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Ramallah : Palestine | over 2 years ago  
How rational is it to believe that a Palestinian state is achievable within the context of the two states solution? Is there a real process in place that may lead to the establishment...
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  • Israeli Officials Denounce Move by U.N. Rights Council

      The New York Times | over 2 years ago
    Israeli officials here called the council resolution seeking the inquiry a new source of friction between Israel and the Palestinian leadership, but the Western-backed Palestinian Authority welcomed it. Neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis are...
  • Boycott Beinart (and Visit Judea and Samaria)!

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | over 2 years ago
    Posted by  Orit Arfa Follow on In his now infamous op-ed in The New York Times , Peter Beinart has called for a boycott of Jewish creativity and productivity in Judea and Samaria. What he may or may not realize is that his faulty...
  • Small amounts of Israeli fuel reaching Gaza | over 2 years ago
    Palestinians wait to fill up canisters with fuel at a gas station in Gaza City, Wednesday, March 21, 2012. A test of wills between Egypt and Gaza's Hamas government has produced the worst energy crisis here in years: Gazans are enduring 18-hour-a-day...
  • Israel's first 'Slutwalk' protest hits the streets of Tel Aviv

      Haaretz | over 2 years ago People and Departments UI by Netcraft Design by Design Factory Accelerated by cotendo, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East. provides extensive and in-...
  • UK agency bans ad promoting northern Israel

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    Britain's Advertising Standards Authority has ordered the Israeli Government Tourist Office not to repeat an advertisement for a book promoting northern Israel. In the ad published in November, a map showed a dotted line around the Golan Heights,...
  • PCHR Weekly: “Army Conducts 56 Invasions Into W. Bank, 1 In Gaza”

      International Middle East Media Center | over 2 years ago
    Gaza, published its weekly report on Israeli violations against the Palestinians in the occupied territory for the period between March 15-21, 2012, revealing that Israeli soldiers carried out 56 invasions into West Bank communities and a limited...
  • Netanyahu says UN rights council 'hypocritical'

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday slammed as "hypocritical" a UN Human Rights Council resolution, which ordered a first probe into Israeli settlements. "This council has an automatic majority hostile to Israel and is hypocritical,"...
  • Opinion: Beinart's boycott plan deals a blow to peace bid

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | over 2 years ago
    March 22, 2012 Beinart's boycott plan deals a blow to peace bid by Steven Bayme, JTA Far from charting a path toward peace for Israelis and Palestinians, Peter Beinart's advice, boycott the settlements to save Israel, would make peace far less likely.
  • UN Human Rights Council Calls For Investigation Of Israeli Settlements

      International Middle East Media Center | over 2 years ago
    Arabs48 The resolution was passed with 36 votes, while 10 stated absented, and the United States was singled itself out as the only country that voted against it. The resolution was presented by the Pakistani envoy to the Council who slammed Israel...
  • Netanyahu calls Human Rights Council decision ‘hypocritical'

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | over 2 years ago
    March 22, 2012 Netanyahu calls Human Rights Council decision hypocritical' Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at a U.N. Human Rights Council decision to investigate Jewish settlements , calling it hypocritical and detached from...
  • Israel: Segregation, discrimination and forced displacement

      War In Context | over 2 years ago
    Israeli policies in terms of apartheid, as part of their published [PDF] observations following a regular review. Affirming the kind of analysis that Israel's advocates try to dismiss as lies or rhetorical excess, the Committee slammed Israel for...
  • Hamas, Fatah supporters unite for reconciliation

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    Organizers said that that Thursday's protest marked the launching of a large-scale popular campaign to exert pressure on Fatah and Hamas to set their differences aside and implement the recent Qatari-brokered reconciliation deal between Palestinian...
  • Palestinian refugee schoolgirls study hard for an uncertain future

      The Guardian | over 2 years ago There has been a girls' school at Irbid refugee camp in northern Jordan since 1952. No one could tell me how many girls attended the school at that time, but now it operates a shift system to cope with demand. About 850 girls attend...
  • The sensible Palestinian statehood plan

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    The Daily Star Palestinians have recently been developing a peaceful multilevel strategy to achieve their national goals of a negotiated peace agreement with Israel, an end to the occupation, and the creation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967...
  • World Bank calls on Israel to ease West Bank restrictions

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    The World Bank warned Monday that continued economic growth in the occupied West Bank would depend on Israel taking further steps to lift restrictions on movement. The fiscal position of the [Palestinian Authority] remains precarious. Despite...
  • The Shamrak Report

      Magic City Morning Star | over 2 years ago
    Halevi On March 12, 2012, Dr. Mohamed Al-Saed Idris, Chairman of the Arab Affairs Committee in the new Egyptian Parliament, presented the committee's official outline of Egypt's regional policy. The committee's operative recommendations called for an...
  • “Restricted Hopes” Discussed in the UN Human Rights Council

      Scoop | over 2 years ago
    Miss Amani Senwar, presented a detailed explanation on the major human rights violations committed by Israel, in light of the recent escalation in the Gaza Strip. The statement summarized the suffering of the population in the occupied territories in...
  • Fuel, Power, Crisis Posing Serious Health Risks In Gaza

      International Middle East Media Center | over 2 years ago
    Several Palestinian media outlets reported that there are differences in opinions, and arguments, between Hamas leaders, and leaders of the Hamas-led government in Gaza, who also traded accusations of responsibility for this issue. On the ground,...
  • What Palestinian Political Prisoners Are Fighting For

      Scoop | over 2 years ago
    This is the strength that was squandered and dissipated in the Oslo process and the pursuit of a state at the expense of national liberation. With his historic hunger strike and his heroic resolve in his fight against the occupying state, Adnan has...
  • Israel's Arabs, living a paradox

      The Washington Times | over 2 years ago
    Can Arabs, who make up one-fifth of Israel 's population, be loyal citizens of the Jewish state? With this question in mind, I recently visited several Arab-inhabited regions of Israel (Jaffa, Baqa al-Gharbiya, Umm al-Fahm, Haifa, Acre, Nazareth, the...
  • Gaza is Dying!

      Scoop | over 2 years ago
    We condemn in the strongest possible terms the Israeli war crimes committed against our people in the Gaza Strip. We call on the international community and the Arab and Islamic worlds to take up their responsibility to protect the Palestinian people...
  • The Nightmare Won't End in Toulouse

      Truthdig | over 2 years ago
    Mar 21, 2012 The horrific chain of seven slayings in Toulouse, France, that have stunned that country could have been lifted directly from a television thriller. In fact, this whole terrible affair has been a nightmare scenario that for decades has...
  • The problem with going negative

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    Some are saying that it's now time for Israel supporters to go on the offensive and accuse Arab countries of apartheid. Efraim Karsh, for example, argues that Rather than engage in incessant apologetics... Israel should adopt a proactive strategy...
  • Will US Jews vote for Barack Obama in 2012?

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    Israel has never been a partisan issue in American politics until now. The candidates for the Republican nomination (except Ron Paul, who does not stand a chance anyway) have been outdoing themselves in touting their pro-Israel agenda, and in...
  • Opinion: Syrians need us

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | over 2 years ago
    March 21, 2012 Syrians need us It's time for us to act for Syria. It's been one year since the start of the Syrian revolution, and the organized Jewish community is still sitting on its collective thumbs, acting as if the turmoil is not its issue,...
  • Egypt?s Brotherhood eyes end to Gaza blockade

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    The Muslim Brotherhood aims to open the Egyptian border with Gaza to commerce, a shift that would transform life for Palestinians there but which is hitting resistance from Egyptian authorities reluctant to change a longstanding policy. The biggest...
  • B'Tselem: Rise in number of civilians killed in conflict

      Ynet News | over 2 years ago
    B'Tselem accuses IDF of 'injustice' against minors   The picture is harsh, not because of dramatic events or a sudden deterioration, but precisely because of the routine, the report said. Scene of Fogel family murders in West Bank   This year, we...
  • Israeli Court Upholds Appeal To End Discrimination In “Feast Meals”

      International Middle East Media Center | over 2 years ago
    Palestinian Cartoon Israeli Court Upholds Appeal To End Discrimination In Feast Meals For the first time in Israels history, the Israeli District Court upheld an appeal filed on behalf a Palestinian political prisoner from the northern West Bank city...
  • Maybe Palestinians, Israelis need a break from each other

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    Wouldn't it be nice if Palestinians and Israelis didn't have to deal with each other anymore?...The idea would be to separate the two sides and give each autonomy, with no direct contact whatsoever. Of course, given the dynamics of the situation,...
  • Murray Polner: Review of Peter Beinart's “The Crisis of Zionism” (Henry ...

      HNN | over 2 years ago
    Peter Beinart is an American Jewish writer who attends an Orthodox synagogue. In The Crisis of Zionism he breaks ranks with the long-established American Jewish guardians of everything Israel does and says about war, peace and justice. Beinart is a...
  • Civilian deaths up in 2011 Israeli-Palestinian fighting, says rights group

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    The past year saw a sharp rise in the number of civilians killed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an Israeli human rights group reported on Wednesday. An annual report from the Jerusalem-based B'Tselem showed that in 2011, Israeli security forces...
  • “Liberal Zionism”: A contradiction in terms

      War In Context | over 2 years ago
    A contradiction in terms by News Sources on March 20, 2012 Yousef Munayyer writes : Peter Beinart's New York Times op-ed, To Save Israel, Boycott the Settlements , is an example of the increased volume voices described as Liberal Zionists' have...
  • Leave Gaza Strip, U.S. tells citizens

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    U.S. citizens are called on to leave Gaza Strip immediately and be on high alert when traveling to Israel or the West Bank, the U.S...A cease-fire backed by leaders from the militant Islamic Jihad appeared to be holding in Gaza after a rockets were...
  • Fatah: Iran paid Hamas to block Palestinian unity deal

      Haaretz | over 2 years ago
    Iran paid the Islamist group Hamas to block a deal with the rival Fatah movement that would have ended a five-year rift between the two main Palestinian factions, a Fatah spokesman said on Tuesday. He said Tehran recently resumed financial aid to...
  • Israeli settlers grab West Bank water springs – UN report

      Russia Today | over 2 years ago
    Close military and political co-operation between Israel and the US hangs heavy over the proceedings on Palestinian statehood bid in the UN Security Council. Some believe the overall peace process in the Middle East is also hampered by the alliance.
  • Parsing what Petraeus actually wrote

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    The Daily Star General David Petraeus denies saying that the persistence of the Arab-Israel conflict endangers American troops in the Middle East...Israeli-Palestinian tensions often flare into violence and large-scale armed confrontations. The...
  • America's Israeli burden: one view from Baghdad

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    The Daily Star Although some have quibbled with what exactly he said, there is little doubt that General David Petraeus, the commander of US Central Command who also served as commanding general of the multinational forces in Iraq from January 2007...
  • Israeli settlers seizing Palestinian water supplies

      Daily News & Analysis | over 2 years ago
    Israeli settlers are using "acts of intimidation, threats and violence" to take over natural water supplies on Palestinian land on the West Bank, according to a critical UN report. The study found that 56 natural springs used by Palestinian farmers...
  • Hamas terrorist was a guest of South African radicals

      Canadian Free Press | over 2 years ago
    Further evidence of the links between the left wing activists in South Africa and Islamic terrorists that murder Jews in Israel. During his visit the South African Council of Churches came out with an endorsement of Israel Apartheid Week which also...
  • The world must heed Khader Adnan's call

      Scoop | over 2 years ago
    Please click here or email to endorse. I hereby assert that I am confronting the occupiers not for my own sake as an individual, but for the sake of thousands of prisoners who are being deprived of their simplest...
  • Decisions in the interregnum in Palestine and Israel

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | over 2 years ago
    Yet even during this hibernation there is much that can, and indeed must, be done to prevent an even graver crisis. The causes of the freeze are many: continued settlement building; the US veto of the UN settlement freeze resolution; the failure of...
  • Jewish settlers limit Palestinian access to water sources: U.N

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    Jewish settlers have seized dozens of natural springs in the occupied West Bank, barring Palestinians or limiting their access to scarce water sources, a United Nations report said Monday...Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said it...
  • U.N. cancels appearance by Hamas leader in Geneva

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | over 2 years ago
    The cancellation Monday of an appearance by Ismail al-Ashqar, a senior official with Hamas, followed an official complaint filed with U.N. officials by Israeli Ambassador Aharon Leshno-Yaar. Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned...
  • Encountering Peace: Don't shut the switch

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    With the exception of the Jericho area, the PA is not permitted to generate any of its own electricity. In fact, even the PA's creation of distribution companies in the West Bank is not in accord with the agreement. In terms of electricity for the...
  • Sri Lanka Condemns the Imposition of Collective Punishment Palestinians

      Asian Tribune | over 2 years ago
    20 — editor Sri Lanka Ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam participating in the General Debate on the Human Rights Situation in Palestine and other Occupied Arab Territories said Sri Lanka condemns the settlement campaign in the West Bank, blockade of the...
  • Uncontroversial yet Taboo: Gaza in Context

      Palestine Chronicle | over 2 years ago
    03 03/19/2012 The recent killing of 25 Palestinians in Gaza and the wounding of at least 80 more within four daysMarch 9-12requires some context as the majority of western mainstream media outlets are either unwilling or unable to provide any.
  • The War on Gaza

      HNN | over 2 years ago
    Israel and its apologists will blame Palestinian militants for the latest flare-up of violence in the Gaza Strip, but no one disputes that relative quiet was broken when an IDF airstrike last Friday killed Zuheir al-Qaisi and Mahmoud Al-Hannani of...
  • Israel: Aid drop hurts Palestinian financial stability

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    A drop-off in the delivery of aid to the Palestinians is threatening their financial stability, Israel warns in a report to be submitted to international donor countries later this week. The report says Israel has done its part to boost the...
  • ISRAEL: Address inequalities facing Arabs, says ICG

      IRIN | over 2 years ago
    Urgent steps should be taken to address the widespread marginalization of Arab minorities in Israel, including Palestinians living in occupied East Jerusalem, to improve their livelihoods and encourage sustainable peace in the Middle East, says the...
  • UN: Settlers taking over Palestinian-owned springs

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    Daraghmeh, who claimed that his family actually owns the land around the spring, which has been renovated into a bathing pool by the nearby Eli settlement, told reporters on Tuesday that he could no longer enter the area without a prearranged...

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