Watch High School Full Movie 2012 Online

Watch High School Full Movie 2012 Online

Kingston : Jamaica | Apr 04, 2012 at 2:23 AM PDT
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Golkonda High School is in the verge of extinction as the trustees want to make money since it is a good real estate property. Board’s Trustee Kireeet (Subbaraju) comes up with a proposal of turning the playground into a coaching center. Principal Viswanath (Tanikella Bharani) opposes to that proposal vehemently. Kireet then asks the principal to show results if he wants to retain playground. Viswanath comes up with the proposal that playground should be retained if GHS’s cricket team manages to win AP level league tournament. Principal Viswanath summons for his former student Sampath (Sumanth) - an idealist who leads a dejected life. Sampath joins GHS as the cricket coach and he has three months to convert the disoriented GHS cricket team of 14 students into champions. The rest of the story is all about how he coaches GHS team to victory and in the process how he is gets his redemption.

Let’s face it, we exist as a generation that has grown up on stoner comedies. There have been drugs in our movies since before we were off the teet. And as a generation — I’m speaking to people in their 20s at this point — we have loved films like Dazed and Confused and Half Baked. Parallel to that cinematic part of our generational upbringing is the fact that most of us grew up in the institution of John Hughes. So it begs the question: what would happen if someone who was influenced by both made a movie? Perhaps, a high school movie about pot, but not just about pot? The answer is simple: you’d get John Stalberg’s High School.High School follows the story of a soon-to-be valedictorian named Henry Burke (Matt Bush, Adventureland). He’s only a few days from finishing off his perfect high school career at the top of his class, but a chance encounter with the school’s burnout, Travis Breaux (Sean Marquette, American Son). The day before a lurid drug scandal sends their dictatorish headmaster Dr. Leslie Gordon (played brilliantly by Michael Chiklis) on a tirade to drug test the whole school and get rid of the problem forever, Breaux convinces Henry to take a hit of the chronic.

They soon realize that they’re in a great deal of trouble, and that Henry’s entire life is about to come crashing down. So they do what any resourceful pair of high schoolers would do. They steal a highly potent THC extract from an insanely tattooed drug dealer named Psycho Ed (Adrien Brody) and set off on a plot to get the entire school stoned on the day of testing. And it’s clear up front that these gentlemen are setting out on a plot that will further prove the Chaos theory, in which everything that can go wrong certainly will.As I mentioned, we’ve all seen our share of stoner comedies. But there’s something different about High School. From the first shot of Chuck star Julia Ling as a spelling bee champion who tokes up before the big competition, only to ignite the school’s biggest scandal, we know that there’s something cool and intense about this film. Then later, as several ridiculous, memorable characters are thrust into the world of Henry and Breaux, we find that under the surface, High School is a really good coming of age buddy tale that is set on an absurd plane and run amok under the influence of the stinky green. And its fucking entertaining, through and through.Most of its entertainment value (and humor) comes from the chemistry between Sean Marquette and Matt Bush. Their characters are in constant conflict based on their social and academic stations, which lends to more than a few funny exchanges (including, but not limited to Sean Marquette unleashing a priceless Jamaican accent, inexplicably). With these two roles cast right and executed well, it leaves room for a host of secondary characters to come in and shine.

Chief among the secondary characters is Adrien Brody as Psycho Ed. His performance is completely unhinged in a way that we’ve never seen before from Brody. Even at his most comedic in films such as The Brothers Bloom and The Darjeeling Limited, Brody was nothing like this. He’s tattooed, perpetually stoned and cuts right through the movie with his blood-shot, wide-eyed intensity. He’s the centerpiece to a buffet of absurdity. Absurdity that includes Colin Hanks (as the Assistant Dean) and a slo-mo Cheez-it experience, and Lisa Simpson voicer Yeardly Smith as a teacher with a very… unique fantasy about Brian Adams. (You need to see it to believe it, trust me).On the other side of the spectrum is Michael Chiklis, whose work in this movie I was not even aware of until the closing credits. That’s not to say that he has a small role. Dr. Leslie Gordon is the film’s primary antagonist. It is simply that Chiklis disappears into the role of Gordon and washes away any trace of any character we’ve ever seen from him. Gordon is a prim, proper homage to the likes of Jeffrey Jones’ Ed Rooney in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Except that Gordon fancies himself a bit more high class, and possibly Shakespearean. If there were an award here at Sundance for the most immersed performance (and there should be), Chiklis would win hands down. Movie In HD

In the end, first time feature director Stalberg has made a quantum leap from the short-form of directing commercials to create a stoner comedy worthy of being mentioned in the same paragraph as both Dazed and Confused and the great John Hughes. It’s funny, unpredictable and filled with performances that are as bankable as they big name stars who’ve disappeared into them. It is a well-rounded affair, with detail-oriented set design and a score that brings a fever-pitched intensity, appropriately signaling the many epic confrontations between good and evil, stoner and square. For a movie that could also be easily labeled (though shouldn’t just be labeled) a “stoner comedy,” I think that’s about as good as it gets.It is about a school going student who keeps ogling at an older woman dressed in scanty clothes in the opposite apartment through his telescope. He falls in love with her and wants to marry her. The scandalized parents confront her and she apparently gives them a lamba chauda lecture on parenting but unable to ward off his advances she tells him to convince his parents first and approach her. While this plan doesn't work she informs the school going boy that she is soon getting married to her boyfriend and one fine day while the older woman and her boyfriend are having an altercation, the latter is hit by the student. He dies on the spot and the older woman takes the blame on herself as she doesn't want his career to get spoiled and goes to the jail.

In order to prove to the parents and the audience the boy grows up, picks up law as his subject, turns into an advocate and fights the older woman's case in the court. There are sea changes in the boy, he's grown tall, he looks sane, mellowed and matured but the older woman looks 'appealing' in the jail clothes, still young with no trace of grey in her hair. That is actually the opening scene, the woman asking the advocate why he is fighting her case and who he is. The boy who is now a young man has parents complimenting him, appreciating him for standing up for his love. They were the same people who reprimanded him for smelling her clothes from her cupboard.The director wanted to bring to the fore the peer pressure of a student, the need to have a girl friend. He being bespectacled and having ungainly looks develops a complex but is shown on the screen as a pervert. We can vouch that the directors intentions are not noble as the older woman is shown as being a temptress, encouraging the student to have a gala time with her and then slapping him when he proposes to her. None of the characters lack meaning and conviction, and the director himself clearly has no sense of purpose, he merely wanted to titillate the audiences, gain publicity and cheap publicity to run his film when there is nothing absolutely vulgar after the censor cuts have been made. The content has been copied from various films and in the garb of giving a story and he has succeeded in gaining publicity. But the most objectionable part of the film is the older woman going to restaurants, parks, eating ice creams, cracking senseless jokes, giggling at the drop of a hat, wearing revealing clothes and behaving like a paramour to the student when he is still dressed in a school uniform.

The message he finally gives is that age is no bar, love is important. The director is clearly frustrated and in the guise of making a message oriented film makes a soft porn that is clearly intended to misguide youth. Such films need..not audience but scorn and contempt. A technical disaster and a film that creates juvenile delinquents. Sad that the police and even the distributors, exhibitors of the film are involved in screening it despite a stay order from the high court.

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