The beginning of the collapse of the American empire

The beginning of the collapse of the American empire

Cairo : Egypt | Apr 28, 2012 at 1:45 PM PDT
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US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue

The September attack was a bad omen for the beginning of the collapse of the American empire . the expenditure of the war will come near trillion ; that could have been spent on other parts of the world; to wipe out their poverty , illiteracy and other diseases .

By the effect of the shock of the suicide attack on New York and Washington, and the ecstasy of the military victory over Taliban and el ''Qaeda'' Islam is being exposed as religion and culture to blasphemous aggression from Writers and politicians belonging to the right conservatives in America .

The U.S is doing the role of terrorizing the state that is very dangerous not only for Iraq , nor the Arab world ,but for the world security . In fact ,America was beaten militarily in Iraq . Most of the American generals; those who are on duty and those who retired ,admitted this humiliating defeat . Even the American politicians themselves ;whether they are democratic or Republicans confessed this defeat .

At the beginning of his first term …president Bush innovated a new strategic creed ''the pre-empt war ''he meant the absolute right for the US alone ;to strike any state proving its intentions to beat the American power . There was an explanation for this strategic convert to replace the principle of containment policy which remained through all the years of the cold war with the Soviet Union .

Furthermore ; there was the classification of the countries ;to be good or evil which include North Korea ,Iran and Iraq .The American administration innovated a new principle … contradicting with the covenants of the United Nations and menacing the world peace ; that is the right to change the dictatorial regimes in the world , when necessary if they were not satisfactory to US.

America did not succeed in Afghanistan nor in the middle east nor in Iraq .All the success was devoted to stimulating terror to the whole world from the ghosts of ''Qaeda and Ben Laden ''. in fact ,America is chasing imaginary enemies ,chasing ghosts .To my belief , America knew the hidden place of Ben Laden ,America could have killed him easily ,but ,in fact, they are protecting him ---to gain immensely goals from that situation ; to set the entire world on fear of terrorism ,to win the sympathy of all the human beings .

But we know when Bin Laden was no longer useful to them , they killed him without mercy. to prepare Obama to succeed in his second term, But Obama fell in the swamp of Afghanistan and still bleeding, wasting lives and money, they could have spent such enourmous money on education , scientific researches, they could have fed the whole world, no country can live alone in this world, so america is detriorating , it is declining , it is eroding. Now the American will commit another error if they elect Romney , the capitalist, the manufacturer w, who doesn't care about the poor classwes and the middle classes. The Republican give a better chance to Obama to have another term.

In fact, the US goes further under the mistaken belief that its security agencies, the CIA and the FBI would effectively guard the safety of American citizens at home and abroad . Arrogance and self superiority, they think they are the most poweful , the most efficient , for how long will they remain like this? it is against the law of nature . their system of education is demolishing.

America is now undergoing drastic changes . It can no longer proudly claim that it is the first democracy in the world . It is hoped that the US has appreciated every country’s right to suggest laws and regulations under particular circumstances .

The Americans interests extend to Asia through the American – Chinese relation .The US , now considers china as one of its competitors in the world regime , particularly if we realize that the economical growth rate in China reached more than 9 per cent ,the point makes China a tremendous economical power .The process of hugging China is at top priorities

If we understand that 80 per cent of oil that goes to China comes from the Arabian Gulf ,we will know that the American domain on the Gulf oil is basic in its strategy towards taming China or besieging it . America used beforehand the Gulf zone to domesticate its European rival .the world regime is now unilateral in which the US dominates militarily and politically .

the European union , China as well as Japan and the US are competing economically . Since Europe, China and Japan depend wholly on the petroleum of the Gulf as a source of energy in the time where America imports only 12 percent from the Gulf oil .

It becomes obvious that the American insistence in the Gulf is not only to insurance the oil to America cheaply or at least reasonably but to stress on Europe , Japan and China . Thus , America uses its military power for economical sovereignty and the military , political domain converts to political economical and military sovereignty .

There is another American influencing sovereignty in the domain of defining the principles , phenomena and events . the US gives itself the absolute right to be the only reference in definition . It defines what democracy is .what is justice ? what is freedom ? what are the human rights ? and all the things which formulate the human life in any community .

They coined their special definitions to fundamentalism and terrorism , and the good and the evil . All the countries including Europe have to submit to these definitions and to accept and adopt them willingly . The Us thinks they have the right – in the field of terrorism – for instance ; to differ between what they call the Islamic terrorism and the people who commit it -- to submit to extremely cruel treatment , although that is against the International Law and the Criminal Law ; as in the case of the detainees in " Jewantanamo " and between the American terrorists like " Timothy Mackfi" who exploded the Federal Building in Atlanta ; Yet he got a fair judgment . the same criteria can be implied on the press freedom . The US attack the countries which they don't have interests with, whereas they skip over and discard countries ; even they violate openly the human rights as long as they have strategic interests with them . If there is no justice or democracy, the country will sure be collapsed.

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US President Barack Obama made his State of the Union
US President Barack Obama made his State of the Union
egyjan25 is based in Cairo, Kairo, Egypt, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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