Bill Cosby "disappointed" with Obama critics. Me, too, Mister Cosby. Me, too.

Bill Cosby "disappointed" with Obama critics. Me, too, Mister Cosby. Me, too.

Washington : DC : USA | Apr 22, 2012 at 2:04 PM PDT
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Sam Cooke

Recently, Yvette Carnell, writing for Your Black World, published a scathing indictment on the presidency of Barack Obama, and it pretty much speaks for itself. "Gee, Yvette, why don't you tell us how you really feel?"

I agree with Bill Cosby, and here lately, I seldom do. Come On, Bill.

However, her article reads like a point for point diatribe about how President Obama does not do a good enough job of favoritism with blacks, as a special interest group. It also tells about how his protection of special interest groups, like Washington lobbyists who were already in place since Reagan and throughout the Clinton and Bush eras, is of particular noteworthiness.

I live within an internalized perfect system of justice and a sense of fair play, unlike the systems I have dealt with. I was taught by some of the best black teachers in the United States back in the '60s, I learned English and writing from a black teacher named Creola Howard who wouldn't let me drop out of high school even when my own mother didn't care. And I don't mince words with truth and right and righteousness, especially when it comes to liars. What is right is right and what is not is not. Period.

I have personally known injustice to prevail even in courtrooms, but this one is not a toy, or a game for the self-righteous to play at the expense of all of America.

That said, I love my country, even when it is unfair and unjust as hell. I could move to Germany, where they pay well, buy expensive cars and homes, have a multiple healthcare and educational system funded by all; but I can't speak racism in German ... only in English. I don't have enough life or energy left to learn another system of worldwide racism.

That said, Carnell's article reminded me of a particular scenario I read about while entertaining a biography of the life (and afterlife) of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Jackie O, as she was most famously known, made it her business to keep her children out of the eyes of a prying public, and not to comment on the numerous affairs of her philandering president husband, John F. Kennedy. However, this biographer stated that he was not at liberty to discuss Jackie's personal papers and insider comments that she made to him until after she was dead and gone. In this particular post-mortem biography, he mentioned something that stood out with me as he wrote about her time as First Lady.

Jackie spoke of, so the writer said, her husband's speech to Cuba on occasion of the Missile Crisis, and on the people's need for rights and freedom against the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. This was in October of 1962.

[ ]

In August of 1963, shortly before he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in November of that same year, he happened to be looking out of his window in the Oval Office and saw hundreds of thousands of mostly African American marchers singing "We Shall Overcome" and other songs like it, gathered around the Lincoln Monument in Washington DC with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivering his most noted historical speech "I Have a Dream."

Then-Mrs. Kennedy told the insider confidant that JFK looked out of the Oval Office window and over at his most trusted advisor and said "What is the problem? Why are they out there?"

And his advisor said to him, "Why, Mr. President, when you gave that speech to the Cubans last year about civil rights and freedoms and justice from an oppressive regime, the Negroes here in America thought you meant that for them, too." (paraphrased of course)

That, it was written, woke the President up.

I was impressed to know that Massachusetts-born privileged bluebood President Kennedy was actually clueless about the plight of his own black citizens prior to that day. Guess his own Negro servants and handmaidens did nothing but smile and serve and dip and bow out of the Hyannisport compound dining room.

Prior to that time, he had not fully realized that black people in America were anything BUT jiggly dancing partying plantation-loving slap-happy citizens living under an oppressive racist regime where they were everything but free themselves. The hypocrisy hit him like a ton of bricks, so it was written.

The history books tell us that he went to work immediately on speaking with Rev. Dr. King and every other so-called "black leader" that he could get his hands on, because he knew he could not preach freedom and civility to a nation not America while his own country was filled with black people who were being treated, essentially, the same way as the Cubans, but under racist oppression and uncivil rule.

What Yvette Carnell does not seem to understand, while she goes off mightily about President Obama's "failed healthcare plan" and other issues-nonissues, is that when President Barack H. Obama Jr., some 45-odd years later, looked out of his window in the Oval Office, all he saw standing on the White House lawn were a bunch of angry whites getting off rental buses with guns and pistols and rifles to stand against something that was meant to help even their own poor broke ignorant welfare and social security grubbing arses that black people's taxes are now helping to pay for.

Not one single black person showed up on the White House lawn when it was time for the final vote battle in Congress. Not one. And the black folks on the inside were even wandering around like they had no clue what was really going on ... they didn't even take the time to educate themselves as much as I did on the issue at hand.

And what if the black folk had arrived in DC carrying assault weapons like their misguided counterparts? Who would have been arrested for exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms? Most definitely it would have been the folks who have only been annexed on to the Constitution by amendment to so much as VOTE for the past hundred years, more or less. Not the nation's kissin' kuntry kuzins, that's for sure. Oh no, they can break the law all day long and get away with it -- as long as their subjected victim is of the other race.

After the dust started to blow over on healthcare reform, and President Obama took what was left of the GOP's 'cut and paste' job to the table (pretty much the same treatment that FDR got from the GOP in the 1930s with the social security program that was started by his Republican cousin, Teddy, some years earlier) and put it out there for the Vote, it passed within very thin margins for and against. We forget that the Republicans were the ones who ditched this country into a Great Depression that a Democrat president had to dig it from under.

The Congressional Black Caucus really didn't even understand what they were voting on, for the most part, let alone why they would sit back and let the GOP cut it asunder like that.

On recall: Within his first 30 days in office, he called his staff, and all of the caucuses together (not just the CBC, all of them) and told them to do what they need to do and that he would stand with them in support and solidarity. He sent them out to do their jobs and there he sat in the Oval Office with pen in hand, WORKING.

What did they do?

Nothing significant that I could see (outside of throwing Jefferson-Jackson dinners--because those are the only emails I got from the DNC the first two years he was in office). Then, all hell breaks loose on the continued dying economy, and the nation goes ballistic on Congress for their zero-sum game failure on healthcare reform and jobs.

Now comes Maxine Waters, left and right of southern California, and a few others like her who decide to get on over-priced limo-buses talking about "jobs" when there are none, and ride all over the country to complain about their boss instead of fighting for what was right in the first place.

Talk about pulling up on the LATE FREIGHT. I doubt that one person got a real job as a result of their latent and unredeeming "job and health fair" party buses.

Then, to top that off, less than TEN PERCENT of the party people of the January 2009 Inauguration who showed up for photo opps and dancing and singing things like Sam Cooke's "Change Gon' Come," showed out at the 2010 MID-TERMS to get those blowhard Republicans OUT OF OFFICE by way of vote to make that change come about. That's when the nation fires the majority of Congress, baby; mid-term elections.

They finally dragged President Obama into the fray for empty and to-be-emptied Congressional seats at the last minute, and all he could say was "a rising tide lifts all boats." Put it in "D" for Drive, or "R" for Reverse. It's up to you. He was talking to everybody then, and not just black Democrats and the CBC.

Next thing we know John Boehner (or "Boner" as some say) took Nancy Pelosi's place in the House and barely nothing has gone right since then. He's been virtually on his own except for those who haven't lost hope and refuse to give in that easily. Hint, hint.

As an aside, the GOP even went so far in 2010 as to put one particular black female whose son was killed by terrorists while serving on the USS Cole, on CNN to blubber about how she "didn't know" President Obama was going to close Guantanamo Bay, or she wouldn't have voted for him. No disrespect intended to the deceased son who was in the service of his country (to the best of his knowledge) at the time, but they propped her up on TV to show the rest of the nation that blacks are basically political retards and uneducated dimwits who don't bother to find out who or what they are voting for before they go running to the polls based on skin color instead of true political conviction. We know it's a lie, but they loved putting that perception into America's conscience through mainstream media.

As a black woman who did have prior political convictions and watched Obama and all of his opponents in Campaign 2008 without letup for at least 18 months prior to the election, I had no appreciation of her crocodile made-for-TV camera-opp tears. All she did was assist them in making black folks look real real ignorant, because the Guantanamo Bay closure was one of the biggest campaign issues on which he ran for the two years preceding his election. It is one of many reasons why he WON.

She didn't know?

How the hayell did she NOT know that Guantanamo was holding innocent Muslim and Islamic Arabic folk who were ethnically profiled the same way blacks in America are racially profiled? How could she not know that it's racially and radically slavish for "Gitmo" to hold even the guilty that long without a timely trial so they can be condemned and the situation remedied?

She, and so many others like her, showed up for the "Obama party," but didn't show out when it was time to take care of real business in DC. Hm.

The first thing people who rip folks like Carnell, West, and Smiley, and even blubbering 'Guantanamo Mom' apart want to say about folks like me is that we hate on anyone who criticizes Obama. That is an outright lie. What 'we' don't care for is what they are typically criticizing him ABOUT.

No one has to agree with him on everything in order to not tick off the legendary incendiary and oh-so-invisible "Soul Patrol." However, the disagreement needs to be a legitimate one and not just argument for argument's sake.

I have criticisms of President Obama myself that I don't have time to mention here, but one of them isn't about the picked-apart carcass "Affordable Care Act." Seriously, if black folk haven't figured out by now that they need to be turning off FOX News and finding out the real deal in America, pip on 'em, as my grandma used to say.

Considering the fact that Obama opened his curtains in the Oval Office, as did Kennedy in 1963, and saw nothing but a gangbanging bunch of gun-toting white guys and their overzealous womenkind calling him a "socialist welfare-loving food stamp issuing ni-er" and who will never be arrested for threatening a U.S. President, he did the best he could do with that one.

After the CBC and their Democratic constituents sat back and let them ridicule the most important Bill in modern America and tear it to smithereens, what was he supposed to do? Try a King George III monarchy move like Bush did with Iraq? Raise a fist and demand that they "put some brothas on the wall"? They say we're all "drinking the Kool-Aid," but they are most assuredly "drinking the King's unpatriotic treacherous tax-and-don't represent-the-people tea." Talk about OPM ... and vote-buying ... they spend it on themselves generously and leave other taxpayers in the dirt. The rest was up to 'us', and 'we' failed the President; not the other way around.

So what do "we" want? Really. White folks been asking that question for years and nobody's come up with an answer to it yet. Now, I wanna know. What exactly, do we want out of our country? Our President ... One of only a few who have even given a crying darn about black folks in its 250 year constitutional history...?

What does President Obama do besides delegate to the ones who need to get the job done so he can sign off on it, which is what he was elected to do?

Does he "buy the seed, plant it, nurture it, weed it, harvest it, bring it in, prep it, cook it, serve it up, feed it to us in a silver spoon, clean the dishes, wait for the group fart, clean the poop, put us on a clean diaper, and sit us in a playpen and wait for us to get hungry again so he can start over with the seed"?

This is the REAL Joshua Generation, the Beloved Community that Dr. King spoke of that came about after the Moses Generation of his time. We need to be proud of America's youth of all races and colors and ethnicities, for trying to steer this country in the right direction after their parents and grandparents and even great-grandparents left it to die in the hands of a corporate and judicial political regime that was nothing more than a follow-up act to the inheritance of the Ku Klux Klan.

We and those others who are actually true independent America-loving Patriots of a righteous and mostly God-fearing nation were supposed to pick up the dropped ball, the Olympic Torch, of the late 1960s and run with it. And we're dropping it again, with threats of "He's a one-termer" becoming more true by the minute.

I don't know where Black America lost its fight for righteousness for ALL Americans and wimped out for fundraiser parties and photo opps and prosperity gospel churches and slicking and tripping around with the rich and famous rubbing elbows and trying to pretend to be something we're not, that God didn't even create us to be; but I'm sure those who complain the most can't wait for Bush's and Reagan's backward and twisted people who think it's still 1811 to take over the nation again.

Let America down again, people. Just when it needs you the most; for everybody and not just for black folk.

  • A rising tide lifts ALL boats.

Really, Mr. President? What a revelation for a non-revolution, televised or not.

We're still living under a federalist republic Constitution that is more than 200 years old and not even relevant, let alone legitimate, in this day and age. Every so many years black folks in the USA have to have their voting rights renewed in a country that has belonged to them, to us, since the ancient ancestors worked to build its cornerstone 13 colonies and never got paid for the work they did.

Let's talk about what Ben Franklin, Jefferson and Madison really said and not what Rush Limbaugh and his Tea Party babes say they said. They said they were putting an imperfect document on the table, the Constitution as underwritten by Alexander Hamilton's The Federalist papers (not the Marx & Engles "Communist Manifesto") that not even years of constitutional conventions could perfect. Their words and legacy left to all of us is "Let not the dead tell the living how to live." Not only are the children not supposed to be paying for their ancestor's debt, where Reagan led us and Clinton got us out of and Bush put us back into with a missing few trillion in the Pentagon's budget; but they expected the Constitution to be revised over time, every 20 years or so, truth told. The revised and updated version is now 200 (give or take a few) years overdue and America has come a looonnnnnggg way since then.

We black Americans chose, by our consequential actions after the Civil Rights Movement, to get on "The Big Boat" of American politics and assimilate with 'Affirmative Action lollipops' instead of separating ourselves and strengthening our ranks as a hardcore productive community (like the Asians do) when the opportunity was there 40-plus years ago. Now...

It's too darned late to get off The Big Boat; especially when the entire country is in economic dire straits thanks to the GOP.

And not only that, but we've been pledging allegiance to a flag that has no allegiance to us, and singing "God Bless America" even when we were sitting on the backs of America's city buses at one point, and metaphorically are still there now on the "can you follow that Act" bus.

Him fill Rosa Parks' shoes? How about you fill President Obama's shoes. He believes that America is better than what it has shown in the past, do you? He got himself elected President and vowed to stand up for America and all of our values, what do you do besides party like it's still 2009?

His wife, Michelle, put her husband, her family and their lives on the line for believing in this country. Their daughters, Miss Malia and Miss Sasha, couldn't have asked the Lord Himself for a better man for a personal and private father. Right now, he's all of America's national dad and their ain't nothing sugar-filled in it.

Change gon come, Black America? When? Because this ain't all about you any more.

After the 1811ers and one-percenters of the Republican Party are back in position so that the corporate and monolithically boxed in 'we' can go back to complaining and whining and crying and begging like 'we' do when white Presidents are in office?, instead of doing what should have been done in the forty (40) years between the Civil Rights Movement and Obama's election: Working.

Next Civil Rights song up for the spinning party turntable: "We Shall Be Outdone. Today."

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Change is gonna come, Black America? When?
greeneink is based in Denver, Colorado, United States of America, and is a Reporter on Allvoices.
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