Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 16a)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 16a)

Cebu : Philippines | Apr 08, 2012 at 1:04 AM PDT
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Skooter reporting 04/08/12

Kim was stunned from what she heard. “You’re actually RJ’s grandpa?”

The supernatural smiled although the woman couldn’t actually see his smile because he was faceless. Kim could only see his body outline engulfed by dazzling lights about him. She knew he gave her a fatherly smile.

Anxious to wake him up, she rushed to the bed but the ball of light stopped her.

Kim looked up, bewildered. The quivering light repeatedly said No.

“Why?” Kim protested. “What’s wrong waking him up? He’ll be glad to see you.”

“Just tell him the Antiochus that he knew is not a good mentor but a conniving ambitious angel. He is a very powerful supernatural being. He could change his appearance or form, he could deliver powerful blow to anyone that would try to stop him, he is a big liar, a deceiver, clever, smart freak. Just tell him that don’t be carried away or be fooled. He is not me. I will be right back and let you both see how I would destroy him.”

“If that is the case, you’re stronger than him, Henry James? I mean Chokmaiel. Kim said.

“I know it would be a hard fight but in the end I would prevail. You know why?”

The woman didn’t say anything. “The King…” The quivering light said. “He who is in the highest dimension would like to see him destroyed. And it is a great honor that I was designated as the destroyer of this great malady.”

His final word, “Just tell him that, Kim?” Then in a split second the quivery flame turned into a ball of fire soaring up in great speed.

Just as the disappearing ball of fire left the place, RJ flicked his eyes open and wondered why he was in bed. Kim sat on the edge of the bed and smoothed his head in a gentle manner. When the boy doctor was told that he had a high temperature the other night, he relaxed a little bit. He was also told that he was nearly frozen to death outside when a buzzard suddenly hit that night.

Yet Kim decided not to tell the incredible event that occurred that night. She told herself that she would only break the news when RJ was already well. Perhaps the next day or two that would be the right time, she said it with finality.

Twenty four hours later, the masked young doctor was in the operating room observing a complicated brain procedure. A couple of masked neurosurgeons were cutting a part of the skull with a special electric tool. RJ watched them seriously.

They were positive that they would be successful with their battle with aneurysm or a blood clot somewhere in the brain. They knew that only a small percentage of clients could survive this kind of surgical procedure.

The procedure took them eight hours from opening to closing the skull and at the end they surgeons and the client survived the ordeal.

RJ was busy making his medical report when someone knocked on the door. Kim peeped through the half open door. RJ told her to come in. Bashful, Kim decided not to, she could wait at the canteen.

“No…no…no, please come in.” He said not looking at her; he chose to finish his report first. Kim entered the room standing over his shoulder. The man gathered the papers and inserted it inside a brown envelope. He then pushed it aside and looked up at the woman, “What’s up?”

“I couldn’t help it…but I think I’ve something to tell you.” She said taking a seat facing him. RJ waited anxiously.

She talked to him in a slow manner careful not to excite the man. “I’m sorry honey, I wanted to talk to you about this when you were still in bed a couple of days ago. Remember?”

The man looked at her as if to say what now? “Try me…give me the breaking news.”

The woman chuckled a little bit. She extended her hand and touched him lightly on his forearm. “Well, you better listen well to this report.” She said smiling. “I finally met Henry James. The man you longed for.”

“What?” He rose from his chair. An unbelief expression on his face, “You’re kidding me…are you sure it was he?”

So she told him the whole incident that early morning Saturday. The man refuses to believe. His grandpa couldn’t appear to her in quivering light and heat and left the room in a speeding ball of fire. What is he? Some kind of a demon? He asked himself in silence.

Kim could read his facial expression. She knew him well, this man was very difficult to convince. So she asked him, “How would he present himself to you or to me? I mean in what way do you want him to appear then?”

RJ sat back on his chair. He had a confused mind and looked straight at the woman as if he was crazy. Kim stared back at him. “You want to picture him as an angel like your friend Antiochus who deceived you as your alleged coach, trainer, tutor whatever or some kind of a messiah to rescue you from an eminent danger, right?”

The man remained silent pondering about Henry James coming in as a fiery supernatural being. Again he heard the woman’s prattling. “You want him to be in a white regalia. Is that it?”

Kim left her chair and was laughing inside her about what she said to her lover. Then she heard him explaining, “Well… beings that comes in different dimension could masquerade themselves in a unique way.” He left his chair and began phasing around. He went on: “As you said, Antiochus has the power to appear in a different manner or in various get ups.. So what you saw that morning could be him. You follow me?”

“No I don’t follow you. But why…” Kim rebutted his statement. “…would he antagonized his own character? It would only complicate the matter. If you put it that way, then he was fighting against himself. Illogical isn’t it?”

The young man study himself and confirmed that the lady was right. “I didn’t think of that.” He replied.

“That Henry James of yours was telling the truth. I believed he is really the real McCoy.” Kim returned to her seat folding her arms in front. “Well…” She looked up at the standing young gentleman.

The gentleman looked at her admitting to her that it was well said. He asked her when he is coming back. She told him she didn’t know. She had a premonition that Henry James would come surprisingly at the time that his help would be needed. Kim told him that his grandpa was the anointed demolisher of Antiochus and he carried the name Chokmaiel.

To be continued...

Author: Noel Horlanda

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skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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