16th Annual The Artist Eye Show and Artist Awards Ceremony

16th Annual The Artist Eye Show and Artist Awards Ceremony

Santa Ana : CA : USA | May 23, 2012 at 12:39 AM PDT
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Viskan-Original Abstract Paintings-Acrylic Watercolor & color pencil

Showcase Gallery, in Santa Ana, California, presents The Artist Eye, the opening reception displaying many artists’ work as well as Award Ceremony, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, on Saturday, May 12, 2012.

Cyndi Sanchez’ acrylic painting, Found In Peace, is an abstract art with bold colors of yellow, yellow-orange, and orange as well as dark red, greens, blue and teal colors. The soft but rounded curves look sexy. It costs $1000. The Chase is a modern abstract painting of bold colors. A green-blue background, with a round shape of bright yellow and turquoise as well as dark blue, purple, red, and green, all swirled and intertwined together. It costs $800. Eiffel Tower, a mixed media of an abstract art, has brown, green, purple and teal curvy lines against a blue background. It costs $1000.

Rickey Hoefnagel’s acrylic painting, Etheric Embrace, is mostly purple, which symbolizes intuitiveness and the other world. I notice some ethereal and surreal looking angels, some embracing in the foreground, and a group in the background. There are also stairs that connect the foreground area with the background area. It costs $395. Quantum Leap also has lots of purple as well as other shades, but the colors in this acrylic painting change from a dark foreground to a hollow circular cave-like section that turn into a pale icy white colored circle in the center and far end. It costs $425. Tara, another acrylic painting of a woman, has mostly bold colors orange, red, and yellow. There is also some greenery in the foreground. It costs $795.

Tracy Evans’ Lanikai Sunrise and Farmer’s Morning are two watercolor paintings, each costing $220. One has a spectrum of soft colors of peach to green colors during a sunrise scene, while the other has pink to red to blue to purple shades of a sunrise scene.

Mary Ladas’ oil painting, The Bubble, looks quite surreal of a water drop making a water bubble on a water surface. The blues and greens and the details on the water ripple as well as the bubble looks interesting and surreal. It costs $2300. The Mascot is of a fair woman’s face wearing a detailed lacy black mask around her blue eyes. She appears to be wearing makeup to bring out her pretty blue eyes and red luscious lips. Her face is surrounded by green feathers, covering the background, with only her face appearing in the center of all the feathers. It costs $2350.

Diane Bulgatz’ acrylic painting, The Flow, looks like an abstract painting of water. The blue shades and shapes of the water rushing or flowing looks like a serene waterfall. Emerald Mist, another acrylic painting, is an abstract art of bold green colors with some purple, yellow and white. Each cost $800. Levitation is an abstract painting of bright colors, which include yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, white and some green. It looks like the hot summertime, where the flowers appear to be melting because of the paint streaking down the canvas, ruining the blooming flowers. It costs $800.

Leti C. Stiles’ Rainbow Angel is an acrylic painting. The bold rainbow colors surround a white and pure figure of an angel, located in the center of the painting. The angel appears to be glowing amidst all the colors. It looks somewhat abstract, but still quite obvious that it is a Rainbow Angel. It costs $950. Luminous Wave is an oil painting of an ocean scene with a rocky shore. Waves are crashing against a large rock in the middle area. It costs $875. Majestic Orchid is a silk on canvas artwork of a close-up on purple orchid against light green background. It looks like modern art, and it costs $650.

Elena Malec’ Happy Birthday is a pastel of a colorful floral bouquet in the foreground a s well as gift boxes and a jester doll in the background. It appears to be inside a girl’s bedroom because it looks feminine. It costs $350. Tea Time is a mixed media of a teapot and matching cup. The cup is filled with tea, and placed near a pink and purple orchid flower. The teapot and cup have the same detailed design of peacocks and other ornate design in blue, gold and white. The scene appears to have an Asian theme. It costs $275. Linda Cubana is a pastel of a black woman wearing a colorful cultural outfit. The portrait of this woman is placed between bold turquoise curtains. It looks quite exotic. It costs $175.

Dan Williams’ Oh Happy Day is a mixed media. It looks like a rustic scene of a small, but modest house on green pasture, next to a dirt road and farmland. Lots of swirls of blue and white sky, green and red pasture land, and brown with other colors on road and farmland, giving this country scene a modern edge. It costs $550. Feelin’ Good is an acrylic painting of a burlesque dancer resting on a brass bed with a glass of wine. There are lots of bright pink and blue as well as some green makes the scene look quite animated. Her bright pink hair, clownish makeup, corset, tights, and fluffy boa make her appear to be some kind of sexy performer or dancer. It costs $550. Balboa Fix is a watercolor painting that looks like graphics art of boats at the harbor by the Balboa Amusement Park. It is NFS.

Mary Taggart’s oil painting of Coastal Hills is a peaceful scene of the countryside. There are lots of red, a narrow dirt road, one red truck, one tree, blue sky with clouds, and some birds. It looks quiet, as if located at a small ghost town, in the middle of nowhere. Old Mission Viejo is another oil painting of a country scene. The warm colors of browns and greens, a small cozy house, brown wooden fence, bare trees, mountains in the background, pastures, and light blue sky make the scene look peaceful. Each cost $400. East View is of UCI’s Arboretum. The warm colors of the gazebo, plants, flowers, palm trees, greenery and other trees as well as the distant mountains, pale blue sky and open space in the background tends to give it a southern comfort look. It costs $500.

Roger D. Reading’s photographs, Rock Creek December—Mono, County CA, Willow, Grass, Ice—Rush Creek –Mono County, CA, and Grass and Ice—Rush Creek—Mono County, CA looks like modern art photographs of nature. They are of an icy creek with rocks and water. Each photograph costs $250.

Doreen Galchutt’s acrylic painting of Whalers Cove has dark but warm colors of a cover with pine trees. There are also lots of greenery and a small white building structure. It costs $400. Another acrylic painting, Sunlet Poppies, has bold colors of red and yellow flowers that literally pop out against the bold teal background. But the green stems, leaves and grass are painting flat on the canvas. Spring flowers are blooming a happy day. It costs $200.

William Fisher’s photographs, Eureka Dunes and North Creek Cascade, are of nature scenes. One looks like a sandy desert with some decorative-looking plants and a cloudy blue sky looks simple but modern. The other photograph has warm brown colors of nature, creek, trees, and rocks. There is some greenery in the background. The creek looks serene. Each photograph costs $175. From Zabriskie Point is a photograph of an interesting rock formation and land form. It costs $300.

Sherry Marger’s acrylic painting of Mirror Philosophy is a close-up on the driver’s view from her mirror. There are raindrops in the mirror scene as well as three vehicles driving behind her on a road lined with pine trees. It reminds me of my Seattle trip. On the mirror, I notice some type, “OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR.” It costs $650. Sunset Vortex, a mixed media, is of a desert scene with some greenery in the foreground, rock formation in the center, and some gold circles against red in the top area. It looks quite exotic. It costs $850.

Diane Katayama’s oil painting, Peony, is a close-up on a flower with red petals, green stems and green leaves, against gray background. It costs $400.

Jean Williams’ watercolor painting, Cottage Green, is of pink flowers with green, which are the main focus in the foreground. There is a small cottage in the faded background area. It looks romantic, feminine and cozy. It costs $250. In Bloom is a watercolor of a pink flower with green blades. It costs $150.

Maria Elena Bicer’s oil paintings, Winter at Halstadt Lake as well as Lights and Shadows tells a story of a small village, located at another country. One scene appears to be during wintertime because of the white-covered mountain in the background, while the other scene appears to be in a warmer climate, where a man sits at a table, in front of a restaurant, relaxing and drinking a glass of coke. Both scenes look quiet and peaceful. The winter scene costs $280, while the scene with the customer costs $780. Spring Delight, a watercolor, has bright spring colors of potted plants and vases. I notice lots of light green, pink, light blue and yellow. It costs $860.

Stella Gerk’s photographs looks like photojournalism of Peru and Peruvian culture. Children of Peru focuses on four small kids dressed in colorful Peruvian clothing style, and three of these kids each carry a cute, little lamb. The lambs look so sweet, innocent and happy. I just hope they weren’t slaughtered. These kids are standing on a rocky street, in the center of a marketplace vendor area, similar to a farmer’s or flea market. Yarns of Peru is a close-up shot on the bold colors of the yarn balls, placed on colorful Peruvian blankets, which are mostly liked weaved from these colorful yarns. Children of Peru cost $800, while Yarns of Peru cost $180.

Al Gerk’s photograph, Najavo Nation—AZ, is of a desert scene with bare trees, shrubs, rocky mountains in the distance, and a small building structure that has a colorful painted scene of Indians and gang writing. But the sky looks dark gray, gloomy and cloudy. It looks like a sad and deserted ghost town. It costs $400.

Noreen Statler’s oil painting, Heisler Park—North Laguna, is a scene of a small house by a rocky shore. The dark colors in the scene makes it appear quite to be a cold, gloomy, and cloudy day. The house is on a higher area, overlooking the shore and ocean below. It costs $475. Exit From Aliso Creek Park is a pastel of a narrow road surrounded by greenery. It costs $325. Santa Fe Sunset is a watercolor painting of a simple scene, comprised of mountains, sky and land in soft colors of purple, green, blue, yellow and pink. It costs $450.

Jeannette Hart’s oil painting, Glow, is of greenery of pastures and trees, with some bright yellow glowing areas, and maybe a bright yellow sun, which makes this scene look like a spring. It costs $800.

Subodh Maheshwari’s watercolor painting, Flower Family II, is of the same red flowers with black and yellow center. They look like flowers blooming during springtime. It costs $350. Attraction is a pastel of a cute little bird by colorful red, yellow and green plants, all placed against a green background. It costs $1000. Sympathy is an abstract mixed media that has a colorful combination of purple, blue, orange, yellow, red and pink. It costs $415.

Ginny McNeill’s photographs each cost $215. Palo Verde’s main focus is on a beautiful yellow tree. There is also a park bench and desert plants in the area. It looks like a park. Fall Reflections is of a beautiful autumn scene of the reflection of the colorful trees and wooden-covered rustic bridge in the countryside. Some people are walking in the area. “Carpet of Spring” is of a carpet of pretty pink flowers in the foreground, along with some orange and purple flowers. There is also a palm tree as well as other plants, such as a fan-like plant, against a clear blue sky. These photographs display the beauty of the earth, the different seasons, and nature.

Ferial Nassirzadeh’s oil paintings, Yellow Primrose and Coffee Roses appear to be of still life. One has yellow flowers and green leaves in an antique-looking pot, placed against a brown background. Some yellow stray petals have fallen nearby. The other painting has pretty red roses with some green leaves in a white vase, placed against a white table and background. Some red petals and green leaves strays have fallen around the vase. Yellow Primrose costs $400 and Coffee Roses cost $650. Perrier For You is an oil painting, which costs $1400. A young male waiter carries different bottles and cappuccino cups on a tray, as he serves customers at an outside café.

Deborah L. Stanley’s watercolor paintings, Gibson Girl and Resting Dancer each cost $150. One scene is a profile of a woman wearing a yellow blouse and she has an updo hairstyle. The other scene is of two female dancers, facing each other, resting casually on the floor, and eating something. Self-Portrait, a portrait of the artist casually posing is NFS. The artist has short dark brown hair and blue eyes, and she wears a light blue shirt.

Mary Ladas’ oil painting, The Grandpa, is a portrait of an old man with a long white but fine beard as well as similar eyebrows and hair. He has a dark bronze tan, as he sits against a brown background. He wears a maize-colored blouse and a brown hat. Such warm colors make the scene appear earthy and warm of a loving grandpa telling stories about his past adventures. It costs $3500.

Veronica Kortz’ oil painting, Beach Baby is of a baby girl wearing a colorful bathing suit and a sunhat, as she sits on a colorful towel, at the beach. It appears to be a sunny day during summertime. It costs $700. Two more oil paintings, Indian Palm Canyon and Crescent Bay Look Out, each cost $900, and both are beach scenes. One painting is of an ocean scene with a rocky shore, exotic plants, palm trees and some houses on the top area, overlooking the ocean and shore. The second painting is a close-up of a rocky area on the beach with palm trees and other plants.

Alexandra R. Sherwood’s oil painting, Can’t Live On Bread Alone, is of the painter painting the scene of a table with large wine bottles, bread, fruit bowl, and a male painter’s hand and arm reaching out, holding a tall galls of ice and drink. The painter’s hand, arm and paintbrush are also in the scene. It costs $400. Dancers Bali is of a dark room with lighted torches and two young dancers, a young man and woman, are the main focus of the scene. They appear to be entertaining an audience at a club or show. It costs $860.

Felix De Quesada’s acrylic painting, Expectation, looks like modern art of two women’s portrait, done in geometric shapes, in mostly blue, green, white, and some yellow. It costs $1000. Transfiguration looks like a modern abstract painting of a woman’s portrait, in bold and bright colors of yellow, orange, red, turquoise and green. It costs $1000. Celestial Bull is of a red human figure with a red-orange guitar, placed against a black background. There is also a red, crescent moon. The red against the black creates great intensity and passion. It costs $1200.

Mahnaz Mohammadzadeh’s oil paintings, Afisin and The Morning After, are both NFS. In one painting, a baby boy, wearing a white long gown, sits on a grassy area, with water and mountains in the background. The baby is laughing. In the other painting, the back of a woman, wearing a long ivory gown, is facing the viewers. She looks out of the balcony, which overlooks calm blue water and sky. Sheer ivory curtains frame her picturesque water scene. There are also some bold green plants in the room as well as a colorful rug and a green wall. The scene looks elegant and clean. Iris has bold and vibrant colors of red and purple flowers with green blades, stems and leaves, placed against a pale spring green background. It is NFS.

Gloria Silber’s watercolor painting, Waiting, is of a woman sitting inside a dark room. She looks sad or depressed. But it appears to be sunny outside, behind the shutters at the side. It costs $500. Helo Rainforest is of a colorful rainforest, with bright orange, purple and mossy green colors as well as a creek. It costs $800. Backyard Bloom is a watercolor painting of flowers in bold colors of blues, yellows, purples, pinks, white, and lots of green in between. It costs $850.

Laura Rice Robinson’s oil painting, Orphan, is of a young kid eating from a bowl. He looks poor, sad, and hungry. It costs $1000.

Olivia Laird’s pastel artwork, Sophisticated Sunflowers #2, is a close-up on purple, yellow, and orange sunflowers, placed against blue background. Sophisticated Sunflowers #3 is of the same flowers, but painted from a different angle. Each costs $450.

Lily Nava’s acrylic painting, Ancient Rain, has bold colors of green, blue, and some yellow and white. It appears to be a nature scene of mountains and water. It costs $850. Two more acrylic paintings, The Secret and Synchronicity, each costing $1200, and they both have a surreal and psychedelic look. One painting is of two women, with yellow hair, swirled together with bright red, yellow, blue, orange, and purple circles, blending the women with the background in a psychedelic way. The other painting looks like it is in motion, but it is comprised of green, blue, yellow, and purple colors.

Suzie Vuong’s Sweet Scent is an acrylic painting of an exotic-looking woman smelling flowers as she stands in front of a colorful floral background. She is dressed up as well as she has sexy makeup, dangling earrings, bracelet, and cuff on her upper arm. It costs $1600.

Haejin Cha’s artworks, Waters and Trees, are abstract art of nature, each costing $595. Waters, an oil painting, has a colorful scene of the waters, with a rainbow of color, similar to a reflection on the water. Trees, a mixed media, is an artwork of leaves and other nature pieces pasted on brown bare trees painted against a green background.

Marilou Hogeboom’s mixed media, Lady in Red, is an abstract graphic drawing of a woman in red with her shadow. It costs $500.

Joan Boryta’s oil painting, In Memory, is a country scene of a white picket fence with
American flags on its posts, and long yellow grass, rocks, and greenery of trees. It looks serene and peaceful, and it costs $1250. Sidewalk Show, a watercolor, is of a house and sidewalk in a residential area. It looks like a spring scene because of the white-colored house, surrounded by spring green lawn, trees, and greenery as well as some red and white flowers on the lawn. There is a bright sun shining on the sidewalk, lawn and greenery, making the scene appearing to be during a hot spring day. It costs $750.

Artists Awards Ceremony

Toward the end of the afternoon, an Awards Ceremony was conducted, where a judge had picked his favorites. In the Pastel category, Subodh Maheshwari wins for Attraction and Olivia Laird for Sunflowers #2. In the Mixed Media category, Elena Malec wins for Tea Time and Sherry Marger for Sunset Vortex. In the 3D category, Marilee Stockman wins for Lady. In the Photography category, Al Gerk wins for Navajo Nation and Stella Gerk for Yarns of Peru. In the Acrylic category, Diane Bulgatz wins for Levitation and Max Yomata for Fish Market. In the Oil painting category, Mahnaz Mohammadzadeh wins for Iris and Laura Rice Robinson for Orphan. In the Watercolor category, Jean Williams wins for In Bloom, Deborah Stanley for Gibson Girl, and Gloria Silber for Backyard Bloom.

Third Place:

Third place in the pastel category goes to Olivia Laird for Sunflower #3. Max Yomata gets third place in Mixed Media category for his Dinner Yet. Marilee Stockman gets third place in the 3D category for Expecting. Al Gerk gets third place in the Photography category for Grand Canyon. Felix De Quesada gets third place in the Acrylic category for Celestial Bull. Noreen Statler gets third place in the oil painting category for Heisler Park North Laguna. And, Deborah Stanley gets third place in the Watercolor painting category for Self Portrait.

Second Place:

Second place in the pastel category goes to Noreen Statler for Exit From Aliso. Dan Williams gets second place in the mixed media category for Oh Happy Day and Teri Walker for Fish. Bill Fisher gets second place in the photography category for North Creek Cascade. Jeannette Hart gets second place in the acrylic category for Glow. Ferial Nassirzadeh gets second place in the oil painting category for the Yellow Primrose. Gloria Silber gets second place in the watercolor category for Helo Rainforest.

First Place:

Elena Malec gets first place in the pastel category for Linda Cubana. Marilou Hogeboom gets first place in the mixed media category for Lady in Red. Laura Rice Robinson gets first place in the 3D category for Spring. Bill Fisher gets first place in photography category for From Zabriskie Point. Max Yomata gets first place in the acrylic painting category for Back Bay Trail. Diane Katayama gets first place in the oil painting category for Peony. Dan Williams gets first place in the watercolor painting category for Balboa Fix. And, the best of the show is a watercolor painting by Joan Boryta for Sidewalk Show.

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An art critic photographs the 1985 oil painting "Reflection (Self Portrait)" at a retrospective of late British artist Lucien Freud at the National Portrait Gallery in London
An art critic photographs the 1985 oil painting "Reflection (Self Portrait)" at a retrospective of late British artist Lucien Freud at the National Portrait Gallery in London
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