Of course American politics is broken.

Of course American politics is broken.

Vancouver : Canada | Apr 30, 2012 at 11:00 PM PDT
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BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Bill Moyers on Health Care | PBS

Of course American politics is broken. Broken beyond repair. So how does one put this Humpty Dumpty together again?

Sometimes rose-colored glasses are the best way to see through a glass darkly. What we need to see is that American politics is not just broken; it is double-down dead. But for every death we have been given the promise and possibility of the resurrection. Life beyond life. Life eternal. Only a spiritual articulation can quicken American politics back from the quake of its turmoil.

Where shall we find a spiritual articulation?

(“Wake yourself awake, Anthony,” my grandmother roused me, “You sleep yourself to dust.”)

The spirit speaks in tongues so what we need is a true Babel of views, vision and vulgate. The vulgate is the authentic vernacular, the organic language of the people. We cannot call our provision, “ALL VOICES” then go out of our way to push, propel and promote the same “shat-upon” shatness that has been hydrogenated by the baddest bums from time untold. Enough of the Obamist leftist-loons. White liberalism has had its day and is done. It too needs a reawakening but first then it must die for none can come back from death that never died in the first place. White liberalism defies death like cockroaches after a nuclear holocaust. There is naught to do other than to put it out of its misery. Political homicide.

In order to be able to hear the widest array of opinions we must quarantine the deadly silencer of white liberalism. We don’t want to hear about Bill Clinton’s new campaign offensive on behalf of Obama. We just don’t care. We don’t want PBS to allow Bill Moyers one more minute to spew his lifelong hatemonger anti-Conservatism. We want PBS de-funded and taken off the air.

I was watching a pack of self-appointed experts from the liberal cabal just the other day, talking about the Euro-crisis and ongoing European elections. They didn’t hesitate to denounce centre-right President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, in terms of his being “responsible” for the failed economic recovery in his country. They were unequivocal in endorsing Opposition leader Francois Hollande, the Socialist (of course) candidate, crowing that he “deserves” to win even though he openly declared he would roll back austerity measures that even many leftist commentators agree are crucial to France’s recovery, like switching the eligible retirement age back to 60 from 62.

Our left-lib “experts” went on to declare that Sarkozy “by his own standards” has failed France, losing the AAA credit rating (which he supposedly promised would not happen) and having unemployment at a still very high 10%.

Wow! All this from the same crappers who absolutely refuse to judge Obama in the same light. Obama, on whose watch America lost its AAA credit rating. Obama, on whose watch America is still facing record unemployment, not to mention historic black unemployment and overall underemployment (part-time; seasonal; temporary) and under-the-radar, unreported, off the books (given up hope) unemployment. Why isn’t Obama “responsible” like his European counterparts? Because Obama’s black? You can’t hold a black man to the same standard of expectations as a European? That’s “where we’re still at”?!!! In the new millennium aren’t we supposed to see that for the lynch-level slur that it is?

We are blinded in the dust of brazen double-standards of no standard for holding a black man to blame and shame.

Infofast: a call to boycott

(Get thee behind me)

There is only one thing to do in the face of blinding dust: squish your eyes shut. Then you instinctively turn away and move back and away.

Infofast is a fast from information; from fat, foul, fool-hardy information that strictly speaking is not information at all. It’s bloated blatant bigotry. White liberals get away with it because they label it politically correct. But “correct” to whom? Racism was once correct. So what’s the difference with reverse racism favoring a black man who is simply not up to the job?

From now to Election Day we must go on a fast from the twisted lies of the Obamites. We must support Mitt Romney and all Republicans in order to dislodge these diabolical Democrats.

There are toxins so left-wing you could pluck ‘em from a real chicken. We need a cleansing of this salmonella from the American soul.

No more automatic five-star credibility ratings for left-loon so-called “Reports” from the edge of unreason. No more benefit of the doubt leading us to think that left-liberals mean well. They don’t. No more excusing their ignorance. Their ignorance is killing us. They have done us in. We are done with them.

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Humpty's infamous fall.
America blinded by left-loon partisanship loses her balance and takes Humpty Dumpty's great fall.
AuthenticSavage is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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