Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 16b)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 16b)

Cebu : Philippines | Apr 11, 2012 at 11:38 PM PDT
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Skooter reporting 04/12/12

A week after, RJ found himself standing in a lectern talking about his medical reports to a small panelist composed of leading neurosurgeons of Massachusetts. Half hour later as they continued listening to him, they noticed that the young gentleman was delivering his report in garbled talks.

The panelists were looking at each other in wonder. A what’s happening expression were painted on their faces. And in a matter of seconds the young doctor collapsed. They immediately brought him to the hospital. His presentation was aborted and the board decided to postpone it indefinitely until the young gentleman could recover.

Snow continued to drift outside the University Hospital. Kim sat near the window looking out sadly. She wore flesh colored sweater with green stripes on it. Her arms folded as she was thinking about the man she loved who was back in bed.

In a little while she heard whimpers coming from where RJ was rested. She turned about and surprisingly glad to see the man was back to consciousness. Rushing to his side she held his hand. She felt his hold gradually reciprocated. His warmness began to creep in her and that means he had already achieved normal circulation.

When he came in yesterday he was cold as an ice cube. Pallor was evident all over his body as if he had lost a lot of blood. Doctors checked on him, examined him thoroughly and at the end there was nothing wrong with him. They were puzzled at the time; there was nothing that they could do except to shake their heads in bewilderment. They then decided to give him a complete rest. A note was placed on the door of his room stating “No visitors allowed,” except Kimberly Bauer.

The woman asked him, “Hey, you’re okay?”

The man in bed opened his eyes, smiled and asked where he was. “Are you feeling well now?” Kim asked him again.

He responded with a nod. “Are you sure?” Off she took her stethoscope that was wrapped about her neck. She then checked his chest, his heart’s beat. She listened. He was all right. She put the instrument back about her neck.

Next she grabbed his wrist and pulsed him. After a while she dropped him and eventually said that he was okay, no problem. But she advised him not to get up yet letting him rest for another day.

She didn’t want to ask him what really happened that day. “You collapsed without caused,” she said.

The man stared at her. “Okay…” she said. “You’re all right now.”

. Kim touched him in the arm feeling his spirit. He was so hot as if his entire being was on fire. By then she realized as a psychic this man wasn’t RJ. This man wasn’t human. There was someone else inside RJ’s body.

Kim tried to touch him again on the arm. The moment her finger tips made contact, she withdrew her hand quickly. RJ was burning hot and she now confirmed that this wasn’t RJ.

What came into her mind was a good guess as anybody else. If that somebody is inside RJ’s body then where is his soul? This was the question which bother the woman. The pallor face of this man in bed smiled at her in a flat taste as if she was like a food without savor.

She back stepped once and took another step away from him. There was fear in her that this man inside the body of her lover might leap suddenly and choke her to death. The lying man remained still, not a single move. The man just kept looking at her with that wry smile on his pale face.

She looked around in all four corners of the room looking for the lost soul of her lover. “Where is he?” She whispered. “Oh my God, let him show at least to strengthen me and overcome this fear.”

As she looked about her tiny friends ‘the jinn appeared from nowhere, there were dozens of these little creatures suspended in the air. Little wings flattering as if they were fireflies minus their blowing tail lights for it was a bright cold day.

By their presence, she readily gathered strength and became bolder to face the hidden foe. She knew the jinn were there to rescue her from eminent danger. One of the little creatures flew over giving signals to her using their tiny arms where only she could understand. Her tiny friends told her to be on guard because the opponent has plans to destroy her or maimed her.

Using hand signals, the jinn said that they are there to back her up so she should not be afraid. She gave them a thumb up as a sign that she understood. The impostor sat up dropping his feet on the floor.

That ugly smile of his, she thought. That sharp look didn’t scare me, she said to herself. That purple eye by now fixed at her. Gone was his ugly smile, replaced by snarling countenance like a wild wolf ready to lurch on her.

As the mad man about to leap, unexpectedly he turned into a meek character the moment he heard her say, “You’re Antiochus, aren’t you?”

The supposed aggressor lost his aggressiveness and leaned his head to the left not understanding to what she said. A little bit confused he replied, “This is me, Ralph James, you follow me?. Why do you ask for Antiochus? You know I abhor the name.”

“I don’t believe you,” Kim replied. She insisted that he isn’t RJ because the RJ that she knew was a man of peace. “The way I observed you right now, you are totally not him.”

To be continued...

Author: Noel Horlanda

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The Archangels
skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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