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Paris : France | 2 years ago  
Despite early predictions that Hollande would defeat Sarkozy by a comfortable margin, I had said that Sarkozy would probably win. I quickly realized I might be in trouble when later...
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  • Hollande's first act: convincing Merkel to change course

      The Independent | 2 years ago
    I read with a great deal of dismay last week that a House of Lords committee proposed an overall hik... In the Eating Disorder Unit, as we sat around in the lounge, cushions held tight over our swollen, p... Suggested Topics Francois Hollande's first...
  • French govt. resigns to pave way for new President

      The Hindu | 2 years ago
    AP President-elect Francois Hollande shakes hands with onlookers during a ceremony in Paris on Thursday. French Prime Minister Francois Fillon's government has resigned as Mr. Hollande prepares to take office. French Prime Minister Francois Fillon's...
  • France`s Hollande focuses on euro crisis

      Zee News | 2 years ago
    France's Hollande focuses on euro crisis Paris: French President-elect Francois Hollande didn't wait to take office to press his agenda for digging Europe out of economic crisis. He met the European Union president on Wednesday presented his case for...
  • Both are winners and no losers!

      Asian Tribune | 2 years ago
    42 — editor I was really heartened by the news item Hollande, Sarkozy in real show of unity at VE Day' in foreign media and the related picture of the winner and loser, standing shoulder to shoulder...Sarkozy has requested his supporters to respect...
  • French far-right makes overture to conservatives

      Leader Post Online | 2 years ago
    French far-right leader Marine Le Pen opened the door on Wednesday to co-operating with candidates from the embattled conservative UMP party in next month's legislative elections, but continued to rule out an alliance. Le Pen, who won nearly one in...
  • France's Hollande focuses on euro crisis

      AP Online | 2 years ago
    French President-elect Francois Hollande threw himself into his new job Wednesday, focusing on Europe's debt crisis and studying up for international summits. Hollande, who was elected Sunday, has never held a ministerial post and is...
  • Hollande's victory: The world ponders a major shift

      Christian Science Monitor | 2 years ago
    Mr. Hollande, leader of France's Socialist Party , ran on a platform of incorporating efforts to boost economic growth into the austerity measures that have so far constituted the eurozone 's strategy for dealing with the debt crisis. His election is...
  • 'Britain treats Europe like a self-service restaurant' claims Francois ...

      Mail Online UK | 2 years ago
    9 May 2012 France's new president Francois Hollande made another thinly-veiled on David Cameron today when he claimed Britain treats Europe 'like a self-service restaurant'. The new Socialist president-elect made his aggressive position towards the...
  • What Does The Election Of France's New President Mean For European ...

      Tech Dirt | 2 years ago
    Whatever you might have thought of his policies, Nicolas Sarkozy probably had more impact on European copyright policy than any other EU politician...That alone makes his defeat in the recent French presidential elections significant: there are no...
  • Time is tight as Europe quakes

      Asia Times Online | 2 years ago
    Stock exchanges worldwide fell on Monday following European election results that punished the rulers who had agreed to the German-backed austerity measures. In France, Francois Hollande won the presidency by promising to reverse many policies of his...
  • Japan tells France to stick to fiscal reform

      China Post | 2 years ago
    Japan on Tuesday warned French President-elect Francois Hollande to keep the nation's fiscal discipline in place amid worries that the new leader will overspend in a bid to boost the economy. Sunday's victory for Hollande and huge losses for the two...
  • Netanyahu emerges as strongman with unity deal

      Ridgefield Park Patriot | 2 years ago
    Now backed by a parliamentary supermajority, Benjamin Netanyahu has tremendous room to maneuver on Israel's most pressing issues: peace with the Palestinians, possible war with Iran, and the growing rift at home between religious and secular Jews.
  • Socialism Rises Again

      Canadian Free Press | 2 years ago
    With Sunday's election of French Socialist leader Francois Hollande, France has leapt backward toward the policies that have helped sink the continent in a sovereign debt crisis. Disturbingly, the big government platform Hollande campaigned on is all...
  • Formation of Israeli unity cabinet shows Netanyahu blinked first, again

      Haaretz | 2 years ago
    He'll always prefer playing it safe and avoiding uncertain situations...Fact is, he's still in power, and will stay there for a long time...Netanyahu preferred the 18 months of certainty a unity government provides over going to an elections, despite...
  • Merkel to Hollande: Must take 'necessary' decisions

      The Economic Times | 2 years ago
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel wrote to French president-elect Francois Hollande on Tuesday saying that the eurozone was looking to them to take the "necessary decisions" to resolve the debt crisis . "It is up to us to take the necessary decisions...
  • Economic Daily News: Hollande's win challenges European integration

      Taiwan News | 2 years ago
    The election of leftist Francois Hollande as French president is in part a vote against the German-led drive for austerity and indicates the solution to unemployment has become a key issue to further European integration.
  • Election waves overseas could cause ripples in US presidential race

      Fox News | 2 years ago
    A card-carrying Socialist back in power in France.  Vladimir Putin seizing the reins in Russia.  A sudden and symbolic dispute over human rights between the U.S. and China.  And political tension in Israel stirring speculation about Israel's plans...
  • Israeli PM Strikes Deal with Opposition Kadima Party

      Voice of America | 2 years ago
    Israeli politicians confirmed the agreement Tuesday after hours of debate in the Israeli parliament that began late Monday. They say that as part of the deal, Netanyahu will name the Kadima party head, Shaul Mofaz, as deputy prime minister. On Sunday,...
  • Bond Market Shrugs Off France's Presidential Vote

      National Public Radio | 2 years ago
    May 8, 2012 The arguments for growth policies as opposed to austerity are taking center stage in Europe after the results of the French and Greek elections. His rhetoric aside, France's President-elect Francios Hollande is not rejecting austerity. In...
  • Elections in France, Greece put European debt fixes in limbo

      Denver Post | 2 years ago
    The day after Francois Hollande rode to power in France on a slogan of "change now," the conversation in Europe had changed Monday...The newly powerful in France and Greece want to roll back the spending cuts and tax increases that have defined...
  • Hollande to face skeptical partners

      Tulsa World | 2 years ago
    On his whirlwind first day since winning the French presidential election, Socialist Francois Hollande was set to embark on a crash course in international politics, with a visit to Berlin, an invite to the White House and two top summits already on...
  • Eurozone will affect U.S.

      The Olympia | 2 years ago
    In three separate elections, voters rejected the belt-tightening that governments imposed in response to Europe's debt crisis. Greek voters punished the political parties that accepted a bailout in return for making painful spending cuts. Election...
  • VIDEO: Francois Hollande facing EU battle

      BBC | 2 years ago
    Francois Hollande facing EU fiscal pact battle 8 May 2012 Last updated at 01:43 ET French President-elect Francois Hollande is to start work on forming a new government, after telling supporters his victory gave hope of an end to austerity. Mr...
  • No escape from EU debt crisis for Hollande

      The Economic Times | 2 years ago
    France's president-elect Francois Hollande was plunged straight into the European economic debate on Monday as doubts over his plans and turmoil in Greece threatened to tip the eurozone back into crisis. The 57-year-old Socialist won power on Sunday,...
  • Merkel squares off vs. Hollande

      Acushnet Community News | 2 years ago
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected government stimulus as the way to spur economic growth in Europe, setting up a clash with French President-elect Francois Hollande before he's even taken office. In her first response to Hollande's victory in...
  • Hollande Unseats Sarkozy in French Vote

      Asbarez | 2 years ago
    Combined Sources)French Socialist candidate Francois Hollande beat incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy during Sunday's elections. With 95 per cent of the vote counted, official results showed Hollande with 51.6 per cent of the vote compared with...
  • Netanyahu calls election in Israel for Sept. 4

      The Globe & Mail | 2 years ago
    With one eye on his favourable standing in the polls, the other on his international ambitions, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has triggered the dissolution of his right-of-centre coalition government and called an election for Sept. 4,...
  • Israeli media: Early election canceled

      The Jakarta Post | 2 years ago
    There was no immediate comment from official sources on the decision that was reported at about 02:00 a.m. local time (6 a.m...The reports came as Israel's parliament held debates long into the night over whether to disperse ahead of early elections...
  • Analysts Debate Whether Hollande Can Fix French Economy

      Voice of America | 2 years ago
    World leaders on Monday congratulated Socialist Francois Hollande on his victory in France's presidential election that saw yet another European leader voted out of office amid an ongoing financial crisis.  But, European financial markets remain...
  • Pres in French kiss

      The Sun UK | 2 years ago
    Stories Socialist Hollande wants an economic recovery focused on growth, not cuts. But Berlin said he must stick to a fiscal treaty agreed last year. A challenge to EU belt-tightening priorities was a central plank of Hollande's election campaign.
  • i Editor's Letter: They conspire against us

      The Independent | 2 years ago
    Here are the turnout figures from the past week: London mayoral election 38%; Britain's local elections: 32%; presidential election, France (round two) 81% . The despairing Greeks still managed 65% the same as at the 2010 UK general election. (Yes,...
  • Merkel tells Hollande: eurozone agreement is not up for negotiation

      The independent | 2 years ago
    News in pictures On Facebook From the blogs Questions have been raised in the past as to how ethical the practice of offering money for blood is... Public transport woes hit the streets of over forty cities in the former Soviet Union once again as .
  • Lebanese officials congratulate Hollande

      The Daily Star | 2 years ago
    Lebanese politicians and officials sent letters of congratulations Monday to Francois Hollande, France's newly elected president, after the Socialist candidate beat Nicolas Sarkozy in a runoff election. The French population chose you as a president...
  • Hollande and Merkel on collision course over austerity treaty

      Canada.com | 2 years ago
    Germany and the European Union have warned Francois Hollande, France's new Socialist president, that he will not be permitted to renegotiate a eurozone austerity treaty, despite it being rejected by French voters. Mr Hollande made renegotiation of...
  • Roubini: Greek election means chaos in Europe

      Globes Online | 2 years ago
    40, Guy Katsovich   The result of Greek elections is much more serious than the French one as the former leads to chaos while Hollande will turn out to be a moderate,' tweeted Nouriel Roubini, known as "Dr. Doom" for predicting the 2008 mortgage...
  • France's Hollande to buck Europe's austerity trend

      Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | 2 years ago
    Political upheavals in Europe, including a newly elected anti-austerity president in France and a Greek election that created a fractured parliament, are rattling economic markets and adding uncertainty to plans for eurozone spending cuts. Socialist...
  • Israel's Netanyahu congratulates Hollande on victory

      The Daily Star | 2 years ago
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday congratulated Francois Hollande on winning the French presidential vote, and expressed hope that the good ties between the countries would continue. "I would like to congratulate Francois Hollande...
  • Netanyahu to Call Early Election

      International Middle East Media Center | 2 years ago
    The actual date is still uncertain, but may well be 4 September. Wikipedia In a keynote speech to the Likud Conference on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "I will not lend a hand to an election campaign of a year and a half that would...
  • 'European axis has to be readjusted'

      The Local | 2 years ago
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and now ex-President of France, Sarkozy were very close, with Merkel campaigning for her conservative brother-in-arms. But now socialist Hollande will take his place in the spotlight of European politics after snagging...
  • Hollande defeats Sarkozy 51.62 pct to 48.38 pct

      Al Sharq Al Awsat | 2 years ago
    After an appearance before thronging crowds on Paris' Place de la Bastille in the early morning hours Monday during which he pledged "to finish with austerity," Hollande was back at work, arriving at his campaign headquarters around 10:30 a.m. local...
  • French and Greek elections renew fears for euro's future

      The Guardian | 2 years ago
    Angela Merkel's coalition was defeated in a regional election on Sunday. Photograph: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images Europe was plunged into fresh volatility on Monday as leaders and financial markets digested the outcome of elections that exposed deep...
  • No honeymoon for France's Hollande

      News 24 | 2 years ago
    42 As retirement annuities become pricier, a fund manager offers ideas on how to make the best of a tricky situation. May 06 2012 11:56 Sanral must disclose the names of all 33 sub-contractors involved in the collection of e-tolls on Gauteng highways,...
  • Walker's World: After me, the deluge

      United Press International | 2 years ago
    Nicolas Sarkozy has narrowly lost the French presidency after a single term but his Socialist Party successor, Francois Hollande hasn't won a mandate...The first will be the verdict of the markets and the immediate reaction in Asia was a 1 percent...
  • Final French election tally shows Hollande defeats Sarkozy by just over 1 ...

      Fox News | 2 years ago
    Final results from France's presidential election show Francois Hollande narrowly defeated incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy with 51.62 percent of the vote. Interior Ministry figures released Monday morning show the outgoing Sarkozy garnered 48.38 percent of...
  • South Africa: President Zuma Congratulates Hollande

      Africa Headlines | 2 years ago
    Hollande won an estimated 51.05 percent of the votes, beating Sarkozy's 48.95 percent, according to initial results. "We would like to take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to Mr Hollande and the people of France for a successful...
  • France elects first socialist president in nearly two decades

      Sofia Echo | 2 years ago
    Surveys predicted Francois Hollande would be the winner in the second-round runoff.  And the Socialist candidate and his supporters savored the victory. Thousands of people gathered around the Socialist Party headquarters and the Place de la Bastille...
  • Short honeymoon for Hollande after election win

      Australian Broadcasting Corporation | 2 years ago
    A victorious Francois Hollande faces a short honeymoon after his election as France's first left-wing president in 17 years. The moderate Socialist beat conservative Nicolas Sarkozy with 51.7 per cent of Sunday's run-off vote after a bruising...
  • Socialists back in France, Greece as voters angry over austerity

      Taiwan News | 2 years ago
    Travel & Delicacy Beauty never Ends Ecological Environment Taiwan News, Staff Writer 2012-05-07 10:19 AM Voters in France and Greece redrew the political map of Europe Sunday in a powerful blow against the German-led cure for the region's debt crisis:...
  • Regime change in France signals wider shift in European outlook

      The Globe & Mail | 2 years ago
    Europe's wall of conservative blue saw its first crimson fractures Sunday night as elections delivered a historic regime change to France, showed a newly resurgent left in Greece and Germany, and signalled the end of a continent-wide consensus around...
  • Elections under way in 6 European nations

      Ledger-Enquirer | 2 years ago
    Serbia, a landlocked nation of 7.1 million people in southeast Europe, is holding presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections Sunday. Whoever wins could affect Serbia's future relations with the European Union as well as Kosovo, a one-time...

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