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Paris : France | 2 years ago  
After the victory of socialist Francois Hollande in French presidential EU cautiously observe the first movements of the president-elect, who advocates closer economic measures...
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  • Hollande won?t let Berlin deter his growth drive

      Arab News | 2 years ago
    French president-elect Francois Hollande signalled to Germany on Thursday that he will not be deflected from his drive to change Europe's focus from austerity to growth after Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected any economic stimulus on credit. Hollande...
  • The lady's not for turning: Merkel slaps down Greece and Hollande and says ...

      Mail Online UK | 2 years ago
    Angela Merkel warned that increasing credit would only throw Europe further into crisis Angela Merkel has rejected calls for an alternative to austerity, warning that increasing credit would only throw Europe further into crisis.
  • The French Will Never Leave the Cafes Now

      Canadian Free Press | 2 years ago
    The French just elected President the leftist Francois Hollande who professes to be the protector of the poor, wants more government handouts (stimulus), and rejects the austerity measures that his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy had cobbled with Angela...
  • Merkel calls for austere Europe, rejects new debt

      Russia Today | 2 years ago
    Instead, all they got from the German chancellor was a plea for time and calm. German Chancellor Angela Merkel left little ground to hope she would abandon or moderate the austerity program for Europe as she warned that growth on new loans would push...
  • Merkel stresses need for austerity

      The Globe & Mail | 2 years ago
    Merkel dismissed calls to abandon or scale back austerity measures, which involve lower government spending and higher taxes, within the European Union. She insisted that the combination of debt reduction and growth were the two pillars of the...
  • France worries about Europe, not Hollande

      The Globe & Mail | 2 years ago
    Video Video Photos There is today less hope and fewer illusions on the part of the winners, and less fear among the losers. Frenchmen are more worried about the evolution of Europe, starting with Greece, than with France. Whatever their camp, in the...
  • Hollande's victory: The world ponders a major shift

      Christian Science Monitor | 2 years ago
    Mr. Hollande, leader of France's Socialist Party , ran on a platform of incorporating efforts to boost economic growth into the austerity measures that have so far constituted the eurozone 's strategy for dealing with the debt crisis. His election is...
  • Outgoing Sarkozy holds last French cabinet meet

      The Economic Times | 2 years ago
    Outgoing French leader Nicolas Sarkozy's cabinet met for its last session today as president-elect Francois Hollande held talks with top Socialists to gear up for next month's parliamentary vote. Hollande also held consultations on forming a...
  • Eurozone at risk from anti-austerity pact

      Daily News & Analysis | 2 years ago
    European Union leaders are to hold an emergency summit as a popular anti-austerity backlash threatens to break the eurozone apart and cause a deep rift between France and Germany. The crisis meeting in two weeks comes as Francois Hollande, the newly...
  • Pressure builds on France new president

      The Courier-Mail | 2 years ago
    Francois Hollande to stand by France's austerity vows, with Germany's Angela Merkel saying Europe is counting on them to resolve the bloc's debt crisis. Mr Hollande's first foreign trip as president will be to Berlin next week. Dr Merkel, in a letter...
  • Oil lower in Asian trade on eurozone worries | 2 years ago
    Oil prices edged lower in Asian trade Wednesday, weighed down by concerns over the eurozone's political and economic problems but bargain-hunting limited the losses, analysts said. Crude futures also faced downside pressure following indications by...
  • Hollande and Sarkozy stand side-by-side at ceremony to commemorate VE Day

      The Independent | 2 years ago
    At Mehrauli's crumbling Summer Palace, a once opulent building established by India's Moghul rulers... Questions have been raised in the past as to how ethical the practice of offering money for blood is... Public transport woes hit the streets of...
  • European stocks, euro hit by renewed tension | 2 years ago
    European stock markets plummeted on Tuesday and the euro also fell against the dollar, with sentiment dominated by uncertainty in the eurozone after weekend elections in France and Greece...In Paris the CAC 40 lost 2.78 percent to 3,124.80 points,...
  • French and Greek elections: Lessons for U.S.

      CNN | 2 years ago
    Supporters of Socialist Francois Hollande celebrate his victory as president-elect of France. Hollande wants to renegotiate the fiscal compact President Nicolas Sarkozy supported and add measures to spur economic growth. The French and Greek election...
  • Hollande, Sarkozy show rare unity

      News 24 | 2 years ago
    Hollande beat Sarkozy, the conservative incumbent, in Sunday's runoff election to become the country's first Socialist president in 17 years, putting an end to a bruising election campaign. In a ceremony at Paris' Arc de Triomphe, however, the two...
  • Socialism Rises Again

      Canadian Free Press | 2 years ago
    With Sunday's election of French Socialist leader Francois Hollande, France has leapt backward toward the policies that have helped sink the continent in a sovereign debt crisis. Disturbingly, the big government platform Hollande campaigned on is all...
  • Hollande's EU reform agenda still vague (News)

      Euractiv | 2 years ago
    Hollande's EU reform agenda still vague Published 08 May 2012 The most important change would be the addition of a growth chapter to the fiscal compact treaty, which members of the French Socialist Party often call the austerity treaty. During his...
  • Merkel to Hollande: Must take 'necessary' decisions

      The Economic Times | 2 years ago
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel wrote to French president-elect Francois Hollande on Tuesday saying that the eurozone was looking to them to take the "necessary decisions" to resolve the debt crisis . "It is up to us to take the necessary decisions...
  • Economic Daily News: Hollande's win challenges European integration

      Taiwan News | 2 years ago
    The election of leftist Francois Hollande as French president is in part a vote against the German-led drive for austerity and indicates the solution to unemployment has become a key issue to further European integration.
  • EU schedules growth pact meeting

      BBC | 2 years ago
    A meeting of EU heads of government has been scheduled to discuss pro-growth reforms advocated by the newly-elected French President Francois Hollande. European Council head Herman van Rompuy said leaders would hold an informal meeting in Brussels on...
  • New Europe Policy Will Depend on Merkel-Hollande Mix

      Epoch Times | 2 years ago
    May 8, 2012 Activists wear masks featuring German chancellor Angela Merkel (2nd R) and incoming French Socialist President Francois Hollande (2nd L) as they perform a fake marriage in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, on May 7. (John...
  • Bond Market Shrugs Off France's Presidential Vote

      National Public Radio | 2 years ago
    May 8, 2012 The arguments for growth policies as opposed to austerity are taking center stage in Europe after the results of the French and Greek elections. His rhetoric aside, France's President-elect Francios Hollande is not rejecting austerity. In...
  • Elections in France, Greece put European debt fixes in limbo

      Denver Post | 2 years ago
    The day after Francois Hollande rode to power in France on a slogan of "change now," the conversation in Europe had changed Monday...The newly powerful in France and Greece want to roll back the spending cuts and tax increases that have defined...
  • Hollande to face skeptical partners

      Tulsa World | 2 years ago
    On his whirlwind first day since winning the French presidential election, Socialist Francois Hollande was set to embark on a crash course in international politics, with a visit to Berlin, an invite to the White House and two top summits already on...
  • Eurozone will affect U.S.

      The Olympia | 2 years ago
    In three separate elections, voters rejected the belt-tightening that governments imposed in response to Europe's debt crisis. Greek voters punished the political parties that accepted a bailout in return for making painful spending cuts. Election...
  • No escape from EU debt crisis for Hollande

      The Economic Times | 2 years ago
    France's president-elect Francois Hollande was plunged straight into the European economic debate on Monday as doubts over his plans and turmoil in Greece threatened to tip the eurozone back into crisis. The 57-year-old Socialist won power on Sunday,...
  • Merkel squares off vs. Hollande

      Acushnet Community News | 2 years ago
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected government stimulus as the way to spur economic growth in Europe, setting up a clash with French President-elect Francois Hollande before he's even taken office. In her first response to Hollande's victory in...
  • French-German divide appears over debt issue

      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | 2 years ago
    Exuberant supporters were still out celebrating Francois Hollande's election as president of France when the first fissures began opening up in the Franco-German motor that drives the rest of Europe. Although officials on both sides of the Rhine...
  • Hollande's Economic Policy May Better Suit the U.S.

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    With the victory of the Socialist candidate, Francois Hollande , in the French presidential election, the White House has lost one of its closest allies on the Continent, but perhaps gained one with economic policy beliefs more closely aligned with...
  • A Divided Europe Focuses on Growth After Elections

      International Herald Tribune | 2 years ago
    Benoit Tessier/Reuters Francois Hollande, France's president-elect, leaving his campaign headquarters in Paris on Monday...In the volatile aftermath of raucous elections, which nearly destroyed the political establishment in Greece and ended 17 years...
  • Hollande Unseats Sarkozy in French Vote

      Asbarez | 2 years ago
    Combined Sources)French Socialist candidate Francois Hollande beat incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy during Sunday's elections. With 95 per cent of the vote counted, official results showed Hollande with 51.6 per cent of the vote compared with...
  • Analysts Debate Whether Hollande Can Fix French Economy

      Voice of America | 2 years ago
    World leaders on Monday congratulated Socialist Francois Hollande on his victory in France's presidential election that saw yet another European leader voted out of office amid an ongoing financial crisis.  But, European financial markets remain...
  • Hollande and Merkel on collision course over austerity treaty | 2 years ago
    Germany and the European Union have warned Francois Hollande, France's new Socialist president, that he will not be permitted to renegotiate a eurozone austerity treaty, despite it being rejected by French voters. Mr Hollande made renegotiation of...
  • Politics › Azumi warns French, Greek election results could destabilize ...

      Japan Today | 2 years ago
    Finance Minister Jun Azumi on Monday warned election results in France and Greece could have a destabilizing effect on the markets, as he warned traders against speculative currency moves. Azumi said he would respond properly and appropriately to any...
  • France's Hollande to buck Europe's austerity trend

      Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | 2 years ago
    Political upheavals in Europe, including a newly elected anti-austerity president in France and a Greek election that created a fractured parliament, are rattling economic markets and adding uncertainty to plans for eurozone spending cuts. Socialist...
  • The misery is piling up for Merkel

      Daily News & Analysis | 2 years ago
    Francois Hollande's election threw down the gauntlet to Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, who has railroaded the eurozone into agreeing a new "fiskalpakt" treaty enshrining Germany's austerity doctrine...But last night (Sunday), political leaders...
  • PHOTOS: Socialist Hollande is new French president

      Rediff | 2 years ago
    S ocialist party leader Francois Hollande defeated conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy to be elected as France's first left-wing president in 17 years. Hollande, a 57-year-old centre-left moderate, won the vote with between 52 and 53 per cent,...
  • Markets to Give France a Grace Period, Analyst Says

      Newyork Times | 2 years ago
    Street crowds in Paris were cheering Mr. Hollande's victory, but with unease rising about the future of the euro union, investors around the world were more on edge. Mr. Hollande ran a campaign that captured the imagination of a public wary of...
  • Short honeymoon for Hollande after election win

      Australian Broadcasting Corporation | 2 years ago
    A victorious Francois Hollande faces a short honeymoon after his election as France's first left-wing president in 17 years. The moderate Socialist beat conservative Nicolas Sarkozy with 51.7 per cent of Sunday's run-off vote after a bruising...
  • Markets could stumble after France, Greece votes

      AP Online | 2 years ago
    Financial markets will likely stumble this week after elections in Greece and France cast a pall of uncertainty over Europe's efforts to solve its debt crisis. On Sunday night, the euro plunged to $1.2988, a nearly five-month low.
  • Markets could stumble after France, Greece votes

      The Daily Herald | 2 years ago
    Financial markets will likely stumble this week after elections in Greece and France cast a pall of uncertainty over Europes efforts to solve its debt crisis. On Sunday night, the euro plunged to $1.2988, a nearly five-month low. Greek voters on...
  • Short honeymoon for Hollande after French election win

      International Business Times | 2 years ago
    A victorious Francois Hollande faces a short honeymoon after his election as France's first left-wing president in 17 years, with financial markets eager for clear signals on his policies and how hard he plans to push back against German-led...
  • Markets could stumble after Euro votes

      New Zealand Infotech Weekly | 2 years ago
    Financial markets will likely stumble this week after elections in Greece and France cast a pall of uncertainty over Europe's efforts to solve its debt crisis. Greek voters on Sunday (Europe time) voted mostly for two parties that want to change the...
  • News Analysis: Wary Markets Likely to Wait to Cast Vote on France

      International Herald Tribune | 2 years ago
    Of all the changes that have hit Europe during its long-running debt and economic crisis, a power shift in France, where Francois Hollande is preparing to take over as the first Socialist president in 17 years, may prove to be one of the most crucial.
  • Francois Hollande's chemistry with Angela Merkel crucial for Europe

      Guardian Unlimited | 2 years ago
    Francois Hollande has never met Angela Merkel, but the relationship between them will be very important. Only the second Socialist to lead the postwar French republic, President-elect Francois Hollande consistently emphasised during the campaign that...
  • Francois Hollande's in-tray topped by need to rescue French economy

      Guardian Unlimited | 2 years ago
    The face of the new French president Francois Hollande appears on a giant screen as the election result is shown at the Socialist party's Strasbourg office. Photograph: Vincent Kessler/Reuters Francois Hollande expects to inherit a worse public...
  • France tilts left with Francois Hollande ousting Nicolas Sarkozy

      The Globe & Mail | 2 years ago
    Socialist leader Francois Hollande has become France's first left-wing president in 17 years and the only non-conservative leader of a major European country after winning a strong majority against incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy, according to early...
  • France's Sarkozy concedes defeat to Hollande

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    Voters hand control of 2nd-biggest European economy to Socialists for first time in 17 years; Hollande takes 52% of vote. Socialist Francois Hollande swept to victory in France's presidential election on Sunday in a swing to the left at the heart of...
  • Socialist Hollande ousts Sarkozy in French vote

      NOW Lebanon | 2 years ago
    Francois Hollande was elected France's first Socialist president in nearly two decades on Sunday, dealing a humiliating defeat to incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy and shaking up European politics. The result will have major implications for Europe as it...
  • Sarkozy faces defeat as France votes

      Mail and Guardian | 2 years ago
    France voted on Sunday in elections which could crown Francois Hollande as its first Socialist president in nearly two decades, marking a leftward shift at the heart of Europe and making Nicolas Sarkozy the region's 11th leader to be toppled by the...

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