Are Aliens Trying to Contact Humanity?

Are Aliens Trying to Contact Humanity?

London : United Kingdom | May 01, 2012 at 5:42 PM PDT
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Have Aliens Sent Messages in Crop Circles?

Are aliens trying to contact us? There are more and more people aroung the world who are asking this question, as recent sightings over major cities have sparked intense debate. Anonymous, the infamous hackitivist group, has just released a video message stating that they are aware that planet Earth is being visited, that 'we are not alone', and they claim that they have the documents to prove it.

As well as numerous massive UFO sightings worldwide in the last month, the season's first crop circle has already appeared in England.

Are crop circles an attempt by alien life forms to contact humanity?

The Chilbolton crop circles, discovered in August of 2001, are believed by many to be just that - messages from extra terrestrials that give us a glimpse into their genetic makeup, their population size, and even their location in the stars. (see video)

"Excerpt from the documentary "Crop Circles: Crossovers from Another Dimension"

'On August 16, 2001, a crop formation appeared overnight in front of the Chilbolton Radio Observatory in England. It was a clear response to the Arecibo Message which was sent into space by Carl Sagan and NASA in 1974.

It seems impossible that people could have made such large and complex formations so perfectly in the dark of one night. On top of that, scientific analysis of the crops showed that they had not been pushed down with blunt force as you would expect in a man-made design. Rather, the bottom nodes of the stalks had been heated via some form of focused radiation so that they wilted over and strangely, came to rest at a 90 degree angle.

Why would aliens communicate in this way? Why wouldn't they just land and talk to us directly?

Perhaps they know we aren't ready to have space ships descend upon the planet just yet. How would we react to that sight? How would the media react? How would the military react?

These beings know what they are doing. First contact is a very shocking thing. They understand it isn't best to force it upon us all at once. We need some time to absorb the reality of it. To get over the shock and disbelief.

This is part of a process. A process that will eventually lead to actual face-to-face contact. Exactly when that happens may depend upon how much we reach out to them." You Tube video description

The Chilbolton crop circles were unique for a number of reasons. They appeared to show us a face and a message, as well as a warning. The fact that the message that had been sent out into space by Carl Sagan and NASA in 1974 seemed to be answered, was profound. The pictures of alien faces in the crop circles was startling. But the message that was deciphered, in the way of a warning, was perhaps the most unsettling, and perplexing aspect of these circles.

Many believe that these ET's are gradually trying to awaken mankind to their presence. Recent increase in sightings worldwide have left many wondering not 'if', but 'when' to expect these visitors from the stars....

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wa this message sent in response to ours?
MichelleDevlin is based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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