Italy, and even used him in her plot to seek vengeance from what Marco and Dona Margaret did to her.

In the Philippines, Katarina married Nathan, her long-time suitor and child hood friend. At the flight of Daniel’s success, he returned to the Philippines, and that’s how conflict between Nathan and Daniel began (the usual problem in which Katarina and Nathan argue with). Katarina became martyr and did everything for his husband, even forgetting Daniel, but her heart never let her do such, thus making Nathan more jealous.

Now let us discuss how this story treated. There are actually secrets to reveal in the story, where the production does not prolong to unfold.

First, how Daniel went to Manang Henya’s life?; second, why Dona Margaret abducted the baby Daniel?; third, and lastly to which I think is the biggest revelation, how Manang Henya will convince Marco and Emily that their real son is Daniel?

The building-up of the story is done on the right timing. It seems like the production team does not want to make their audience wait too long, even though viewers have already ideas of the flow the story. What made the story exciting is how the characters will find out the secrets that Dona Margaret is trying to hide.

Through chronological development of the story and flashback, audience learned that Mang Henya got Daniel from where he was left by the midwife. From the narration of Dona Margaret, she revealed that she doesn’t want her family to break because of the previous affair of Marco to Emily. Besides, she is also protecting the image of their family from the wreckage that may result if others will find out that her son has son from other woman.

Interestingly, none of its viewers would have denied that they are really hooked on how the secret behind Daniel’s life is revealed. The revelation on this part of the story is well-written, not over and under cooked, just enough for viewers not to get out of entice in following the story. Little by little, there are bit of information that discloses every secret. It started from Manang Henya who wanted to fix everything, so, she told the secret about Daniel to Emily, but Emily didn’t listen to her. Dona Margaret found out that her sister was revealing the secret to Marco, so, she plotted a scene, in which she hired a fake doctor, who said that Manang Henya has an early symptom of Alzeimer’s. Marco and Emily suspected Manang Henya for just making a story. The former lovers, suggested having a DNA test, but the test was manipulated by Henry, Emily’s most trusted side kick and secretly like his boss. Until, a quick pacing of the story happened. The other copy of the DNA test was found by the wife of Marco being hidden by Dona Margaret’s assistant. Marco also got the copy from his wife and told about this to Emily. Supported by a second copy, the former lover had confirmed that Daniel is really their son. Daniel found out about this and got grudges to Marco and Dona Margaret.

Another conflicts are about to arise after these secrets have been revealed. What will Daniel do to confront Dona Margaret? Will his relationship to her as grandmother reigned in his heart? How will other people accept the truth about Daniel’s life? What will be the feelings of Nathan if he will find out that Daniel is his brother? How will Katarina manage this situation? Etc…

‘Walang Hanggan’ is undeniably has rights to claim that it truly ruled primetime because of its story getting more intense and interesting. Kudos to its actors and production team for making such story, thus making it ‘infinite’, a truly ‘walang hanggan’.

akosibatch is based in Angono, Southern Tagalog, Philippines, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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