Why Ron Paul supporters will never support Mitt Romney

Why Ron Paul supporters will never support Mitt Romney

Fayetteville : AR : USA | May 14, 2012 at 12:18 PM PDT
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              Texas congressman Ron Paul won the straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference for the second straight year and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney finished second.  Paul got 30 percent of the votes cast, while Romney polled 23 percent. (Feb. 12)

Considering the latest occurrences happening at GOP state conventions around the nation, it has become apparent that Ron Paul supporters will hold their ideological ground and continue to be a thorn in the side of the neoconservative establishment. To the dismay of long time Grand Ol’ Party members, supporters of Dr. Ron Paul seem to be unwilling to compromise and get behind the “presumptive” nominee Mitt Romney. Why?

To be thorough, one must first understand a vital characteristic of the average Ron Paul devotee. From my personal experience, supporters of Paul are typically more informed than the traditional voter. The lack of coverage (and grossly unfair coverage) for the Texas congressman by the mainstream media has led Paulites to disavow television news and seek alternative sources of information. This has resulted in a growing network of enthusiasts both on the internet and in local communities while lessening the influence of the media on this demographic. In the past, the media could just “reel back in” dissenters of mainstream opinion. This is not the case for Paul supporters. Alternative media has allowed the number of liberty minded people to burgeon by offering more complete information and allowing supporters to make individual decisions rather than being fed opinions by so-called “expert” pundits. Thus, propaganda from the mainstream media continues to appear more and more narrow minded by Paulites. Further, the mainstream media continues to dig the whole deeper and deeper by ignoring the ideas of individual liberty.

With the understanding that Paulites are likely the most informed part of the electorate, why won’t they support Mitt Romney? What are the policy positions of the former Mass. governor?

Foreign Policy – Romney touts the hawkish views of the current GOP establishment. The priority is to sanction dissenting nations while suspending diplomatic communication and threatening violence if they do not fully comply with US demands. This policy of “my way or the highway” with no room for communication or compromise is unduly authoritarian and akin to middle school antics. Maybe Romney should get together a group of his confidants, chase down Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and cut off his hair. The logic behind such an act is of equal caliber as that behind current US foreign policy.

Government Mandates – While Romney has voiced a desire to do away with ObamaCare during this election cycle, his actions disagree (and everyone remembers the old adage implied). During his tenure as Mass. governor, Romney implemented the infamous RomneyCare which provided the blueprint for Obama’s version which GOP loyalists and Paulites alike continue to revile.

Drug Policy – In a speech given on HLN on January 24th, Romney equated drug use to murder. Paraphrasing, the former governor said, “The youth of America must be made aware that when they take these drugs, they are killing people.” This is an absurd notion. Drug prohibition has fueled mafia style violence in affected areas just as alcohol prohibition brought notorious characters like Al Capone to power. One does not have to endorse the use of drugs to realize this truth. Romney should have said, “The federal government must be made aware that current drug policy is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people both inside and outside of our national borders. The federal government is murdering people by trying to legislate morality.” Even the evangelical leader Pat Robertson has come to this understanding. Prohibition does little but to drive demand to underground suppliers which typically handle problems with violence because no legal recourse is available.

National Debt – Romney continues to endorse the expansion of government, although not at a rate on par with political leftists. He proposes reductions in proposed increases rather than actual cuts. Further, Romney supported the bailouts where taxpayer money was used to buy up worthless assets from failing firms (a wretched form of collectivist policy). In accordance, he continues to support the Federal Reserve System which does nothing but inflate the monetary supply and cause working class Americans to lose wealth while bankers, who get the fiat money first, can avoid the effects of this destructive policy.

To be frank, Mitt Romney disagrees with Paulites on nearly every (if not every) issue important to individual freedom in the US. So, for the same reason Ron Paul cannot endorse Mitt Romney, neither can any liberty minded individual, and it is futile for the mainstream media to attempt to persuade Paulites otherwise.

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Ron Paul's supporters
Ron Paul's supporters
DerrelWalters is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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