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Bec of our innate curiosity we humans are always searching for reasons or answers in everything. In our search we found out that some things are simple and easy to comprehend. Some are more complicated and more difficult to understand. Some things are too complicated that only experts have the abilities to grasp and expound. And there are also those things or issues that are controversial bec they have conflicting answers or reasons. One of the most controversial issue if not the most controversial issue in our life is the question regarding our existence. Why we are here or, Why do we exist in this world? Until now this issue is still unresolved in the minds of many individuals. Which is more logical to believe that we are created, or that we exist bec. of chance? Knowing the truth in this issue will decide if we will survive the world changing events in the near future.

Many believed that we are here bec. of an accident. A big explosion occured somewhere that created the universe that we know today. The evidence for these occurence according to scientist is the continued expansion of the universe. According to their observations the billions of galaxies in our universe is receding away from its center. The further the galaxies the faster their movements. According to them this movements is the after effects of the Big Bang or the big explosion that occured billions of years ago. But advocates of this theory have to face the problem of a begginning. According to them before the explosion the universe is in the state of singularity. It is infinitely small and infinitely dense before the Big Bang. The question is what were there or what were outside the universe before the explosion? If there are some things outside the universe which should be the case, how did they begin or exist? Until know experts advocating this theory has no satisfying answer to this dilemma.

They also have to face the problem regarding the preciseness of the explosion. According to Sir Bernard Lovell a well known scientist, the rate of expansion of the universe is very finely tuned. According to him, " if the universe have expanded a million millionth part faster, then all the material in the universe would have dispersed by now...and if its a million millionth part slower, then the gravitational forces would have caused the universe to collapsed within the first thousand million years or so of its existence. Again there would have been no long lived stars and no life." How a blind accident which they called the Big Bang created such a precise explosion that resulted in the precise movements of the galaxies resulting in the existence of life is totally absurb! As we all know based on our experiences all accidents resulted in destructions not harmony and order.

On the otherhand there are those who believed that we are created by God. But some argued that there is no God bec. we cannot see Him.For them to see is to believed. This argument is very weak bec. there are things that we believed that are existing eventhough we cannot see them by our naked eyes. For example we believed there is wind, gravity, and sound bec. there are discernable evidences that they really exist. We could feel the wind when it is blowing on our bodies and when it is inside our lungs when we breath. We can also discern it when it is swaying the grasses and the trees when it is blowing on them. We could discern gravity at work when we throw something upward and it falls down again to the ground. The gravitational force of the earth prevented this thing to go into outer space by pulling it back to the ground. Without this invisble force we would be floating in the air like astronauts on the moon who has a very weak gravitational force. Sound is invisible but we could discern it thru our auditory senses. We could not deny its existence eventhough we could not see it bec. we could hear it everywhere.Only a fool would say that there is no sound bec he could not see it.

So we believe some things are existing eventhough we could not see them with our naked eyes bec. there are enough discernable evidences that they really exist. The question right now is, are there enough discernable evidences that God really exist?

One of the evidence that there is really a creator is the preciseness of the natural laws of the universe. Bec. of their preciseness we can travel to the moon and be able to timed when will arrive there exactly with the smallest part of a second. When you see a clock that is very precise would you conclude that it existed bec. of an accidental joining of its parts with no guidance form someone? Certainly not! Instead you will conclude that this clock was designed and made by a skillfull clock maker. In our universe the planets and stars are moving more precisely than any man made clock. Would you conclude that they existed bec. of accidental joining of galactic elements without guidance from anyone? Certainly not! That would be illogical. The logical conclusion is that they are made by an individual with much superior intelligence than any human and who have perfect knowledge of all the natural laws bec he is the one who made it.

If you are in the desert and you see a house with all the ammenities to make living inside it a relaxing and unforgetable experience. Would you conclude that it appeared there accidentally? Certainly not! The logical conclusion is that someone with enough knowledge of engineering and architecture made this house. You would be considered a fool if you insist that it appeared there by chance. Our planet earth is just like that house in the desert of nothingness in space. It is the only planet in our solar system that is inhabited. It has all the features that will make living inside it a pleasurable and unforgetable experience. Its location in relation to the sun is perfectly right making living inside it very pleasant. Its travelling speed is just right so that it will not swerve on its orbit around the sun. In a remarkable way, the carbon dioxide from the wind, the heat from the sun,the waters and minerals from the fertile lands all joined together to produce foods for all its inhabitants. Were all of this happened bec of a blind accident somewhere? Only those with a fanatical faith with the big bang theory would say so.

Modern computers were made by skillful and intelligent humans. No one would claim that they existed by themselves or they appeared bec of an accident. But compared to our brain even a super computer would look out of date. There seems no limit to a persons capacity to learn. It has been said that nothing in nature can be compared to the human brain when it comes to complexity and resilience. Unlike animals, we have creative minds capable of reasoning and understanding abstract concepts. Scientist barely scratch the surface when it comes to understanding the potential of the human brain.

Much of this potential remains as we grow older. Neuroscientist recently learned most brain functions remained unharmed by the aging process. Researchers working for the FRANKLIN INSTITUTE'S CENTER FOR INNOVATION IN SCIENCE LEARNING explains,"the human brain is able to continualy adapt and rewrite itself. Even in oldage it can grow new neurons. Severe mental decline is usually caused by desease, where-as most age related losses in memory and motor skills result from inactivity and lack of mental exercise and stimulation." In other words, if we can keep the brain intellectually stimulated and free from desease, it could keep working indefinely." The brain declares molecular biologist James Watson, co-discoverer of the physical structure of the DNA, is the most complex thing we have yet discovered in the universe." A book by neuroscientist Gerald Edelman explains the section of the brain the size of the match head "contains about a billion connections that can combine in ways which can only be described as Hyperastronomical-in the order of ten followed by million of zeros." No one in his right mind would say our brain is a product of chance.

There is more than enough evidence that a Creator really exist and that He is reponsible for the existence of everything in the universe. Our future is dependent on our knowing Him and building a close relationship with him. We can achieve this not only by studying nature but more so by studying the Bible. This is the book where God revealed everything humans need to know about Him. According to this book God's name is JEHOVAH. According to the Bible Jehovah God have many good things in stored for rightheous human beings. He will remove all the problems human rule have done. He will replace human rule with His Kingdom that will rule the earth for a thousand years. During that time earth would become a paradise home for perfect rigtheous human beings. Will you be there with your love ones? It will depend in your knowing God and doing his will. ( Dan 2:44 ; 1 Cor 15:28; Rev. 20:4,6; Rev. 5:10; Joh 17:3)

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Double Spiral Galaxies
All images were taken in the publication of Jehovah's Witness.
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  • All images were taken in the publication of Jehovah's Witness.

    Double Spiral Galaxies

  • all images were taken in the publication of Jehovah's Witness.


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