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Damascus : Syria | over 2 years ago  
The regime's military strength and the weakness of the rebels, diplomatically obfuscated make feasible a rapid solution to the conflict. Just a year ago, in Deraa, in southern...
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  • Syria struck by deadly blasts ahead of UN mission

      Mail and Guardian | over 2 years ago
    Syria was hit by the third lethal car bombing of the weekend on Sunday as UN teams readied for a government-led humanitarian mission and to work to launch a monitoring operation to end a year of bloodshed. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, in...
  • Bomb Explodes in Aleppo One Day After Deadly Damascus Attacks

      Voice of America | over 2 years ago
    A bomb has exploded in Syria's second-largest city of Aleppo, one day after a double car bombing in the capital, Damascus, killed 27 people and wounded more than 100. Syria's state news agency says that Sunday's explosion in Aleppo happened between...
  • Car bomb hits Syria?s second city Aleppo

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    A car bomb hit Syria's second city Aleppo on Sunday, a day after blasts killed 27 in Damascus, and security forces arrested and beat activists at a rare anti-government protest in the capital. Residents told the British-based Syrian Observatory for...
  • Syria bombs strike at heart of Assad regime

      Daily News & Analysis | over 2 years ago
    Suicide bombers attacked two secret police headquarters in Damascus yesterday (Saturday), killing 27 people and leaving nearly 100 wounded, according to Syrian government sources. The bombings appeared to mark a dangerous escalation in Syria's crisis,...
  • Twin suicide blasts kill dozens in Syrian capital

      The Herald | over 2 years ago
    It caused destruction in a 100-yard radius, shattering windows, blowing doors off their hinges and throwing chairs and other furniture off balconies...Shooting broke out soon after the blasts and sent residents and others who had gathered in the area...
  • Q+A: Paul Holmes Interviews Robert Fisk, Middle East Expert

      Scoop | over 2 years ago
    Paul Holmes Interviews Robert Fisk, Middle East Expert.   Points of Interest: Fisk: imminent collapse of Assad's regime against armed opposition is wishful thinking; sectarian violence to continue. Assad desires reforms but is losing time so has no...
  • Morning explosions kill dozens in Damascus

      Los Angeles Times | over 2 years ago
    McDonnell, Los Angeles Times Reporting from Beirut Syrians weary of a year of conflict woke up Saturday to more bloody news -- a pair of bombs stunned the Syrian capital early Saturday, the latest in a series of such attacks in Damascus and other...
  • Syrian debacle

      Al Ahram | over 2 years ago
    The death toll so far is said to be 10,000, and one UN official said that the city of Homs has been "devastated". The international community seems unable to make up its mind. Emissaries have been sent and decisions have been passed, but all efforts...
  • Awaiting another tragic year

      Al Ahram | over 2 years ago
    Syrian prisons contain some 30,000 detainees, and tens of thousands of people have been injured in the crackdown...Meanwhile, the regime of the ruling Syrian Baath Party continues its crackdown against the uprising, apparently seeing a security...
  • The road to Damascus

      Al Ahram | over 2 years ago
    Celebration became recrimination as Western states and Russia accused each other for the council's abject inability to end the violence in Syria: the bloodiest, most intractable and dangerous of the Arab democratic transformations. Russia, with China,...
  • Anan's formidable mission

      Al Ahram | over 2 years ago
    Clearly, the dynamics of the brutal situation have not provided any real opportunity for a settlement between the murderer and the victim. The fundamental problem that started one year ago is that the Syrian people want Bashar Al-Assad and his lethal...
  • Two 'terrorist bombs' kill civilians and police in Syrian capital

      Mail Online UK | over 2 years ago
    But Assad's opponents say they have been forced to carry weapons because the regime has used tanks, snipers and machine guns to crush peaceful protests. A string of suicide bombings have taken place in Syria, with the last major one coming on...
  • Syrian security compounds hit by deadly car bombs

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    Two large explosions hit Damascus on Saturday, killing several security force personnel and civilians, state television reported, blaming what it said were terrorists behind the year-long uprising against President Bashar Assad. Video from a blast at...
  • Reports of two explosions in Syria's capital

      The Globe & Mail | over 2 years ago
    Two terrorist explosions struck security targets in the Syrian capital Saturday morning, killing a number of civilians and security forces, the country's state news agency said. The report said preliminary reports indicated they blasts were caused by...
  • Turkey could create haven for Syrian refugees

      The Guardian | over 2 years ago
    AP Turkey has hinted it might establish a haven for refugees fleeing the relentless violence in neighbouring Syria , which was described on Friday by the UN's envoy to Damascus as "very dangerous and threatening" to the region. Kofi Annan announced...
  • Turkey considers Syria buffer zone; Annan seeks unity

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    Turkey said on Friday it might set up a buffer zone inside Syria to protect refugees fleeing President Bashar Assad's forces, raising the prospect of foreign intervention in the year-long revolt. With the uprising entering its second year, UN-Arab...
  • Hezbollah: Political solution for Syria

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    More than 7,600 people have been killed in violence across Syria since anti-regime protests erupted in March 2011, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Lebanon, March 16 (UPI) -- Both parties to the conflict in Syria should lay down...
  • Syrian opposition calls for fresh protests

      Al Jazeera English | over 2 years ago
    52 Syria's opposition has called for fresh protests to press for foreign military intervention in the country even as UN special envoy Kofi Annan prepared to brief the Security Council on his efforts to bring both sides to the negotiating table.
  • Syrian forces press offensive in Idlib, 45 killed

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    In this March 10, 2012 file photo, a family escapes from fierce fighting between Free Syrian Army fighters and government troops in Idlib, north Syria. Syrian forces pressed their military offensive in the northern province of Idlib, driving 1,000...
  • Syria's embattled dictator Bashar Assad faces uncertain future, experts say

      Denver Post | over 2 years ago
    A year into the Syrian uprising, it was not the opposition but the government of Bashar Assad that made a point Thursday of conspicuously marking the anniversary. The raucous pro-Assad rallies Thursday in the streets of Damascus and other Syrian...
  • One year later: Syrians remain resolute in fight for freedom

      USA Today | over 2 years ago
    Syria One year ago, a group of schoolchildren scrawled graffiti on school walls in the small city of Daraa. Excited over the uprisings in Egypt and elsewhere known as the Arab Spring , the boys wrote, "The people want the overthrow of the regime."...
  • Syria's bloody isolation

      Sydney Morning Herald | over 2 years ago
    Story continues below Free Syrian Army rebel fighters near Idlib. Their ranks have been boosted by thousands of army deserters. Photo: AP Despite the growing chorus of international condemnation, the regime of president Bashar al-Assad has pressed on...
  • Assad forces overwhelm armed opposition

      The Globe & Mail | over 2 years ago
    One year into Syria's popular uprising, the brutal tactics of President Bashar al-Assad appear to be succeeding. The armed opposition forces have been routed from the central Syrian city of Homs and, most recently, from Idlib in the northwest near...
  • UN humanitarian mission to Syria

      BBC | over 2 years ago
    The UN has said it will send a humanitarian mission to Syria this weekend to assess the situation there. Its team will be part of a delegation led by the Syrian government, which will also include staff from the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation.
  • Rallies for Assad, ‘massacre' in Idlib

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    Agencies Turkey's Foreign Ministry said 1,000 Syrian refugees entered the country in just 24 hours. Huge rallies played up support for Syria's President Bashar Assad Thursday on the 1-year anniversary of the start of protests against his rule, as...
  • An anniversary marked by death and destruction

      The Independent | over 2 years ago
    In a disused tin-plate factory in a backstreet of Digbeth in Birmingham, an extraordinary thing is h... Still bitter was the phrase used by kicker to describe the latest diplomatic furore surrounding ... Suggested Topics After more than 8,000...
  • Vladimir Putin, the Syrians have a very long memory

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    The Daily Star Assuming that the Assad regime will collapse many indications support this assumption Russian-Syrian relations are set to go south in the post-Assad era. This conclusion is based on what one anonymous Syrian opposition leader described...
  • A timeline of some key events in Syrian uprising

      Taiwan News | over 2 years ago
    A timeline of some key events in the Syria n uprising: March 15, 2011 _ Activists call for a "Day of Rage" across Syria , inspired by other popular uprisings across the Arab world. In February, several youths were arrested in the southern town of...
  • Pro-regime rally marks anniversary of uprising

      Denver Post | over 2 years ago
    Syrians rallied Thursday in Damascus in a display of loyalty to President Bashar Assad, waving flags under a slate gray sky to protest the anniversary of a rebellion that the government says is driven by terrorists, gangsters and extremists. Outside...
  • U.N. joins Syrians on humanitarian tour

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    International officials are set to join Syrian officials this weekend to inspect humanitarian conditions across that nation, a U.N. official said Thursday. The mission comes as the Syrian insurgency enters its second year, rebels try to oust...
  • Bashar al-Assad claims leaked emails are a hoax

      The Guardian | over 2 years ago
    As government supporters rallied on the anniversary of the Syrian uprising, President Bashar al-Assad claimed a leak of emails from his personal account were a hoax. Photograph: Hazim/Xinhua Press/Corbis Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has claimed...
  • Syria “Freedom Convoy” blocked at Turkish border

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Hundreds of activists in a "Freedom Convoy" who tried to enter Syria from Turkey were stopped near the border on Thursday, as the uprising against the Damascus regime entered its second year. Turkish police stopped hundreds of mostly Syrian activists...
  • Syria Uprising: One Year on and Still at War

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    Instead, the army has made advances in Idlib province and an increasing military presence has been deployed in Daraa. After gaining control of Homs the army turned its attention to Idlib in northwest Syria, pounding the city which had been one of the...
  • Syria's year of protest and insurrection

      BBC | over 2 years ago
    It is a year since President Bashar al-Assad's men responded to peaceful demonstrations in the southern Syrian town of Deraa with automatic weapons. A few weeks before he had blithely told a reporter from the Wall Street Journal that Syria would not...
  • New 'massacre' as Syria crisis enters 2nd year

      The Hindustan Times | over 2 years ago
    Twenty-three mutilated corpses were found on Thursday near a Syrian protest city seized by regime forces, monitors said, as the regime's bloody crackdown entered its second year to a rising world outcry. Human rights monitors said the victims had...
  • Syria: One Year After Revolt Started, Killings Continue

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    Articles The 200 groups, representing 27 nations, said in a statement, that the UN must immediately pass a resolution condemning the Assad regime's use of violence, torture and arbitrary detention of Syrian civilians. Russia and China , allies of...
  • Turkey says 1,000 Syrians fled in last 24 hours

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    A government offensive in Syria's northwest has sharply increased the flow of refugees into Turkey, with about a thousand crossing in the last 24 hours, Turkish officials said on Thursday. The numbers fleeing was expected to grow further as long as...
  • Syria to push on with “war of attrition,” analysts say

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    The Syrian regime will persist with its strategy of bombing into submission pockets of rebel resistance as it remains convinced it alone holds the key to resolving a crisis now entering a second year, analysts said. "The regime believes that the...
  • Pro-Assad rallies mark one year anniversary of Syria uprising

      The Globe & Mail | over 2 years ago
    Video Video Video Fighting continued in other areas of Syria and Western leaders warned of full-blown civil war unless Mr. al-Assad bowed to outside pressure and stood aside. But international powers remain divided, with Russia and China backing Mr.
  • Syria Marks One-Year Anniversary of Uprising

      Voice of America | over 2 years ago
    Search for solution Meanwhile, the international community continues to push for a halt to the violence in Syria, but has been unable to find a solution to the crisis.   Amin Saikal, the director of the Center of Arab and Islamic Studies at the...
  • Huge pro-Assad rallies across Syria

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Huge crowds rallied in cities across Syria on Thursday in support of President Bashar al-Assad "to make the world hear our voice" on the first anniversary of a deadly anti-regime revolt. State television showed tens of thousands of people waving...
  • “Switzerland could do more for Syria”

      SwissInfo | over 2 years ago
    Susanne Schanda , For a year exiles have watched in horror the Syrian regime's brutal efforts to crush a popular uprising, a Swiss-Syrian activist tells Opposition activists, including Sara A., are calling for more...
  • France against arming Syrian opposition

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    France is opposed to calls for foreign powers to arm the opposition groups fighting Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria, fearing a descent into civil war, Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said Thursday. Last year, France helped arm the Libyan rebels who...
  • HRW urges UN to end Syria “scorched earth methods”

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces are using "scorched earth methods" in cities across the country to crush a one-year-old revolt against his regime, Human Rights Watch charged on Thursday. "City after city, town after town, Syria's security...
  • Rights groups urge Syria unity

      BBC | over 2 years ago
    A coalition of 200 aid and rights groups have called on Russia and China to support attempts by the United Nations to end the violence in Syria. Their appeal marks one year since the first protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Syrians...
  • Syria revolt enters 2nd year with regime on offensive

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    Syria's deadly revolt entered a second year Thursday with the regime smashing rebel bastions and peace envoy Kofi Annan awaiting answers from Damascus before the United Nations re-enters the fray. President Bashar al-Assad's camp and the opposition...
  • Syria steps up north attack, presses south

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    Syria's military intensified its northern offensive Thursday after all but overtaking the city of Idlib, the second opposition stronghold besieged in two weeks. At the same time, U.N.-Arab League Joint Special Envoy for Syria Kofi Annan, seeking to...
  • Report: Iran sends planeload of 'medical aid' to Syria

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    The cargo which arrived in Damascus early Thursday was to be handed over to the Syrian Red Crescent, the agency said, quoting the Iranian ambassador to Syria, Mohammad Reza Raouf Sheibani. Sheibani said Thursday's shipment included "medicines and...
  • Syrian forces deprive President's opponents of their stronghold

      Daily News & Analysis | over 2 years ago
    Syria's regime achieved a significant military victory yesterday [Wednesday], capturing the city of Idlib after a four-day assault and depriving President Bashar al-Assad's opponents of one of their strongholds. The latest military advance coincided...
  • Syria opposition group is routed and divided

      War In Context | over 2 years ago
    The government's near-complete takeover of the cities of Homs and Idlib fueled frustration with the exile group, the Syrian National Council, said one activist who had resigned, Kamal al-Labwani, a respected dissident released from Syrian prison last...

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