Romney's Don't Understand Women

Romney's Don't Understand Women

Carneys Point : NJ : USA | Apr 18, 2012 at 4:28 PM PDT
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Romney’s Don’t Understand Women

As someone who grew up in the fifties and sixties, I am dismayed that we seem to be reverting to a woman’s place in the home, as if in the fifties. I happened to grow up on a farm in this timeframe, and from a young age, watched my mother get up at 5 a.m., helped go out and milk the cows, come in and get breakfast, go do the farm chores, and then come back and clean the house and then start the procedure all over again with milking in the evening.

During this timeframe, she managed to get me on the school bus, help me with my home work, attend school functions, as well as extra curricular activities and PTA. She supported my Dad, who was a Justice of the Peace at the time, and in those days held court for traffic and DUI offenders, so we had police in our home 24 hours a day.

However this was a great life, I learned values of hard work, going to church on Sundays, and being amazed that one woman, my mother could keep the house spotless, and still do more work in the fields then most men today, do in a 40 hour work week. I learned at 5, to get the stool and stand beside her while she teached me to cook, then had me go out and feed the newborn calves their bottles, and clean out their little pens. I learned what it was to grow up with animals, and was the one who happened to have every stray dog or cat follow me home ( with some bribes of food) and raised calves and sold them as two year olds to pay for my tuitition through nursing school.

I then went on to get married in the sixties, raise two babies thirteen months apart, find a job working nights as a RN, so my husband could attend college to get his degree in electrical engineering. I worked nights and he worked days, so one of us was always with the children. Yet I went without sleep to take my daughter to Brownies and Girl Scouts, and my son to little league games. I remember teaching them to drive, my daughter passing her test to drive and the same day my son got his learners permit to learn to drive. That one gave me gray hair at a very young age.

Yet I hear Ann Romney making a joke from a Democratic strategist who is not even connected to President Osama’s administration, calling it a gift that she had not worked a day in her life. I know it’s hard work, hiring maids and cleaning persons for three homes, hiring nannies, drivers, secretaries to make sure you get to the country club and social fundraisers for charities on time. Somehow the Romney’s don’t understand nor give the appearance of even caring to understand how this really affects women.

Gov. Romney, made statements that a woman on welfare, even with a child of two, should learn the “ dignity” of work. He does not realize that at the wage, most young mothers can earn, if they can find a job, won’t cover child care. He says he would pay more to provide child care, but the Ryan plan wants to rob funds from Head Start, take away from children’s health programs, after school programs to prevent problems with latch key kids etc. No the Romney’s, nor in fact do many Republicans today understand the problems of the working middle class or poor. Sure back in the seventies and eighties when raising my kids there were two incomes, and we could make ends meet, but in today’s society, some times it takes two or more jobs per parent to make ends meet.

Our children today, are completely different then children in the seventies or eighties. They are exposed to the social media, and an adult needs to pay attention to what they are doing at all times. Our parents today need to be involved with teachers and schools, and when a parent is working two jobs, how is this possible? The Romney’s don’t understand that a majority of these children are growing up in urban communities, where fast food is far more available to kids, because grocery stores have moved to the suburbs. This has lead to an increase in childhood obesity and other health problems.

The number of children who have fallen into poverty has increased as well, meaning more children are also falling into hunger. Without the school lunch programs being fully funded our children are getting the kinds of food they shouldn’t, and some are getting little or not food at all.

However the Romney’s and most right wing Republicans don’t see this because they can’t be bothered to campaign in poor districts. You will not see Governor and Mrs. Romney campaigning in low income districts of big cities, you will see them sitting with “props” women who might hold a job as a bus driver, etc. but you won’t see them talking to a group of the working poor. Gov. Romney won’t even get on a real talk show, such as “ Meet the Press”, “ Hardball” or any other show in which he has to answer questions about what programs he will develop, what programs he will cut, what is budget is, or how his religious beliefs as a Mormon will affect his decision making policies.

Yes, we woman are angry. I remember fighting and supporting equal rights for all. I see us slipping backwards, with legislation for vaginal probe ultrasounds, contraceptives, decreasing a right for a woman to have an abortion and even being in the examination room between a doctor and his/her patient discussing contraception.

Yes we are angry, that women are having to prove every change of name from birth, to get a state ID to vote. This means, a birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce papers if appropriate, court order to change your name back to your maiden name, or if married a second time, the second marriage certificate, lease or proof of residency and pay a fee.

Do you realize how much work and expense this is for the elderly woman? Do you know that many black women never had birth certificates issues, because they were born at home, and they may have voted for fifty or sixty years, and the state does not recognize them without the birth certificate. Do you know that even in my husband’s case, his middle name was not given to him until his confirmation to the Catholic Church, it was not on his birth certificate. He has been told, within four years his birth certificate he has used for seventy years, can no longer be used to get a state ID. Now we have to try to replace his confirmation papers and see if the state will accept them.

Yes women are angry, and if they want to use the war on women as a verbiage to describe us so be it, but women are not understood. The Romney’s cannot understand us because they are against everything we fought so hard for since the fifties and sixties.

The Republicans are dragging us back, kicking and screaming, hoping that we will be like the women of the old days, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. And that the only “real” mothers are the ones married to men of means, who can support them, and they don’t have to worry about whose taking care of the children, because that’s their only job.

I don’t happen to believe in polls, however I think that the less Romney talks to the MSM, the less people are going to trust him. He can’t send his wife out, allowing him to try to get out of the corner he painted himself into with his own statements. These people don’t understand what it is to be a responsible pet owner, and show empathy and caring. If they can’t show empathy and caring for an animal, how can they should empathy and caring for women?

dixieone is based in Carneys Point, New Jersey, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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