The Lesser of Twin Evils - Obama vs. Romney

The Lesser of Twin Evils - Obama vs. Romney

Plainfield : NH : USA | May 10, 2012 at 4:30 PM PDT
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The presidential election season of 2012 is in full swing and the rhetoric from both political candidates and their phalanx of eager supporters pollute the media, overfill our email boxes and clearly overwhelm our senses with trite aphorisms imbued by half truths. The voters who are not energized by the vitriolic, unrelenting partisan politics that currently masquerades as political discourse, are already defeated, many months before those presidential polls open and the final votes are tallied. What is the source of this malaise that affects the American voter? Why have many already abdicated to defeat? A closer look at the moral character of these two men, not their stated political stance or their religious affiliations, might reveal the reasons for the emptiness of spirit that is endemic to the psyche of the average American voter in the 2012 presidential election.

The current president, Barack Obama, campaigned and won the 2008 presidential election based on his campaign mantra of Change. Obama’s 2008 campaign inspired millions of people to vote, the young as well as seasoned white and black voters who felt oppressed and maligned by the previous administration’s adventures with pre-emptive strikes against a non-terrorist nation, sanctioned torture, secrets that assaulted democratic freedoms and finally, the biggest hit of all, the collapse of our economy. Barack Obama promised that he would right these wrongs and that justice would prevail.

Instead, elected and ensconced, the President equivocated about these major issues and chose not to prosecute those in the former administration for obvious war crimes and lying to the American public. “I don’t believe that anybody is above the law. On the other hand I also have a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking back.” With those words, the president embraced and granted an implied presidential pardon that forgave criminal offenses committed by arrogant and unapologetic senior White House Officials, as well as high-ranking members of the CIA and the NSA for pursuing and committing war crimes. It has been stated by presidential supporters that the president choked on pursuing prosecutions for fear that the CIA and NSA would revolt. In other words, the president abdicated his power to criminals solely because of fear.

The second time the president choked on a major national issue, not to suggest that the president’s affinity for compromise should be forgotten and removed from his list of failures, but his disinclination to investigate, much less prosecute the executives at the helms of the banks “too-big-to-fail” or the Wall Street masterminds responsible for the algorithms employed that fueled those toxic investment instruments that destroyed the real estate market and crashed our economy. The failure of this president to first prosecute and then re-institute rules and regulations that reined-in speculative investments by commercial banks and mega Wall Street firms at the expense of the American taxpayer, while passively watching average Americans lose their homes, their savings and then their jobs, is simply unconscionable.

POTUS is not the only person to blame for our current economic malaise or the wars. Those on the left are ever eager to state that the president inherited these problems from the previous administration. Albeit true, the fact remains that this administration has done little to alleviate the economic suffering of the average American while economically rescuing and enriching those entities directly responsible for the collapse. The members of the other party, the Republicans, also labor with a major credibility gap, because they, like the president and the democrats, have all done far too little to effectively legislate and engender change on behalf of the average American.

As voters, we are supposed to believe that President Obama has now morphed into a populist candidate, a man of the people that eschews those who financed his current presidency and have already given support to his re-election campaign because Obama is an identified “team player.” For the American voter, the only choice we have is which of the two candidates is the lesser of two evils?

Mitt Romney is clearly a team player, maybe even more so than the current POTUS. He was obviously born with a silver spoon and he has bragged that he enjoys “firing people.” Mr. Romney cannot relate to the average American experience; he cannot tangibly relate to joblessness that requires one to seek public assistance and he cannot perceive what it feels like to parent a child that goes to bed hungry and cold, night after night.

The biggest reason not to vote for candidate Romney is that he is out of touch with the real concerns of everyday Americans, the people that fuel this nation’s economy. We have to accept that Romney is a gifted businessman/investor because his bank statements support this belief. As such, this man has made money not by creating jobs but by merging businesses with assets and employees. The typical merger begins with staff reductions, which improves the balance sheet. If assets are increased, then a loan is sought and granted based on an improved balance sheet. Finally, once a majority of the assets have been liquidated or collateralized, the company is deemed worthless and then either sold or declares bankruptcy. Doesn’t sound much like a formula for jobs creation in this universe, does it?

Mitt Romney’s business acquisition and liquidation skills do not support his claim job creation skills that will in turn create enough jobs to solve our economic issues. To date, the Romney way to solve our economic problems is to continue to coddle the rich by lowering their taxes. Since Bush decided to lower taxes for the rich to spur the economy, the facts are that the rich do not invest, re-invest or expand because of tax savings. Even Ronald Reagan realized that he had to increase taxes to address the recession during his presidency.

Women’s rights, gay rights, and the creeping reality of unsolved racism are all subtext issues especially when compared to a nation limping along with high unemployment. Corporations are unmotivated to hire Americans while small businesses continue to struggle financially. The nation needs a president that is strong enough to withstand censure from those on the Right who desire to wield their power only to dismantle achievements that benefit the many rather than the few.

If you think about it, one might seriously ponder why Michelle Bachman now has Swiss citizenship? Perhaps the outspoken, ex Tea-Party candidate knows more about the state-of-affairs in America than the rest of us?

UPDATE: It is now reported that Michele Bachmann has withdrawn her Swiss citizenship.

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Home mortgage rates have reportedly dropped, benefiting the average American consumer
Home mortgage rates have reportedly dropped, benefiting the average American consumer
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