Life in North Waziristan

Life in North Waziristan

Peshawar : Pakistan | Apr 21, 2012 at 1:55 AM PDT
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AKRAM brothers

I came out and saw his team get out of bed asyanh are all engaged in the preparation of Prayer. In place of ablution and prayers are finished and sat down. The partners also came in a little while, Zaheer Khan, brother of leading Cree, the Cree masa Allah happy by reading words, enjoyed themselves in prayer. Soul and body all over to God and prayer, decided to open at least a reality today. Allah Akbar, I find that I already know all these truths. Sorrow and regret for his past role was to do nothing. Please pray that after praying, crying,

"Holy God, show me the path, the way in which my salvation, my well-being of the valve, my friends, be dear and rstydarun welfare, and welfare of you who are reading the word of Tawheed."

After praying, Adnan brother held an educational session.

We have not found the answer to a modern facility, the only major mine facilities, the Taliban, or government officials have no such facilities. A bit sad, because there was not enough time talking to Amy, how will she? The health and well-Pak Amy Allah, Amen.

It was very informal breakfast with bread and tea, which was left over night. I only drink tea on the appetite control was grant, Amen.

Some heart was heavy. I was taking a stroll to the many colleagues were instructed to submit a jga. We all got together at an open place. Brother and brother came Adnan Akram. Akram then started the Curry Brothers.Easy to get to their homes and who want to go back to one side.

was saying.Akram Mansour's brother and brother Adnan gave voice are you thinking?. . I felt like taking part in a jihad be declared. Akram Bhai forward and embraced me.

no easy task. So while I do other things.Maybe that's stopping dkhun give some good questions. But if you think that you will become a burden to pray after I'm gone, I said. Adnan brother embraced me and had tears in his eyes, looked around at my email.muqy and people like that probably will seek, only the Taliban in Waziristan and tribal areas and area contractors is called Islam. The focus of these shows. We are all responsible.The best doctor to try to take drugs, but there is hardly a Tablet. Or God! How is this test? How difficult is it? Give me strength, to endure, I am steadfast on her decision. We agree.

Time of Day 11 hrs:

Suddenly a shout Chaotic, Akram May E and running by my brother took my hand and take a run, I knew it was not prepared for bhagm around. Bilal was not showing anywhere. Neither team looked the other workers.

Or God did it matter? I almost could not accelerate with brother Akram. The corporal was very angry at his disability. Jga 15 minutes later we stopped, my breath was going tarha sack, throat scales were reading, worry and anxiety were separated.Hka in unsold, did. I did not see anything. He left me, I sat on one side, the morning began to remember things from Sri.While a child (12-13) years dnby me a plate of rice and meat curry brought to mind, there was water, the child said in Urdu to the great God, not hungry Just the two of water. Saved understand Urdu and eat, I refused, and denied not only ujhh fear was, I was not really hungry. The child went back plate. Took the lead in glass of water, lying on the water and saw the water was very muddy. It was mud. How could drink water. I put a glass of water out of his shirt and could drink as much water had to thank God.

Day One (A) at:

Some still do not understand what was happening outside was snata was everywhere. I feel that I am come in a cemetery. The kid had food and water did not come back. I did not want to get out of the room was a mess when confronted Akram brother will say what. Harassed and helpless, sat to one side, just in time to see the time I was thinking that today will not pray?

I was thinking the same, Akram brother came, my love life rights, a voice started to feel happy.gathering place and can not be played with.

come back to the room. My back was 8-10 and the local people in the room had been prepared. Rsma I was introduced to the local people.stayed the same.

At day 3:

He was the one who first brought the food, instead of glass was a small pot filled with water.Ujhh was hungry, but the field conditions was not a heart. Yet I can eat as much as khawn tried to find out how long it is. Please send my brother to Akram drug sac were also taken the medicine, and sat down. No wonder it was very much upset. I was not ready for such situations. I should be prepared. First corporal realized in an area where anything can happen at any time. It shows why today's welfare institutions and government agencies do not work such bad condition that they are working in dangerous areas. It can not be a reward. Only God is pure, whatever his caste could reward.

Akram brother looked at me and asked what this diary is that I said I write my diary.I shake my head and thanked for their advice. And asked how long to stay here? Did not answer anything. I slept on a blanket on the left.

Took me 4-5 hours of the evening was when I was asleep. Please pray 'Asr prayer, then sit and read a Quran. Curry was performed Maghrib time. And sat down. Neither light nor lantern was here tonight. Everything was dark. I sat in the Akram brothers. Akram's brother or sometimes I say something then I would answer yes. The darkness was beginning to bite me. Was not allowed to go outside. I thought this would be happening at my house in Karachi. Friday will be my sisters came home today, will be eaten. Street children around here and there will be. It seemed a good idea to me.Oops, I could not tell who's out to hear how she had felt happy. Thereupon stand in support of voice and Akram brother was out of the room. Breathe deep to come out in the open air feel very comfortable. Akram's brother took my hand and started walking to one side, and after a long walk down a slope on the site. Were stopped, saw the brother of Adnan hynaur some team members were also happy with the sound turned my moon "Adnan" and snapped his neck was feeling. I told them that whatever situation you do not leave me alone.I will try my best to blow it if you stick with me.exactly, and he went up one side.

Now a corporal, he again reiterated that brother Adnan "I have a brother that is now what?" I said Brother, you're here if you are years when nothing happens to you? In reply to mix with local people, etc. I will help his performance. Akram's brother failed to pay when I said I'll jot down some notes and then talk openly.

But Akram's brother, Marvin Gold, 2 approaching in my pocket to keep hands and called out in a glass of tea. Thank God everything I should do now that cigarettes are not drugs, thanks.Thank God!

Friends and colleagues, if you own me arah, suggestions or tips you want to learn, team or asyanh (North Waziristan) pygm want to or if you need assistance, please write to me:

To contact any member of the team asyanh or write:

team.ashiyana @

Adnan also write to or contact:

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North Waziristan
Just a view of displacment from one place to another for food and shelter in North Waziristan.
Team Ashiyana is based in Karāchi, Sind, Pakistan, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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