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Jerusalem : Israel | 2 years ago  
Prime Minister Netanyahu is likely one of the greatest statesmen speaking many of the truths about Israel against all the slanderers who stand against her. He has made some of the most...
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  • Thomas L. Friedman: Power with purpose

      San Jose Mercury News | 2 years ago
    05/23/2012 03:56:09 PM PDT Updated:   05/23/2012 03:56:10 PM PDT Political power is always a double-edged sword. The more of it you amass, the more people expect you to use it to do big things, and, when you don't, the more ineffectual you look.
  • Tel Aviv protest against African migrants turns violent

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | 2 years ago
    More than a thousand protesters gathered Wednesday in the Hatikvah neighborhood carrying signs reading South Tel Aviv a refugee camp and Infiltrators, leave our home. Protesters attacked African migrants who passed the demonstration, and smashed the...
  • AG: South Sudanese can be deported

      Ynet News | 2 years ago
    Decision time Anti-migrant protest in Tel Aviv   Yaron Brenner PM Netanyahu accepts AG's brief, based on Foreign Ministry stance that nothing prevents Israel from returning South Sudanese migrants to their new country if they are not eligible for...
  • Hundreds demonstrate in south Tel Aviv against illegal migrants

      Haaretz | 2 years ago
    Over a thousand people demonstrated Wednesday night in south Tel Aviv, calling on Israeli authorities to expel illegal migrants. The protesters, which amassed in the Hatikva neighborhood, shouted slogans against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and...
  • A-G tell PM that Sudanese migrants can be deported

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    Over a thousand people gather across Israel to protest influx of African infiltrators; Danon: Expel them to Africa, Europe. Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein informed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday that it his opinion that Israel can...
  • Bibi stalls bills legalizing Ulpana

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | 2 years ago
    On Wednesday, Netanyahu asked lawmaker Zevulun Orlev of the Jewish Home Party to delay introducing his bill for two weeks while he looked for other ways to settle the issue of Ulpana, outside the outside the Beit El settlement. Lawmaker Yaakov Katz...
  • Britain Considers Its Role In Any Potential Iran-Israel War

      International Business Times | 2 years ago
    As Iran meets with six world powers in Baghdad to hash out some kind of agreement regarding Tehran's controversial nuclear energy program, one of those powers, Great Britain, is considering what role, if any, it might play in a potential military...
  • Ketzaleh Agrees to Delay Vote

      Israel National News | 2 years ago
    He pushed off the vote after he was promised that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will not object to the bill being brought before Knesset in two weeks if no solution has been found in that time. The bill was not expected to pass if raised...
  • Israel hands over terrorists' bodies to PA

      Ynet News | 2 years ago
    Avihu Shapira In gesture to President Abbas, Israel will transfer bodies of 130 Palestinian terrorists buried in Israel to Palestinian Authority Yoav Zitun Israel will hand over the bodies of 130 terrorists to the Palestinian Authority in a gesture...
  • Netanyahu: Vote Down Legalization Bill

      Israel National News | 2 years ago
    The bill would provide land owners with compensation if they could prove their claims. Netanyahu has expressed opposition to the bill, and has called to find alternative ways to save homes threatened with destruction. MK Zevulun Orlev (Jewish Home)...
  • "Citizen journalism" focuses on Israeli occupation

      Reuters | 2 years ago
    Topics Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a Masa event in Jerusalem May 22, 2012. Masa is a programme that provides educational trips and to study in Israel for young Jewish adults. Amateur video of Israeli soldiers appearing to...
  • Knesset to discuss bill to legalize West Bank settlements

      Ynet News | 2 years ago
    Gil Yohanan MK Yaakov Katz   Photo: Gil Yohanan Barak. Against the bill   Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg Netanyahu arranges two-week freeze of bill aiming to circumvent High Court ruling on Ulpana, but National Union MK determined to put forward similar...
  • PM instructs Barak to cease preparations for Ulpana eviction

      Yedioth Ahronoth | 2 years ago
    instructs Barak to cease preparations for Ulpana eviction Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to postpone by two weeks the discussion over a bill regulating the status of private West Bank lands.   Netanyahu, who is trying to resolve the Ulpana...
  • Leslie Sisman: Popcorn Preview: Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story

      The Huffington Post | 2 years ago
    The Yoni Netanyahu Story (2012) Cast includes: Yoni Netanyahu, Benjamin Netanyahu Director: Jonathan Gruber ( Jewish Soldiers in Blue & Gray ) Genre: Documentary (90 minutes) Entebbe, Uganda: July 1976. Amid black smoke, predawn darkness and chaos,...
  • Zionist unity

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    Courtesy When Zionist critics of Israel's policies in Judea and Samaria voice their opinions, they run the risking of providing ammunition for those who would rather see Israel cease to exist as an exclusively Jewish state. South Africa's intention...
  • Jerusalem expansion reaches point of no return

      The Daily Star | 2 years ago
    Israelis stand on the Mount of Olives overlooking the old city of Jerusalem on May 20, 2012 during a tour marking Jerusalem Day when the Jewish state captured the Arab eastern sector 45 years ago during the Six-Day War...Once a tranquil backwater,...
  • Israel “highly skeptical” of IAEA deal with Iran

      NOW Lebanon | 2 years ago
    Yukiya Amano said the UN nuclear watchdog would sign an accord "quite soon" with Iran in a bid to end the long-running crisis over its atomic activities, in what he termed an "important development." "We are pretty suspicious," said Finance Minister...
  • Israel wary of expected IAEA-Iran deal

      Daily News & Analysis | 2 years ago
    Israel eyed with suspicion on Tuesday an expected deal between the UN nuclear watchdog and Iran on investigating Tehran's nuclear activity, citing an Iranian track record of evading and limiting international inspections. "Iran has proven over the...
  • Netanyahu: ‘Fatal mistake' to concede sacred sites

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | 2 years ago
    Fatal mistake' to concede sacred sites Reuters Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday it would be a fatal mistake ever to give up control over Jerusalem's holy sites. His remarks, in a parliamentary speech, went a little further...
  • Bad precedent: The Supreme Court and Beit El

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    Nir Elias The ruling by the High Court of Justice ordering the government to destroy homes in Bet El highlights once again the abusive and outsized power seized by the Supreme Court at the expense of the country's elected representatives. It also...
  • PM: Iran must halt all uranium enrichment and stockpiling

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    GPO / Amos Ben-Gershom Two days before six world powers sit down in Baghdad for talks with Iran, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu unequivocally declared that Israel would only be satisfied if Iran halted all uranium enrichment and shipped its...
  • Knesset marks Jerusalem Day

      Ynet News | 2 years ago
    Jerusalem Day 'We are witnessing the prophecy,' Netanyahu   Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells Knesset plenum 'today we take an oath for a built up Jerusalem, Israel's eternal capital' Moran Azulay The Knesset plenum on...
  • Israeli PM urges 'just' replacement of draft law

      AP Online | 2 years ago
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waded into one of Israel's deepest political morasses on Monday, urging lawmakers to find a "just" replacement for a law that has exempted tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews from compulsory military service.
  • An angry Netanyahu is good for Iran negotiations

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | 2 years ago
    Once again nuclear negotiations are taking place, and once again there's a gap between the gloomy tone of the Israeli observers and the optimistic, albeit guarded, noises on the American side. It's doubtful that anything concrete will come of...
  • Israel prime minister urges lawmakers to find 'just' replacement to draft ...

      Fox News | 2 years ago
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged lawmakers to find a "just" replacement for a draft law that exempted tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews from compulsory military service. The Israeli leader has appeared before a parliamentary...
  • Turkish media: Israel to station troops in Cyprus

      Globes Online | 2 years ago
    53, Moshe Golan   Turkey's "Anatolian News Agency" quotes a senior Cypriot source as saying that Israel plans to send 20,000 soldiers to the Greek part of the island to protect its energy sources in the area. The report adds that at least 30,000...
  • Livni Warns Against Gaza Invasion

      Arab News | 2 years ago
    West Bank, 8 May 2007 Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni cautioned yesterday against a hasty decision to invade Gaza over the resumption of rocket strikes, saying the government must not repeat mistakes of last summer's Lebanon War. Livni requested...
  • Nine Palestinians Kidnapped In Jerusalem

      International Middle East Media Center | 2 years ago
    Quds Net Dozens of local residents, a number of international peace activists and several leftist Jewish-Israelis, held their peaceful protest carrying Palestinian flags and chanting for an end to the illegal Israeli occupation, the Quds Net media...
  • Netanyahu: I'll Continue to Build Jerusalem

      Israel National News | 2 years ago
    I know it is my duty to speak in the name of a nation that marked each celebration and tragedy by fulfilling a simple wish, said Netanyahu. Building Jerusalem is a sacred promise which I'll never abandon.
  • Israel's fury over trade ban on West Bank produce

      The Independent | 2 years ago
    Assuming Mark Zuckerberg hasn't got his sums wrong, the market for smartphone photography is booming... A lot can happen in the space of twelve months, just ask Lung...Suggested Topics South Africa has angered Benjamin Netanyahu's government by...
  • Israel Says African Migrants Pose Growing Threat

      Voice of America | 2 years ago
    African migrants work at the site where Israel builds a barrier along the border with Egypt in southern Israel, February 15, 2012. There is growing concern in Israel about an influx of tens of thousands of migrants from Africa.  The flood of illegal...
  • Netanyahu: Israel will continue to build Jerusalem and keep it united

      Haaretz | 2 years ago
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday during a ceremony marking Jerusalem Day that the Israeli capital will never be divided and that building in Jerusalem will continue. "We will protect Jerusalem," Netanyahu said. "Israel without Jerusalem...
  • Israel Without Jerusalem is Like a Body Without a Heart

      Israel National News | 2 years ago
    Marking Jerusalem Day and the battle at Ammunition Hill, Netanyahu added, "If you place the Temple Mount in the hands of other forces, our situation could deteriorate to war. Only under Israeli sovereignty, access and freedom of worship for all...
  • Netanyahu: Jerusalem will stay united

      Ynet News | 2 years ago
    Jerusalem Day Prime Minister Netanyahu   Photo: Emil Salman, Haaretz President Shimon Peres   Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg Prime minister warns that partitioning Jerusalem could result in religious war. Speaking in Jerusalem Day state ceremony he says, '...
  • Qatar emir urges Israel to choose peace

      NOW Lebanon | 2 years ago
    Qatar's Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, on Sunday urged Israel's coalition government to opt for peace and not bet on Arab leaders against their people amid sweeping Arab Spring uprisings. "I call on Israel to take a positive step in favor...
  • PM: Israel will continue to build, develop capital J'lem

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    Marc Israel Sellem Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel will continue to build and develop the capital city of Jerusalem. Speaking a Jerusalem Day ceremony at Ammunition Hill, Netanyahu said that "Israel without Jerusalem is...
  • Israel marks 45th anniv of Jerusalem`s re-unification

      Zee News | 2 years ago
    Israel marks 45th anniv of Jerusalem's re-unification Jerusalem: Israeli ministers held a special cabinet meeting to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Jerusalem's re-unification amid a damning report which claimed that 78 per cent of Palestinians in...
  • Report: Israel to deploy 20,000 commandos in Greek Cyprus

      Yedioth Ahronoth | 2 years ago
    According to the report, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Greek Cypriot counterpart, Demetris Christofias, met in February in order to discuss the two countries' joint ventures.   Netanyahu reportedly offered to undertake all the expenses...
  • Former Israeli PM: Jerusalem must be partitioned

      AP Online | 2 years ago
    Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is urging Israeli leaders to relinquish the idea of a unified Jerusalem if they truly want peace. Olmert contends that years of government neglect have kept the Jewish and Palestinian sectors divided.
  • Indor: PM to Blame for Kidnap Attempts

      Israel National News | 2 years ago
    The group that was arrested Sunday is a good example of what is going on in the field. Almagor director Meir Indor blamed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the situation. The credit for motivating these terrorists to kidnap Israelis belongs to...
  • Nationalists' Knesset Strength Soars in New Poll

      Israel National News | 2 years ago
    The combined total of 12 seats is almost twice the current number and reflects a movement of nationalists from the Likud party after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu averted new elections by coaxing the center-left Kadima party to join a national...
  • PM Warns: Illegal African Migrants Could Overrun Israel

      Israel National News | 2 years ago
    Free Daily Israel Report Latest News Briefs "+arr[i][1]+" 14:41 Reported News Brief   5/20/2012, Iyar 28, 5772 PM Warns: Illegal African Migrants Could Overrun Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned on Sunday of the need to prevent Israel...
  • Netanyahu speaks out against racism towards Ethiopians

      Yedioth Ahronoth | 2 years ago
    In the state of Israel there is no room for boycott not in Israel and not against it." (Kobi Nahshoni)  
  • PM: Number of illegal migrants may reach 600,000

      Ynet News | 2 years ago
    African Migrants 'Stop the flood.' Netanyahu   Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg Cabinet meets on Ammunition Hill in honor of Jerusalem Day. Netanyahu says government increasing efforts to stop flow of African migrants. Yishai: Giving them jobs won't help Omri...
  • Israel marks 45 years since seizure of E. Jerusalem

      NOW Lebanon | 2 years ago
    Israeli ministers were holding a special cabinet meeting at Ammunition Hill on Sunday to celebrate Jerusalem Day when the Jewish state captured the eastern Arab sector 45 years ago during the Six-Day War. Celebrations were lined up throughout the day...
  • Denmark to label W. Bank settlements products

      Globes Online | 2 years ago
    Denmark to label West Bank settlements products Danish Foreign Minister Villy Sovndal: This is part of EU support for the Palestinians...May 12 10:58, Globes' correspondent   Israeli goods originating in Judea and Samaria imported by Denmark will...
  • Jerusalem as the eternal capital

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    Wayne Stiles As we mark the 45th anniversary of the Israeli conquest of east Jerusalem on the third day of the Six-Day War, it is timely that we explore the concept of Jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capital of the State of Israel and the Jewish...
  • The Shamrak Report

      Magic City Morning Star | 2 years ago
    It is unknown to many that the characters were created by three Jews (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon) and the film consists of an all-star team of Marvel Super heroes. (by Ronn Torossian) The United States has been secretly releasing captured...
  • Ten paradoxes in Israeli foreign policy

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    Knesset Spokesman The composition of a broad coalition government presents opportunities to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in several directions, including the possibility of renewed dialogue with the Palestinians. The problem, however, is that...
  • World Opinion -- A Surmountable Obstacle

      Magic City Morning Star | 2 years ago
    Search Guest Column World opinion should not deter Israel from enhancing Jewish roots and national security, expanding the Jewish presence in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights and pre-empting Palestinian and Hezbollah terrorism. Adverse...

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