Romney is not your solution

Romney is not your solution

University : FL : USA | Apr 15, 2012 at 4:36 PM PDT
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The report showed a gain of 34,000 temporary jobs and increases in manufacturing overtime

The Republican Party should use their nomination wisely. Despite the results of manipulated polls and unconvincing Primary victories, Romney is not your solution. Regardless of what happens at the Republican Party Convention, the nomination of Romney or Santorum will be fraught with indecision. Santorum suspending his campaign does not mean he cannot meet with the troops at the convention and start a Coup d'état. The candidate nominated will not have the support of a majority of the Republican Party and is not likely to get significant votes in the General Election.

Never elect someone who was unelected from a political position to a higher office. Senator Weicker of CT was unelected in 1989 and then the people ridiculously elected him as Governor in 1991, a higher office. What did the people get for their stupidity? They got a state Income tax that was to be temporary, which became permanent. Remember Romney used to be Governor of Massachusetts and all indications are that the citizens were unhappy with his term in office including his Health Care Reform. Santorum was unelected as Senator from Pennsylvania, why would you elect him as President. Perhaps, you should make a call to Pennsylvania and ask why he was not sent back to Washington.

Beware of Wolf in Sheep clothing. There are no good candidates. The electorate will again be forced to elect ineptitude dressed in a Name Recognition suit. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you do not. Unfortunately, neither option will be good for country. Whatever the results of the 2012 Presidential election, citizens will have to swallow poison and pray that antidote is not required before the 2016 election.

The Election of 2012 is about Country. Country has Domestic and International problems. It is best to have Domestic or International problems but not both at the same time. Whoever wins the election will determine which problems get attention not to mention resolved.

On the Domestic front country has problems with Unemployment, Underemployment, Gas price, Manufacturing Jobs, Abortion, Declining morality by our elected officials, Campaign Financing, Homelessness, First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, Crumbling infrastructure, Health Care Reform, Deficit, Debt, and Illegal Immigration just to mention a few.

Internationally the immediate problems are, Pakistan, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Uprisings in the Middle East, Turmoil in Africa, inevitable conflict with Iran and North Korea, and the looming friction with China. The Election of 2012 is about Country. How those problems and more are resolved will determine our sphere of influence and interest in the International community.

It is better to vote for the uncertainty you know as opposed to that which you do not. The configuration of congress will reconfigure any Administration proposals. We are in a protracted period of History where what is accomplished is not meaningful and what would have been meaningful will not be accomplished. Know your candidates position on the issues. We need to return our attention to God. Christians need to step up to the microphone and not let country be annex by a Manchurian candidate or administration.

The 9/11 attack, the Financial crash of 2008, and the devastation consistent with increasing unemployment are warnings from God. Surely, you do not believe the recent frequency of natural disasters, Floods, Tornadoes, Earthquake, and Tidal Wave are coincidences. Besides, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

The political process is flawed. Need and association to raise astronomical funds to satisfy greedy Television media entities, will again eliminate qualified and capable individuals from participation in the Republic. The point is worth reiterating because in a country with an abundance of University graduates I am still mystified that citizens allow the media to convince them that He/She who gets the most campaign dollars is the best candidate. Regardless, the most qualified candidate left standing will win but you get what you pay for. Course only about 12 percent of the electorate are unable to pay $18000.00 a plate for dinner tonight. Is that true? I will argue that its not.

The Republican Primary is a sideshow. Romney is not your solution. If Tax loopholes are not closed, and the Exodus of manufacturing jobs stopped, the fiscal deficit of country as well as high unemployment will continue. Romney is not your solution. If someone made their living restructuring companies eliminating your biggest benefit a Paycheck as well as ultimately your Medical and Dental benefits, do you think they will have a problem eliminating your Social Security and Medicare. Do you think their philosophy is as such that they can flip a switch and suddenly be capable of finding jobs for the unemployed? Course not, that will not happen before, during, or after the Second coming of Christ.

Republican Candidates are Career Politicians. They are professional politicians who are experienced in Obstructionism, finding and maintaining Loop Holes for Lobbyist and contributors, and lately have acquired the art of ruining Country. They are individuals who have difficulty conceding. Compounding their recalcitrance, they have become a band and brand with the overwhelming desire to engage in Presidential cameo appearances. The latter day Republican candidates with their now exposed agenda are more likely to assist the unemployed into a tomb before finding him/her a building to work in.

To Anyone who can unequivocally articulate Romney’s position on Unemployment, Manufacturing Jobs, Deficit and Debt, Illegal Immigration, Abortion, Declining morality by our elected officials, Campaign Financing, Pakistan, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Uprising in the Middle East, Turmoil in Africa, inevitable conflict with Iran and North Korea, and the looming friction with China; I will give a dollar for their hard earned dime. The Presidential election of 2012, which began in 2008, will unfortunately be a “no contest”. The election will start and end after the Republican convention. It will be over except for the shouting or commentating.

In God we Trust. We are a Christian Nation.

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Romney for President
Virgopass is based in Englewood, Colorado, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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