Who Put the "Oink" in the Oink-Oinky-Doink

Who Put the "Oink" in the Oink-Oinky-Doink

Phoenix : AZ : USA | Apr 12, 2012 at 6:49 PM PDT
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I once knew a couple of real oinkers who did nothing all night but sit on the couch, graze on stinky food -- particularly some smelly foot ointment for food called "chorizo," and watch television all night...I mean 'no-brainer' TV made for a person with the mentality of an 8th grader.

Dancing with the Stars, XFactor, World's Biggest Loser, The Voice, American Idol, Nancy Grace, Celebrity Chef, Cake Boss, Kardashian histrionics, Old Oprah/New Oprah, Dr. Phil, Mo'Nique (chicken wangs and thangs), you know ... stuff made for TV zombeezies with nothing better to do with their time.

I would stay on the Internet day and night, trying to avoid a television set as much as possible, unless it was something from the olden days on TVLand. Bonanza, Andy Griffith, Frasier, back when people who actually had brains and could think for themselves watched.

When I was online, I could search for jobs, talk and chat with living human beings, read the news, find what I wanted to watch on TV and fine-tune to the approximate oldies but goodies and old movies, and discuss politics day and night with REAL LIVE politicians, and not just nutjobs like the ones of FOX (Faux) Reality Show Comedy Theater News TV.

Some idiot had the nerve enough to tell me he didn't understand "how" I could stay online all day and night. I didn't understand what kind of an idiot would stare at a television set all day and night myself.

It does nothing, says nothing, doesn't teach much of anything, and doesn't engage or challenge or change the world.

My online activities ended up with an engraved invitation to the White House inaugural ball in January 2009.

My online activities got me site-rated as a writer on some of the most important citizen journalist sites on the Internet, though I never get paid for the work. It is just fun to do.

My online activities help me to research, find out the latest news, do online advocacy, help others, afford me teaching opportunities, and help me to become a better writer.

Something a television set could never do.

It amazed me how different are the attitudes of people who are "in touch" and those who are out of touch because all they do is stare at something they can never have.

The Internet was mine to have and to hold, and to work on, work with, engage, find opportunities and to be able to do what I do best - talk with live folks from a safe distance.

You have to be a person who is interested in the real world and not the reality world to be online for so many hours a day.

But I learn a lot, I talk to people in different countries IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, I teach myself new things like computer coding, HTML, how to write short stories, edit books ... all the things I'll never be paid for, but which keep my mind occupied with about the only thing left in the world that makes any sense nowadays.

I thank my son for purchasing me a new laptop after my old one was stolen by known predatory lender RentACenter. He just paid for it and had it shipped to me. Real nice. Smooches.

There is a big difference between people who are flat rate ignorant; and those who are crazy, but at least intellectual. Most people I've met offline are flat rate ignorant. But the online society are where the "necessary geeks" are who love to keep their minds on the things in life that matter, and not on someone else's glitter, arse, and feets.

The Internet is about us true lifelong learners and searchers and researchers. TV is just for the ones in Hollylalaland ... for their millionaire loverboys who live off their money and only want to be looked at and admired day in and out. I could never figure out why anyone would want to stare at folks all day and night who are living off their dimes and nickels in the form of ratings.

I noted, however, that you can't have an intelligent conversation with a purebred inborn TV-gazer. They typically don't know much of anything important to talk about.


Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! If anyone is lame stream it would have to be her. Keith Olbermann Fan Page Wall Photos Sarah Palin showed up on the Today show this morning dressed in tight black pants (ho-clothes), a black top and large metallic belt. I wonder which wonderfully evil wardrobe person told her: “Dress like Catwoman!”

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Sarah 'I wanna be a star please; Palin
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  • 	Sarah 'I wanna be a star please; Palin


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