President Obama criticized for Bin Laden campaign ads: 'sour grapes' from the Right?

President Obama criticized for Bin Laden campaign ads: 'sour grapes' from the Right?

Washington : DC : USA | May 01, 2012 at 6:42 AM PDT
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We are at the beginning of the fifth month of 2012 and the presidential elections is just over six months away. The Republicans have not officially picked their "gladiator" to go up against President Obama but we all know it will be Mitt Romney--unless, of course, something cataclysmic happens to change that.

So the jousting has begun, with the president pulling out the the biggest spear he could find: Osama Bin Laden's capture and death, which was over a year ago to date. After all, it happened on his watch, under his command. Naturally, he is taking credit where credit is due, going a step further by using this "victory" in newly released campaign ads.

But not everyone is seeing it as justified, and right-winged pundits and politicians are crying foul. They say he shouldn't nail that "big horn to his hunting cabin wall" for he cried "no fair" when Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to discredit or downplay his foreign policy experience during the 2008 election by using bin Laden. Remember that ominous phrase, and I'm paraphrasing here, "who do you want to be sitting in the Oval office at 3 a.m. when that call comes?" But he proved Secretary Clinton wrong by handling the "3 a.m call."

The president's supporters say he will be a fool not to use removing the biggest threat to America's security; killing the most wanted and hated man in the world. Well, hated within our borders, anyway, for much of the radical Muslim world still holds him as their savior and hero. Still want to avenge his death by blowing us to "kingdom come."

So Obama absolutely has to use taking out the mastermind behind the 9/11 horrific attack on New York City's World Trade Center and the Pentagon where almost 3,000 innocent civilians perished, for it demonstrates his ability to get the job done. He has taken on the war on terror and won this round. Shows he has the foreign policy chops that Hillary Clinton said he didn't have.

His critics however say he shouldn't use bin Laden's killing as political capital, for that is politicizing. Some even went so far as to say he is taking credit which should be given to the Navy Seals who put that bullet between the notorious terrorist eyes as he hid out in "friendly" Pakistan with his many wives and children. Romney was heard on CBS This Morning early Tuesday saying: Let'a not make the capture of Osama bin Laden a politically divisive event--there are plenty differences between President Obama and myself but let's not make our points based on this--It's disappointing and unfortunate." Romney added, "It's taking an event that really brought America together--a culmination of a lot of hard work and sacrifice and some people put their lives on the line--let's not use this as a political football."

But wait a minute--politicizing too much? Isn't that how the game is played? If GW had captured "the bearded one" wouldn't there still be a party on the White House lawn, with Bush doing a third term?

In fact, who used the deep tragedy of 9/11 more than Republicans? Former mayor of New York Rudy Guilliani probably mumbled that phrase in his sleep, and senators and congressmen alike trotted out the horror at every turn. Except when it came time to pass the bill to relieve first responders who needed medical help. Then, they blocked, stalled and voted down for almost 10 years before grudgingly OKing insurance assistance for firemen and police officers dying from the toxic dust and fumes they faced in the Twin Towers on that fateful day.

Is it simply sour grapes on the Right? George Bush couldn't get the job done and Obama's upcoming opponent Romney was heard saying he wouldn't spend loads of money and use up resources to hunt one man. I'm sure he is crying into his bathroom sink, with the water running at full force to drown out those racking sobs over using those words.

What do you think: is the President right in using bin Laden's death in his campaign ads or are Republicans right in crying foul?

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