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Paris : France | over 2 years ago  
Violence against civilians is continued in Syria. The international community seems to have failed to twist the arm of President Bashar al-Assad even after 13 months of the uprising...
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  • Violence persists in Syria as Annan urges truce compliance

      Daily News & Analysis | over 2 years ago
    Syrian soldiers stormed a town east of Damascus on Sunday and rebels bombed a military convoy in the north of the country as international mediator Kofi Annan urged both sides to work with an expanded team of UN ceasefire monitors. The group of...
  • U.N. monitors visit Syria opposition stronghold

      San Jose Mercury News | over 2 years ago
    Five unarmed U.N. truce monitors toured the battered city at the heart of the Syrian uprising on foot Saturday, encountering unusually calm streets after weeks of shelling as a throng of residents clamored for foreign military help to oust President...
  • UN Security Council passes resolution on Syria monitors

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    The UN Security Council on Saturday unanimously passed a resolution allowing a 300-strong ceasefire monitoring mission to be deployed in Syria despite the strong doubts of many Western nations. Under UN resolution 2043, the unarmed military observers...
  • Assad foes doubt Syria truce but have few options

      Daily News & Analysis | over 2 years ago
    Barely had the first UN cease fire monitors set foot on Syrian soil this week than Bashar al-Assad's enemies were discussing the likelihood of the mission failing and warning of punitive measures against the Syrian president. The emir of Qatar gave...
  • Assad will get the message when NATO meets in Turkey

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    Turkey It is clear that there is a varying sense of international alertness toward what is happening in Syria, particularly at the most recent Paris meeting (of the Friends of Syria). The most distinctive thing about this meeting was that it was...
  • Obama's tough choices in Syria

      The Hill | over 2 years ago
    The administration does not want to get into a military conflict in Syria or spark a larger civil war, but Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has shown little intention of abiding by the peace plan put forward by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan.
  • Syrian forces fire on anti-regime protesters

      The Hindu | over 2 years ago
    Syrian troops fired tear gas and bullets on thousands of protesters who spilled out of mosques after noon prayers Friday, activists said. State media reported that bombs and shootings killed 17 soldiers as the latest diplomatic efforts failed to halt...
  • UN council reaches tentative agreement on Syria

      Taiwan News | over 2 years ago
    Ambassador Vitaly Churkin expressed hope "there's going to be a unanimous vote tomorrow."...Ambassador Susan Rice, the current council president, said there is a possibility that not all 15 council members would agree to the text or have instructions...
  • UN weighs up Syria monitor plan

      BBC | over 2 years ago
    The UN Security Council has drawn up a draft resolution on sending 300 international monitors to Syria after considering two versions. A Russian draft would see observers sent immediately, but Britain, France and Germany want to wait until Syria has...
  • BRICS won't walk with the West on international democracy issues

      The Hindu | over 2 years ago
    The nations in the grouping are steered by their individual national interests...United Nations and the Commonwealth comprise autocracies and democracies. The presence of economically declining Russia shows that they are not even a collection of...
  • Russia, Europe offer rival UN resolutions on Syria

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Russia and European nations on Friday put forward rival draft UN Security Council resolutions on sending a 300-strong UN ceasefire observer force to Syria, diplomats said. There are already seven UN observers in Syria but a new UN resolution would be...
  • Europe, Russia propose rival resolutions on Syria

      Arizona Daily Sun | over 2 years ago
    Friday, April 20, 2012 11:27 am (0) Comments Font Size: European nations and Russia proposed rival U.N. resolutions Friday, both calling for expanding the number of U.N. cease-fire monitors in Syria from 30 to 300 but disagreeing on possible...
  • Russia, EU circulate UN drafts on Syria monitors

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    Some council members, however, have expressed reluctance to give swift approval for an expanded observer mission because of concern about the failure of the Syrian government to halt the violence, return troops to barracks and withdraw heavy weapons.
  • US to step up Syria pressure if Annan fails

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    The United States is warning allies to be prepared to increase pressure on Syria if UN envoy Kofi Annan's plan for ending government attacks on the opposition fails, the State Department said Friday. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear to...
  • Pressure Builds for Tougher Line as Syria Is Said to Shun Peace Plan

      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | over 2 years ago
    International pressure for a harsher line on Syria escalated Thursday, with the president of France calling the Syrian leader a liar, the American secretary of state moving a step closer to endorsing use of military force, and the head of the United...
  • UN chief attacks Syrian failure on peace

      Sydney Morning Herald | over 2 years ago
    Neil Macfarquhar, Rick Gladstone April 21, 2012 Read later Dark appraisal .....The United Nations Secretary-General has given a dark appraisal of the Syria conflict, accusing its government of failing to carry out nearly every aspect of the peace...
  • International Pressure On Syria Mounts As Clinton Hints At Military ...

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    Share This Story The Obama administration has resisted calls for a military solution to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's brutal crackdown on dissidents, although the United States has decided to aid the Syrian rebels by sending them communications...
  • West threatens intervention as Assad ignores ceasefire

      Daily News & Analysis | over 2 years ago
    Western leaders issued the threat of international intervention to set up "humanitarian corridors" in Syria last night (Thursday) after the UN warned that President Bashar al-Assad's regime was failing to honour the terms of a ceasefire. As foreign...
  • Violence Erodes Fragile Syrian Cease-Fire

      Voice of America | over 2 years ago
    Syrian activists report government forces are pounding a rebel-held section of the central city of Homs, the latest violence to grip a nation already losing its hold on an ever shakier cease-fire. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights...
  • France wants more Syria observers to prevent civil war

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    This is our last chance to avoid civil war," Juppe told BFM television. "We have this (Kofi Annan) agreement with all our partners so we have to give it a chance for a few more days. We have to give the Annan mission every chance to succeed,...
  • Friends of Syria: Kofi Annan 'Last Hope' for Syria to Avoid Civil War

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    France's Foreign Minister Alain Juppe speaks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a meeting on Syria (Reuters) Kofi Annan's plan to resolve the Syrian crisis is "the last hope" for a country ravaged by a year-long crackdown on civilians,...
  • UN observers should ensure right to protest in Syria, France says

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe declared on Friday that the UN observer mission in Syria needs to be able to guarantee Syrians the freedom to protest against Bashar al-Assad's regime. "We need observers on the ground, but properly equipped...
  • Syrian troops shell central city of Homs

      USA Today | over 2 years ago
    Syrian troops shelled a rebel-held neighborhood and sent reinforcements to border areas as the opposition called for fresh protests Friday after the United Nations accused Syrian President Bashar Assad of failing to honor a peace plan that went into...
  • Pentagon on Syria: 'All options' on table

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    The Pentagon warned for the first time it is considering "all options," including military, to support Syria's uprising against to the Assad regime. "Our approach must keep all options on the table, while recognizing the limitations of military force,...
  • France would join UN-sanctioned Syria intervention, Hollande says

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    The French presidential frontrunner, Francois Hollande, said Friday that he would support France joining a UN-sanctioned military intervention in Syria. "If done within a UN framework, we would participate in such an intervention," Hollande told...
  • Clinton calls for tough action against Syria

      Al Jazeera | over 2 years ago
    15 The US has called on the UN Security Council to adopt an arms embargo and other tough measures against Syria to try to halt 13 months of bloodshed. Addressing the so-called Friends of Syria group in Paris on Thursday, Hillary Clinton, US secretary...
  • 15 nations hint at use of force against Syria

      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | over 2 years ago
    The United States, France and 13 other nations demanded Thursday that Syria immediately cease military operations against rebel forces and allow unfettered deployment of U.N. observers, suggesting that use of force will be considered if Damascus...
  • Turkey may ask NATO to help with Syria

      The Daily Herald | over 2 years ago
    Turkey may invoke the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations charter provision triggering consultations if a members security is threatened, Clinton said yesterday in Paris following a meeting of the alliance in Brussels...We have to keep Assad off-...
  • Friends of Syria group says Annan?s plan is last hope

      Taiwan News | over 2 years ago
    Travel & Delicacy Beauty never Ends Ecological Environment Taiwan News, Staff Writer 2012-04-20 10:49 AM Major international powers meeting in Paris Thursday called a UN-backed peace plan the last hope to resolve the Syria n crisis. The meeting...
  • Pressure rising: US calls for tougher measures on Syria

      Russia Today | over 2 years ago
    While Damascus and the UN have signed an agreement on the terms of the UN monitoring mission in Syria, the US has called for tougher sanctions against the Assad regime, including a global arms embargo. The Friends of Syria coalition stepped up...
  • Syrian Regime Signs Pact With UN For Observers

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    Syria and the United Nations signed an agreement Thursday on terms for hundreds of observers to monitor a ceasefire, but fierce diplomatic wrangling lies ahead to persuade the West the mission can have the authority and power to ensure peace.
  • Al-Assad fails to comply with ceasefire plan

      The Globe & Mail | over 2 years ago
    Canada and other Western allies are still resting their hopes on a shaky ceasefire plan in Syria, with little appetite for stronger action like imposing humanitarian corridors or using military strikes to displace President Bashar al-Assad. At a...
  • Opinion: Cease-fire trembles

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    In what seems as a last-ditch attempt to avert fearful scenarios in Syria, the United Nations Security Council adopted Annan's six-point plan including sending monitors to oversee the cease-fire, which went into effect on April 12. But it was clear...
  • Hague hints at harder line if regime shuns Syria peace plan

      The independent | over 2 years ago
    News in pictures On Facebook From the blogs So allow me to explain my vote for no change to policy at the April Monetary Policy Committee meetin... There has been widespread discussion as to whether the F1 race in Bahrain should be going ahead this.
  • Clinton urges tougher UN pressure on Syria

      Glen Ridge Voice | over 2 years ago
    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called Thursday for the U.N. Security Council to adopt an arms embargo and other tough measures against Syria to try to halt 13 months of bloodshed, but she acknowledged such diplomatic actions would likely...
  • Pentagon: America will be ready if needed in Syria

      Arizona Daily Sun | over 2 years ago
    U.S. military leaders clearly expressed reluctance about using American might to stop the unending violence in Syria, insisting that diplomacy remains the best option to force President Bashar Assad to end the brutal crackdown on his own people.
  • Syria failing to honour ceasefire - UN

      The Courier-Mail | over 2 years ago
    His remarks have come as France also calls for a more robust UN mission, saying Syria is headed for civil war, and as the United States demands tougher UN sanctions and an arms embargo on President Bashar al-Assad's regime. The UN chief overnight...
  • UN Security Council Considers Larger Syria Monitoring Mission

      Voice of America | over 2 years ago
    Security Council is considering a request from the secretary-general to deploy up to 300 monitors to Syria, as a week-old truce is tested by reports of escalating violence.  In a letter to the Security Council on Wednesday night, Secretary-General...
  • Syrian president warned to allow deployment of UN observers

      The Guardian | over 2 years ago
    Bashar al-Assad has been accused of wanting to wipe Homs off the map' and warned to accept UN observers. Photograph: Sana/EPA UN observers must be swiftly deployed to Syria or "other options" will be considered, President Bashar al-Assad was warned...
  • US urges tough UN sanctions, arms embargo on Syria

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    World powers should push for tough United Nations sanctions against Syria in order to force Bashar al-Assad's regime to comply with a UN peace plan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday. "We need to start moving very vigorously in the...
  • U.N. Observers Needed To 'Stop The Massacre' In Syria

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said on Thursday that 300 unarmed monitors need to be deployed to Syria immediately to protect the fragile cease-fire plan. Share This Story "Without underestimating the serious challenges ahead, an...
  • Syria-UN agree on terms of monitoring mission

      Daily News & Analysis | over 2 years ago
    Syria and the United Nations signed an agreement on Thursday on terms for hundreds of observers to monitor a cease fire, but diplomatic wrangling still lies ahead to persuade the West the mission will have the clout needed to ensure peace. An advance...
  • Syria-UN sign agreement on monitoring mission

      Zee News | over 2 years ago
    A statement from UN-Arab League mediator Kofi Annan said the Syrian government and the United Nations had agreed a basis for a "protocol" on the deployment of more observers. "This agreement outlines the functions of the observers as they fulfill...
  • UN observers in Syria must show courage in their actions and words | Daniel ...

      The Guardian | over 2 years ago
    A group of UN observers, led by Colonel Ahmed Himmiche, tours suburbs in Damascus, Syria, on Wednesday. Photograph: Sana/handout/EPA As Kofi Annan rushes to deploy the first 30 UN observers to Syria , it is important to ask what good they might do.
  • Russia urges West to stop predicting Syria plan failure

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged the international community on Thursday to ensure the UN-backed peace plan in Syria works and abandon "self-fulfilling prophecies" that it will fail. Brussels, Lavrov said Russia was "honestly fulfilling...
  • Friends of Syria meeting is destructive: Russia

      Zee News | over 2 years ago
    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is holding talks on Thursday evening in Paris with European and Arab ministers from countries that had at previous meetings discussed support for opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government. Russia...
  • Ban Says Syria Failing on Peace Plan

      Voice of America | over 2 years ago
    Security Council to authorize a three-month observer mission. In a letter to the president of the Security Council, Ban said President Bashar al-Assad's government has not pulled back its troops and heavy weapons, and that no progress has been made...
  • China says considering sending observers to Syria

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    China said Thursday it was considering sending observers to monitor a Syrian ceasefire that came into force last week but is under threat as violence escalates. "China is earnestly looking into whether to send observers to Syria or not," Foreign...
  • Syria: Foreign ministers from Syrian 'friends' meet in Paris

      AKI | over 2 years ago
    Foreign ministers from 14 countries meet Thursday in Paris to discuss the fragile cease-fire in Syria where more than 9,000 people have died in clashes over the past 13 months. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's failure to fully withdraw his troops...
  • Syria yet to send "clear signal" on peace-UN chief

      The Hindustan Times | over 2 years ago
    Syria has not fully withdrawn troops and heavy weapons from towns, so far failing to send a "clear signal" about its commitment to peace, the UN chief said, underlining Western fears over the prospects for a week-old truce. In the first progress...

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