Go Black, black against Obama: What a third party needs

Go Black, black against Obama: What a third party needs

Vancouver : Canada | May 14, 2012 at 6:56 PM PDT
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One idea. One black idea. One black idea, good and true. As simple as that. That’s what it would take, that’s all it would take for a third party to level the playing field with Democrats and Republicans. Indeed, with the particular idea that I have in mind, a third party would not just level the field with the Big Bad Duopoly of American politics, it would level the two parties themselves. I mean, flat out.

So let me flesh out just what that one black idea is, what it would have to be, to be adequate to the task. But before I do that I need to sweep aside that all-season American obsession with the idea that it is money, money, money that is the real game-changer in politics.

All the money in the world took Ross Perot exactly nowhere. The billionaire’s disastrous 1992 presidential run accomplished but one eternal damnation: it gave us Bill Clinton.

Democrats like to foam at the mouth about too much money in politics. Obama got up in that disgraceful violation of protocol before Congress when delivering the State of the Union address two years ago, insulting the Supreme Court for its Citizens United decision upholding free speech in election spending while the justices had to sit there, a captive audience.

No class. An instant classic of bad form.

Democrats didn’t foam at the mouth when that whack job, George Soros, with too much money and too little sense, threw his billions in support of hatemonger attacks on the second President Bush, the second greatest liberator in American history, who delivered over 50 million of the most desperate souls to the scrolls of democracy.

When the greatest beneficiaries of Hollywood industrial racism were raising $15 million an hour just hours after Obama endorsed gay marriage, Democrats did again foam at the mouth, but only in vicious attacks of the Holy Bible no less.

One black idea would just as savagely take on these diabolical lies and double-talk of Democrats. To begin, only blacks are equipped for a job of this order. Every other interest group and ethnic alliance in America is too compromised and co-opted to be a credible new political party.

Hispanics, for instance, other than Cubans, will often talk as if illegal immigrants should have special protections that blacks have never enjoyed, going all the way back to the failed Freedmen’s Bureau in Reconstruction on the abolition of slavery.

An even greater slight is contained in the “Women and Minorities” idea. Women of color are included in the category of minorities, so who are the “Women” in “Women and minorities”? White women? So white women are singled out from other women? Why? Because they are superior? No wonder even the most left-bent black activists from Reverend Jesse Jackson to Whoopi Goldberg have observed that the greatest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action and other such measures that gained life in the Civil Rights era have been …. You guessed it: white women.

Even native Indians whose land was stolen in the first place have not given up, suffered more or received less than the group on whose backs the entire largesse has been built. Blacks.

A third party must Go Black, then, I declare, to be even worthy of mention.

But then blacks will have to ditch Obama’s pathetic foaming and frothing of the tired and treacherous plantation liberalism of liarful Democrats. Put it this way, those arms too short to box with God.

And as for the political incest of “people of color,” well, that would be on the same level as the slur “Women and Minorities.” ’Dem dogs don’t hunt no more (pun intended; very much intended).

Blacks need to go back to the Radical Republicans before the Civil War and all through Reconstruction. They were relentless in taking on their whitest brothers from Lincoln on down, going so far as to demand immediate voting rights for former slaves.

Now blacks can lead the charge themselves. Here are the planks of the platform:

  1. A 21-year (“within one generation”) program to wipe out the concept of race from American society and public policy. The most controversial component here would be the Hollywood Rule. There shall be no mention of race in Hollywood hiring for any role, historical or otherwise. Any race-based hiring shall be punishable by a mandatory minimum life sentence. This is what it will take to undo the ugly history of Hollywood as America’s race-pimp. The casting couch is not sexually but racially perverse. A black actor may be better than every last living white actor in portraying Abraham Lincoln. America will never be color-blind until Hollywood casts against color.
  2. a. A 100-year (multi-generational) national re-education, race-rehab camp: Historically Black Colleges and Universities will be immediately taken over by The Federal Department of Education to be turned into the National Oasis of the Academic Excellencies. The finest scholars will be drafted to teach there. The student body will be composed of: 15% Native Indian; 20% Hispanic; 25% poor black (means tested); 40% wealthy Jewish and wealthy white (means tested).

b. Mandatory Teacher Busing: the best elementary and high school teachers will be forcibly bused to teach in the weakest ghetto schools on a revolving semester basis.

3.Largely black urban areas will be declared National Enterprise Zones. All welfare will be pooled into community small businesses run on resident-based mandatory employment (jury-style).

Anything short of this black litmus test for a third party would have to be rooted in profound ignorance regarding American history. Not fit to discuss.

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Black & White
Black & White
From: david gutierrez [ www.davidgutierrez.co.uk ]
AuthenticSavage is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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