The hottest political news in 30 years

The hottest political news in 30 years

Houston : TX : USA | May 02, 2012 at 8:47 AM PDT
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Ron Paul: Philly Amped, FBN Plugged

May 2, 2012

Houston, TX

It's hard to convey the immense pride we feel upon seeing a Ron Paul movement we've been helping along for 38 years blossoming into a full-blast political revolution. This force, driven by the contagious excitement, intelligence and stubbornness of young people, will not be denied. Mr. Romney, IF he wins, will have a very difficult time “governing” “his” party.

Last week we helped the “Alternative Media,” in this case the Freedom Broadcasting Network (FBN.TV), cover the Ron Paul campaign events in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The Pitt event came off almost perfectly and was streamed live on FBN, complete with several interviews of attendees and a fundraising wrap-up at the end. This was our third attempt at this format, having pulled off a pretty good presentation at A&M a couple of weeks before and again in San Antonio a few days later, at the behest of

The Philadelphia rally in front of Independence Hall was plagued with extreme weather which prevented the live HD feed from uplinking, but we still recorded lots of great interviews. Almost 4000 very excited people showed up in spite of a driving, cold rain to cheer Ron on in his fight against the forces of ignorance and lies. I am extremely proud to have provided the kind of questions and commentary, authentically amateurish as it was, that of course these events never get from the craven mainstream media, and to stand proud beside some very fine Americans for Ron Paul under very trying conditions.

My co-host was a fellow from Atlanta, known far and wide as TMOT – “The Minister of Truth.” He is a new Ron Paul supporter, intelligent and outspoken, and has a little show on YouTube called Drive Time with TMOT. He was there, like us, on his own dime to help bring coverage to the campaign. He had no idea that for decades there has been a movement behind Ron trying to get him and his ideas in front of America – people like my sideman, JC.

JC and his family were friends with the Paul's and their kids in Lake Jackson before he ran for office. He teaches Economics at Galveston College, UH-Clear Lake and/or San Jacinto College. There is no way to measure the good that JC has accomplished over the years by waking up young minds to the truths of the Austrian School.

TMOT and I recorded approximately 25 interviews with attendees and a US Senate primary candidate, Marc Scaringi, and covered the Veteran's March arriving from the Philadelphia FED a few blocks away, doubling the size of the crowd at that time. These were recorded in HD with a Sony hand-held. Without this FBN would have had little to show of the Philly event.

In my opinion these interviews are the real story. Those following the campaign have probably heard the speech before, but also want to know how big the crowd was, and what their reactions to Ron were. That truth is written in their smiling, dripping faces, joyful children, and the visible excitement of being a part of history. And you could tell by the thunderously cheering crowd of young people who chased Ron's departing SUV down the street, in even harder rain a half-hour after the speech was over.

Ron Paul and the universal denial of the MSM is the biggest political news story since Ronald Reagan, amongst people who are not brain-dead. Although the edited footage now posted on the FBN.TV website is way better than the MSM void, there are weaknesses and omissions that beg for more insight, editing judgment and professional direction. For one thing, the FBN crew are all from Canada and the UK. The major problems are things most easily remedied with practice and enough capital to hire professionals with good equipment and good editing software. But something this important also requires guidance by those with a deeper understanding of the libertarian movement and its history. And what TMOT and I gave them I suspect they cannot easily find nor hire – authentic libertarians who will go in front of a live camera to urge on other authentic libertarians to convey their enthusiasm.

We want to do a talk show featuring interviews with people like Ron's staffers in Lake Jackson, Carol Paul, Stephan Kinsella and Michael Holmes (the only person who was both a founding member of the Libertarian Party ['71] and the Republican Liberty Caucus ['88]). We would remote-interview officeholders and former, such as Suzanna Hupp, Jerry Patterson, Jesse Ventura, Ray McGovern, thinkers such as Butler Shaffer, Paul Craig Roberts, Robert Higgs, Anthony Gregory, Lew Rockwell et al (including Democrats, if any) who champion respect for privacy, personal autonomy, constitutional liberty and related issues –.all the good stuff that the MSM might do if they weren't totally corrupt bootlicks.

And it's our chance to provide hard-hitting responses to the rising stream in the media of filthy lies and distortions about libertarians and people who value their medical, financial or personal privacy, their gun rights, or any other constitutional right.

Young people are waking up to the fact that it is they who are being saddled with the unpayable debt, sent to die in unwinnable wars, and have all their privacy and personal affairs spied upon continuously. They are not amused. My grandson, a high school sophomore in Sugar Land, says that Ron Paul is the only political idea that anyone talks about, all wishing they could vote for him. There's a clue for everyone to put in their hat and smoke!

The liberty movement has become a very hot internet topic and meme. TMOT's approach and our imagined talk show are I believe great examples of the future of media. Of course, the House just passed CISPA, which threatens all this. In fact, this is a fight we need to join immediately.

Any ideas on how to proceed to raise enough money to do this, please write. Not that we don't know how to do that too, we do, but we are starting from scratch and need as many contacts as possible, especially people who may have maxed out to the RP campaign. And please, support the alternative media mentioned above.


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Supporters of U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, cheer during a rally outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia
Supporters of U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, cheer during a rally outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia
genevictus is based in Houston, Texas, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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