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Raleigh : NC : USA | 2 years ago  
A Commentary The media is agog with President’s Obama’s public stance on same sex-marriage rights. Opinions and running commentary on why he made his announcement...
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  • CNN's Lemon Bemoans People 'Injecting' Religion Into Marriage Debate

      Newsbusters | 2 years ago
    CNN's Don Lemon said last year that he hoped to " change minds " when he declared that he was gay. And on Sunday evening he showed exactly where he lies on same-sex marriage and in no small words challenged the fundamental beliefs of its opponents,...
  • Kenya: NCCK Says No to Push for Gay Marriages

      Africa Headlines | 2 years ago
    Friday that it remained opposed to any attempts to promote same-sex relationships and prostitution...This is a matter that deserves reflective discussion by our society in recognition of our values and beliefs," he stated adding that these practices...
  • Gay Marriage Issue Divides Churches

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    Susan Schneider, preaching in Madison, Wis., took an opposite position. Knocking down the walls is what Jesus was after, Pastor Schneider told her congregation. A thousand miles away, at a predominantly white, Lutheran church in Madison, Wis., where...
  • Black pastors oppose gay marriage but support Obama

      Orlando Sentinel Online | 2 years ago
    May 13, 2012 Willie Barnes (May 13, 2012) President Barack Obama 's endorsement of gay marriage has placed black pastors in an awkward position opposing his stance while supporting the man. "For me as an African American pastor, I'm disappointed,"...
  • Black churches conflicted on Obama's gay marriage decision

      USA Today | 2 years ago
    At others, pastors spoke against the president's decision Wednesday but kindly of the man himself...A minority spoke in favor of the decision and expressed understanding of the president's change of heart...Clark, head of the First Church of God, a...
  • Jim Winter: The Christian vote

      The Steamboat Pilot | 2 years ago
    First, a Christian is someone who accepts and tries to live by the beliefs and teachings of the Holy Bible. President Barack Obama endorses same-sex marriage, which defies the Holy Bible...The Mormon church has a checkered past but its website...
  • The Problem With Moderates | 2 years ago
    Viewed in the context of most everyday activities and situations and in line with Aristotle's idea of the Golden Mean (which states that virtue lies at the midpoint between two vices; i.e. courage lies between cowardice and recklessness, etc.), it...
  • Romney only touches on gay marriage at evangelical college

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    In a speech focused on family and morality, Romney said the debate over gay marriage requires evangelicals to bring their values into the political arena. Culture, what you believe, what you value, how you live, matters, Romney said Saturday. As...
  • Bible-based beliefs not always precise

      The Daily Herald | 2 years ago
    All four recent letters about abortion and contraceptives were written by male contributors (except one). All seem to be religious experts on the abortion subject, when in fact it is basically a feminine situation. Im sure many of the ladies out...
  • MSNBC's Bashir to Conservative Minister: Bible Seems Okay with Slavery, So ...

      Newsbusters | 2 years ago
    who attends a New York City church pastored by a conservative minister who signed the pro-traditional marriage Manhattan Declaration -- yesterday maligned the Holy Bible in an attempt to defend President Obama from the charge that his support of same-...
  • Evangelicals embracing homosexuality?

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | 2 years ago
    Greenberg Follow on Part of the reason that I disagree with Franklin Graham's shaken fist comment is that I disagree with his premise about whether the government should be treating marriage as a religious institution. There is also...
  • Cal Thomas Column | Marriage and Political Expedience

      Newsbusters | 2 years ago
    Former NPR and current Fox News political analyst Juan Williams made an excellent point Monday night on "The O'Reilly Factor." Williams said the major reason President Obama had not endorsed same-sex marriage is because of the strong opposition to it...
  • Civil partnership, medieval style: In the days when same-sex marriage was a ...

      Mail Online UK | 2 years ago
    Same-sex unions in Christian churches were held as long ago as the Middle Ages, research shows. Historians say the ceremonies included many of the acts involved in heterosexual marriages, with the whole community gathering in a church, the blessing...
  • Same Bible, Different Verdict On Gay Marriage

      National Public Radio | 2 years ago
    May 11, 2012 When President Obama announced he now supports same-sex marriage, he cited his Christian faith. "The thing at root that we think about is, not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it's also the Golden Rule, you know, treat...
  • For Obama, gay marriage stance borne of a long evolution

      Washington Post | 2 years ago
    While I'm not prepared to reverse myself here, sitting in the Roosevelt Room at 3:30 in the afternoon, Obama said, according to a transcript Sudbay posted on his blog after the October 2010 encounter, I think it's fair to say that it's something that...
  • Obama places big bet on gay marriage issue

      Leader Post Online | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama called his decision to support same-sex marriage the result of a personal evolution but it also appears to have been a calculated political choice made with an eye on the Nov. 6 election. In becoming the first U.S. president to...
  • KUHNER: Obama's homosexual America

      The Washington Times | 2 years ago
    He now supports same-sex marriage...He is our first commander in chief to openly embrace legalizing homosexual and lesbian unions. He has crossed a cultural watershed, paving the way for the eventual triumph of the homosexual agenda.
  • Obama and gay marriage: The Golden Rule rules

      USA Today | 2 years ago
    Updated As pundits and politicians struggle to divine the political fallout from President Obama 's sudden endorsement of same-sex marriage, one thing has become clear: The Golden Rule invoked by Obama to explain his change of heart is the closest...
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson likens gay marriage push to fight over slavery

      Los Angeles Times | 2 years ago
    Jesse Jackson on Thursday praised President Obama's decision to support same-sex marriage, comparing the battle for such unions to the fight against slavery and anti-miscegenation laws intended to keep blacks and other ethnicities from mingling and...
  • Why Barack Obama Owes Joe Biden a Debt of Gratitude on Gay Rights

      Vanity Fair | 2 years ago
    White House advisers may privately grumble about how Joe Biden backed the president into a corner on gay marriage. But as Obama probably realizes, he owes Biden a debt of gratitude...I t doesn't really matter whether the substance of what Joe Biden...
  • Obama Says Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | 2 years ago
    Before President Obama left the White House on Tuesday morning to fly to an event in Albany, several aides intercepted him in the Oval Office. Within minutes it was decided: the president would endorse same-sex marriage on Wednesday, completing a...
  • Obama on gay marriage divides US

      BBC | 2 years ago
    Barack Obama has been praised and criticised a day after he became the first sitting US president to publicly support gay marriage. Social conservatives and religious leaders condemned Mr Obama's remarks. The Obama campaign meanwhile attacked...
  • Gay marriage a distant dream around the world

      AP Online | 2 years ago
    China's government considered homosexuality a mental disorder until 2001. Mobs in Senegal have disinterred bodies of men they believe were gays and dragged them through the streets. In Egypt, laws prohibiting "shameless public acts" have been used to...
  • Gay marriage a distant dream around the world

      The Jakarta Post | 2 years ago
    Mobs in Senegal have disinterred bodies of men they believe were gays and dragged them through the streets. In Egypt, laws prohibiting "shameless public acts" have been used to imprison gay men. While gay-rights activists hailed President Barack...
  • Obama draws critics in Oklahoma for stand on same-sex marriage

      Tulsa World | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage on Wednesday, while setting the stage for coming election debates, spurred immediate reactions among Oklahoma officials. Obama's endorsement, made during an interview with ABC, came after...
  • Obama comes out on same-sex marriage

      DAWN | 2 years ago
    Obama comes out on same-sex marriage AFP 12 mins ago US President Barack Obama during an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC's Good Morning America in the Cabinet Room of the White House. US President Barack Obama took a calculated gamble and stepped...
  • Mixed responses to Obama gay marriage stance

      News 24 | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama's announcement on Wednesday that he supported same-sex marriage stirred impassioned responses at places of worship across the US, underscoring the risk he took in coming out in favour of such a controversial measure. Gay and...
  • Local gay-marriage supporters revel in timing of Obama's visit

      Seattle Times | 2 years ago
    At the Wildrose bar on Seattle's Capitol Hill, Lisa "Roz" Rossman, left, and her girlfriend Shanon Curtis talk Wednesday night about President Obama's declaration of support for gay marriage. Supporters of same-sex marriage in Washington state are...
  • Parker pleased, but Obama gay-marriage support fuels debate

      Houston Chronicle | 2 years ago
    After two years of publicly agonizing over one of nation's most bitterly divisive social issues, President Barack Obama reversed his long-held position Wednesday and declared his support for same-sex marriage. The dramatic election-year conversion...

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