Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 15b)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 15b)

Cebu : Philippines | Mar 30, 2012 at 6:18 PM PDT
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Doctor Ptolemy

Skooter reporting 03/31/12

And as the beast leaped without hesitation, she threw the vial on the beast. The vial instantly exploded on the chest of the centaur. So that he flew over the lab tables violently. Glass equipment crashed noisily on the concrete floor. Then she saw the beast hit against a blank wall. It was a great impact so that Ptolemy slid against the wall as if he was liquid dirt dripping down the floor.

Kim didn’t move yet. She waited if the beast would rise again. A few minutes more Ptolemy seemed to be finished. The beast was finished, Kim thought. The fearless lady doctor felt great, victory for her and RJ. That was her feeling. She moved closer to the now unrecognizable creature who was once a proud manhorse.

Kim was sure now that the beast was finished. She readily went out of the laboratory room in a happy mood. She would announce her triumph to RJ telling him that Jamila’s vials worked on Ptolemy.

Once outside she met two strangers who swiftly passed by her. Her sight followed them and saw them entered the lab. Kim wondered who they were and follow them inside. Standing by the door she curiously asked who they are. The two strangers turned around, looking straight at her and replied, “Where here looking for the boy doctor. Do you know where he is?”

Before the woman could answer Ghedoria, the other stranger excitedly said, “if I’m not mistaken you’re the girlfriend of the boy doctor.”

Ghedoria slipped in, “Are you?”

“Are you talking about RJ?” Kim said.

“You hit the nail right on the head.” Savaniah said. “Can you tell us where he is now?” Ghedoria seriously asked. Kim hesitated and doubted whether she was going to trust them. Then she told them she didn’t know where he is. Savaniah knew the woman was lying and so he told her that they were his friends.

“Oh, is that so?” Kim smiled wryly. “Are you sure you don’t have any link with Antiochus?” The two strangers covertly looked at each other and Ghedoria smiled at her.

“So you know Antiriah. Actually he is the guy that we’re looking for.”

“Then why are you seeking for the boy doctor?” Kim was on guard this time dubious of the strangers, not believing that they are friends but enemies. She was ready to use what she had in her memory. She had memorized what she had written on that piece of paper. The woman was determined to use it for she had no other choice.

The strangers stretched their necks liked ostriches when they saw who was at the door. She didn’t buy their gimmick, she remained facing at the duo. Then they heard RJ, “You again, you’re back.”

The strangers were happy to see the boy doctor and headed towards him leaving the woman in astonishment. The boy doctor said smiling, “You’re just in time, fellas.” But to his surprise, Savaniah stared hard at him and the next thing RJ knew his hands were immobilized as if he was handcuffed.

“Hey what are you doing?” RJ cried and wriggled to free himself. “Antiriah is within you, boy.” Ghedoriah quickly said. “Antiriah, be steady, this will not take long.”

Meantime, Kim went into action to defend RJ. She closed her eyes, began to meditate and chanted undecipherable words. RJ at this moment tried to reach the vial inside his pocket while Savaniah got hold of his arm and was about to apply the hi-tech weapon that would supposed to put him to sleep.

“Hang on,” Ghedoria changed his mind. “Antiriah is not inside, the boy is clean.”

“You mean this boy is not possessed?” Savaniah looked up at his partner. The other man was seemingly looking through RJ’s frail body. Finding there was no one within, he released the boy doctor. He then apologized to RJ and so with his doubting partner. Kim opened her eyes, watching them for a while but a little bit shock of what was going on. She stopped meditating and began to ask, “Are you with us or the other way around?”

RJ at this moment was furiously sweating and at the same time was fuming mad. He told the strangers that he too wanted to destroy Antiochus and be completely gone from his life.

“That man you are looking for is not building my bright future but is going to ruin me.” He said angrily. He had enough already of Antiochus so he asked them if they were going to help him. The boy doctor wanted to get their names again and where they from. The strangers made known themselves to Kim and Ralph James. They gave the name of the world where they came from and told everything what Antiochus had done to their world.


RJ looked at the other vial that was in his position. Staring at it he said, “Would this also work against Antiochus?” He looked at Kim. The two strangers just sat there looking at RJ.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Kim replied. “Why not give it a try?”

Ghedoria asked, “You mean you can summon Antiriah?”

“Sure…” He looked back at the stranger. “I can bring him anytime I wish.”

Savaniah replied, “then you can make our job easier.”

That night the couple waited for Antiochus. He already summoned him twice to come out and appear before him. It took half an hour before the guest revealed himself in the way he was, a spirit. Wearing in white toga he smiled at his ward and his girlfriend. He raised his hand to greet them. Then he asked what they want from him. RJ told him that he just wanted to talk to him. When he mentioned the name of Ptolemy, Kim noticed the eye of the guest ticked.

“How did you know him?” Antiochus asked in surprised.

“He nearly killed me.” It was Kim who answered.

The more he was surprised at this news and then, “Oh really? For what reason, my dear?”

“For the same reason what you and your friend did to Jamila, Toni and Patrick too.” She said angrily.

“I know Jamila and Toni but Patrick is a new name to me.”

“Come on Antiochus,” RJ said. “You did ask Ptolemy to do your dirty work, aren’t you?”

“Hey, hang on.” Antiochus demanded. His face reddened in the verge of anger. “I admit Ptolemy is a friend of mine but…” He phased about the room, hands behind his back as if he was lecturing them. “Good Lord, I didn’t ask him to murder those people. If I did then I’ll not be in this high level.”

He stopped walking around and continued, “I love where I am now, why should I do that?”

“I don’t care where you are now,” Kim held her anger and said, “You are a liar, a big liar. Your friend told me that it was you…you ordered him to let Jamila die in hunger and brutally threatened the Robinson couple. Surely you know where the couple are now.”

Antiochus continued to move as he shook his head. “You’re wrong. Both of you are wrong. As I said, I didn’t want to antagonize my present level whilst I would lose it. It’s too difficult t o regain this level once you lost it. You understand?”

The couple shook their heads; they didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Don’t be silly.” Kim said. “And don’t fool us.”

RJ looked hard at his once mentor. “Tell me sir, who are you really?” The other man issued a wry smile, his nearly dried facial skin creased on both cheeks. Feeling exhausted he said, “As I have said many times that I am Antiochus, Alexander’s personal physician.”

“No…” Kim came in ponderous tone. “You’re not a physician…liar?” RJ understood her for he knew his woman was clairvoyant. Antiochus knew too who she was but he didn’t believe her that she could tell who he was and his history background.

Antiochus sat still studying her facial expression. By looking at her alone he could tell that she was making gimmicks in order to lure him into her trap. It was a snare, he thought. On guard by now, he was careful not to be carried by her whims.

“I know who you really are.” Kim went on. “You are Antiochus IV the great grandson of Celeceus one of Alexander’s general. Celeceus ruled Syria after the death of Alexander. He was called the King of the North. You took power and became the world’s most cruel ruler during your time. You killed thousands of innocent people mostly in Israel. You have them executed because of their strange beliefs which you thought foolish and outrageous. And at the end you lost your kingdom when the Romans invaded Syria.”

This time the man in white had a stony face, the smile that was in his leathery face vanished. His hands formed into a tight fist, a sign which Kim knew that the man was in the verge of anger. The truth hurts him, Kim realized that and she was prepared to counter if the man was ready to attack her or RJ.

Kim covertly looked at RJ, there eyes met and understood each other. Yes, RJ was ready to meet the man in white. When they heard Antiochus saying, “You’re still wrong, you don’t know me pretty well.”

He looked at his ward. “RJ you believe her fairy tale?”

The young man responded, “Why not? She is good in world history. Didn’t you know that?” He turned to Kim with a grin. The lovely lady doctor returned his clever smile. “I tell you what,” the boy doctor continued. “In death you are still cruel, abominable to the world where you’ve been.”

“What are you talking about?” RJ waved a hand in disgust and said, “Forget it.”

“You’re both crazy.” Antiochus rose from his chair. “I’m a doctor that’s why I chose you as my ward because I want you to be a famous one just like me during my time. Your grandfather who…”

The couple looked surprisingly upon hearing the unfinished statement. “What about my grandfather?” RJ said leaving his chair. “Look, I don’t understand. You said you were the personal physician of Alexander the Great and then you suddenly become my what…?”

Antiochus started to leave them waving his hand in the air and mumbled, “Forget it, young man.”

RJ yelled at the man to stop but then Ghedoriah and Savaniah reappeared. Antiriah saw them and disappeared and so with the Kalaonian agents. RJ and Kim thought they were pursuing their wanted man.

To be continued...

Author: Noel Horlanda

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skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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