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Seattle : WA : USA | 2 years ago  
The most likely Republican nominee for the upcoming presidential election, Mitt Romney, has criticized President Barack Obama for keeping his policy on different issues secret....
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  • It's over, Romney is nominee

      Big News Network | 2 years ago
    It's over, and Mitt Romney is going to be the GOP nominee for president. That's the growing consensus among Republican National Committee members who will automatically attend the party's national convention this summer and can support any candidate...
  • Isn't it 'marvelous?' Obama seeks to define Romney for voters

      Reuters | 2 years ago
    Topics President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the White House Forum on Women and the Economy in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington April 6, 2012. When President Barack Obama criticized Mitt Romney by name this week for...
  • The Caucus: The Early Word: National Security

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    Garrett Jackson is Mitt Romney's body man, seeing to his every need and helping to keep him on time. President Obama on Friday emphasized the last three months of job creation while Mitt Romney argued that Mr. Obama has been a failed economic steward.
  • Obama reaches out to female voters

      Los Angeles Times | 2 years ago
    President Obama tried to burnish his credentials with a crucial group of voters Friday, saying his administration would do more forwomen's health and economic status than his Republican opponents. Speaking at a White House forum on women in the...
  • Ann Romney Stars in New Campaign Video

      KSAZ | 2 years ago
    As the Republican candidates took a break from courting voters for the holiday weekend, Mitt Romney's campaign released a video Friday featuring the candidate's popular wife and some humanizing details about raising their five boys. The video shows...
  • Rasmussen Column: And They Wonder Why Voters Are Angry

      Newsbusters | 2 years ago
    As Mitt Romney assumes the role of presumptive Republican nominee, polls suggest a competitive general election matchup between the former Massachusetts governor and President Obama. Typically, both candidates poll in the mid-40s, while 10 to 12...
  • Campaigns Gird for Battleground States

      Asian Wall Street Journal | 2 years ago
    Spring is barely here, but the fall presidential campaign is now under way, with Republicans and Democrats focusing this week on the general-election campaign. Mitt Romney hasn't clinched the GOP nomination, but with a commanding delegate lead and a...
  • The Caucus: Seizing on Report, Romney Says Obama Jobs Policies Failed

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    On a subject that is intended to be the center of his campaign, Mitt Romney attacked President Obama on Friday for what he called the weak and very troubling jobs report. The United States economy added a relatively weak 120,000 jobs in March,...
  • On Jobs, Obama and Romney Argue Over Fullness of the Glass

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    Speaking at a White House forum on women and the economy, Mr. Obama accentuated the positive elements of a report that showed persistent weaknesses in the job market. The unemployment rate, he said, ticked down, while the United States added 600,000...
  • Obama: Women are not an interest group

      Minneapolis Star Tribune | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama says women should not be reduced to a political interest group but rather respected as a driving force in the economy. Obama spoke at a White House forum on women's issues as debate intensifies about the role women will be play...
  • Obama's new word: Romney

      USA Today | 2 years ago
    For months, Obama avoided using the name of Mitt Romney or other Republican presidential candidates. But now he is zeroing in on his likely opponent this fall. "I gave a speech on Tuesday about the congressional budget that's been proposed by the...
  • Obama team slams Romney over financials

      News 24 | 2 years ago
    US President Barack Obama's camp accused Republican foe Mitt Romney of hiding his finances in a "black box" following a report he used an ethics loophole to avoid offering details of some earnings. The Washington Post report unleashed a new spat...
  • Obama campaign: Romney ‘put his finances in a black box and hid the key'

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney has put his personal financial assets in a black box and hid the key attempting to play by a different set of rules than any candidate in recent history, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said in a statement. In fact, Mitt Romney's own...
  • Stuck on demagoguery

      The Washington Times | 2 years ago
    President Obama 's all-out class-warfare attack against Republicans Tuesday was a shameful litany of excuses that included blaming all of his fiscal failures on George W...His speech to the nation's news editors, which accused the GOP of budget cuts...
  • News organizations protest closure of Guantanamo hearing

      Miami Herald | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney is sharpening his focus on President Barack Obama and broadening his pitch to independents and Democrats. He has more security around him, his campaign team is growing and his crowds appear more excited to see him. It's a different world...
  • New world for Romney, the all-but-certain nominee

      Virginian-Pilot Online | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney is sharpening his focus on President Barack Obama and broadening his pitch to independents and Democrats. He has more security around him, his campaign team is growing and his crowds appear more excited to see him. It's a different world...
  • Opinion: Romney-Obama - a contrast in style

      Cliffside Park Citizen | 2 years ago
    Wednesday to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, word emerged that the Republican presidential front-runner would not allow photographers to get closer than 150 feet while he spoke. The journalists protested, noting that President Obama,...
  • How Romney Fibs—And Gets Away With It

      Mother Jones | 2 years ago
    These were some of the headlines accompanying media reports of Mitt Romney's speech to the Newspaper Association of America on Wednesday. The GOP frontrunner's address was a harsh assault on President Barack Obama and marked another effort on Mitt...
  • Crimson on Crimson Crime! Harvard Graduate Romney Accuses Obama of Going to ...

      Vanity Fair | 2 years ago
    Harvard Graduate Romney Accuses Obama of Going to Harvard Mitt Romney, having evidently abandoned his quest to characterize Barack Obama as the hide-and-seek candidate, will now try to paint the sitting president as the Harvard candidate. Obama too...
  • Romney plays down chances in Pennsylvania primary

      Washington Post | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney toured his Pennsylvania state headquarters and made phone calls to voters Thursday in his first swing into his rival Rick Santorum's home state in almost a year, playing down his chances of winning the state's upcoming primary but...
  • Romney accuses Obama of 'hide-and-seek' campaign

      Taiwan News | 2 years ago
    Likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have begun testing lines of attack as they prepare for an expensive and arduous political battle over the seven months between now and the Nov. 6 election.
  • Obama, Romney struggle to feel the pain

      News 24 | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney have racked up a string of awkward moments while wooing voters in the hurting US heartland. But the White House race between the two likely foes may boil down to a question of which of the millionaire...
  • Obama's team launches ad campaign against Romney

      Indian Express | 2 years ago
    Notably Romney is still technically one of the four Republican candidate in the race, but this was the most direct attack that Obama's official campaign has launched against the former Governor of Massachusetts. A new video that hit the internet...
  • Triumphant Romney targets Obama

      Daily News & Analysis | 2 years ago
    The US presidential race effectively began yesterday (Wednesday) after another trio of state primary wins for Mitt Romney saw his aides declare victory in the Republican race to take on President Barack Obama. After Obama attacked him by name for the...
  • Romney Says Obama Hides His Agenda

      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | 2 years ago
    The day after his clean sweep of three Republican primaries, Mitt Romney attacked President Obama on Wednesday for a "hide-and-seek campaign" that disguises his real intentions on the budget, foreign policy, energy and other policy touchstones.
  • Mitt Romney accuses Obama of 'hiding' his intent

      Los Angeles Times | 2 years ago
    Before he took his campaign for the Republican nomination to the next primary battleground in Pennsylvania, Mitt Romney used the same Washington stage where President Obama had spoken a day before to accuse his likely general election rival of plans...
  • Romney slams Obama's comments to Medvedev

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    GOP frontrunner questions US president's accountability to American public after Obama overheard talking to Russian president. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney raised questions about US President Barack Obama's approach to foreign...
  • The Caucus: Santorum Links Obama and Romney on Gun Policies

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney said that President Obama's recent remarks call his candor into serious question. Advisers to Rick Santorum acknowledged that the road ahead is a lot steeper and more pot-holed now after Mitt Romney's three-primary sweep on Tuesday. The...
  • Romney sharpens his attack, says Obama is running a ‘hide-and-seek campaign'...

      Washington Post | 2 years ago
    Obama came here yesterday and railed against arguments no one is making, and criticized policies no one is proposing. It's one of his favorite strategies setting up a straw man to distract us from his record, the former Massachusetts governor told...
  • Romney questions Obama's candor in election year

      USA Today | 2 years ago
    Romney accused Obama of running a "hide-and-seek campaign" replete with lies about Republicans' policy proposals, coddling of foreign leaders and "a series of election-year conversions." His barbs came just hours after he captured a trio of GOP...
  • Finance expert says speculators are behind high oil and gasoline prices

      Miami Herald | 2 years ago
    The dust-up over President Barack Obama's health care law and his comments about the Supreme Court's review of it amount to a civics lesson wrapped in a political uproar...With the Republican presidential nomination more firmly in hand after his...
  • Romney accuses Obama of 'hide-and-seek' campaign

      Seattle Times | 2 years ago
    Originally published Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 4:35 AM Romney accuses Obama of 'hide-and-seek' campaign Mitt Romney unleashed a strong attack on President Barack Obama's truthfulness Wednesday, accusing him of running a "hide-and-seek" re-election...
  • Romney questions Obama's candor on range of issues

      SF Gate | 2 years ago
    Spencer Green / AP Republican Presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney declares victory in the Wisconsin presidential primary, Tuesday, April 3, 2012, at the Grain Exchange in Milwaukee. AP) -- Republican presidential challenger...
  • Mitt Romney: prevailing at a price | editorial

      The Guardian | 2 years ago
    Editorial Plenty of primaries remain to be settled in the US Republican party's presidential nomination race. Among them is the largest prize of all, California on 5 June. Before then, there is a showdown on 24 April in Pennsylvania, home state of...
  • Mitt Romney Hits Out at Barack Obama; Accuses Him of Hiding His True ...

      International Business Times | 2 years ago
    Articles The former Massachusetts governor, who is on the verge of clinching the Republican nomination to face off Obama in the United States of America's November presidential election, quoted Obama's recent remark to Russian President Dmitry...
  • Romney Blasts Obama's Rhetoric as Editors Look On

      Truthdig | 2 years ago
    Apr 4, 2012 Mitt Romney sure is acting like a man who has it in the bag, and he practically does after racking up more wins lately in the GOP primary sweepstakes. That means, of course, that it's time to show President Obama what he's got, and on...
  • Romney accuses Obama of evasion

      The Tribune | 2 years ago
    Romney, Obama gloss over realities Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama on Wednesday of inflicting a "government takeover of health care" on Americans, even though Obama's law is closely modeled on the plan...
  • With new momentum, Romney accuses Obama of hiding

      Reuters | 2 years ago
    Topics Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney gestures during the Newspaper Association of America/American Society of Newspaper Editors annual luncheon in Washington, April 4, 2012. Republican candidate Mitt Romney accused President Barack...
  • Obama aides: Romney talk not campaign speech

      USA Today | 2 years ago
    Speech citing Romney not a campaign event Updated President Obama delivered a harsh critique yesterday of the proposed Republican budget -- and Mitt Romney's support of it -- but aides say it was not a campaign speech. "The president yesterday gave a...
  • Romney pushes closer to Republican nomination

      Taiwan News | 2 years ago
    Republican front-runner Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are trading rhetorical punches as though the former Massachusetts governor has already locked up his party's nomination. That appeared ever more certain after Romney swept to victory...
  • Romney Accuses Obama of Hiding Agenda

      Asian Wall Street Journal | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney accused Obama of "rhetorical excess" and of muddling his second-term agenda in order to win election. A new batch of counterfeit Avastin circulating in the U.S. traveled from Turkey and the U.K. before arriving in the U.S., Britain's...
  • Romney accuses Obama of hiding; calls him 'hide-and-seek' president

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    Speaking to a conference of news editors, Romney laid out a choice between himself and Obama in a speech that signaled his focus has shifted to the general election. He also used his remarks to contrast his own background and detailed economic plan...
  • Romney slams Obama as ‘anti-business'

      MarketWatch | 2 years ago
    Republican candidate Mitt Romney delivered a blistering attack on President Barack Obama's record in office, calling it anti-business, anti-investment and anti-jobs. Fresh from three state-primary wins on Tuesday night that further solidify his...
  • Romney Says Obama Is Hiding His True Policy Aims

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    Appearing before a group of journalists that had hosted the president on Tuesday, Mr. Romney began by recalling Mr. Obama's recent comment to Russia's leader, in a moment picked up by a live microphone, that his flexibility on foreign policy would...
  • Oil war, Part 4: Obama campaign takes a turn attacking Romney and ‘Big Oil'

      Washington Post | 2 years ago
    Under President Obama, domestic oil production is at an eight-year high...Because he's fighting to end their tax breaks, he's raising mileage standards and doubling renewable energy. In all these fights, Mitt Romney stood with Big Oil' -- for their...
  • Mitt Romney accuses Obama of waging 'hide and seek' campaign

      Los Angeles Times | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney , speaking on the same stage that President Obama used a day earlier to launch a blistering attack on the GOP , returned fire by accusing the president of "rhetorical excess" and using "straw men to distract from his record." The former...
  • Live Blog: Romney Talks To News Editors

      National Public Radio | 2 years ago
    On the heels of his three-state sweep in Tuesday's primaries , GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney is this noon taking to the same stage where President Obama yesterday delivered some sharp words about the former Massachusetts governor and other...
  • Romney graduates from front-runner to underdog

      Jerusalem Post | 2 years ago
    Former Massachusetts governor faces well-funded opponent who travels to events by Air Force One. With a sweep of three presidential primaries on Tuesday, Mitt Romney graduated from Republican front-runner to underdog in a November match-up against US...
  • Female vote crucial for Obama, Romney

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    In the wake of the divisive contraception battlewhich recently helped bolster Obama among women in a string of polls in a dozen swing states-- Republicans say Romney needs to turn to spending issues which resound with a large swath of the electorate.
  • Obama campaign video claiming 'it's on' in second term taken down

      Fox News | 2 years ago
    The Obama campaign apparently has taken down a web video that featured an actress touting the fact the incumbent president wouldn't "have to worry" about re-election in a second term.  The video on the Obama campaign site was first reported on...

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