Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 14b)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 14b)

Cebu : Philippines | Mar 14, 2012 at 6:48 PM PDT
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Scooter reporting 03/15/12

Six months later this is only a part of Dr. de Montehor’s report:

Knowledge of the immunologic and inflammatory mechanisms contributing to acute and chronic central nervous system (CNS) diseases has increased dramatically in recent years. Inflammatory mediators and cellular processes once thought to be restricted to peripheral immune responses are now known to be central to the pathogenesis of many important CNS diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, HIV-dementia and others...

HMS set up a state-wide symposium and was held in Washington DC. One of the speakers was Dr. Ralph James de Montehor. The invitation reached to Dr. Thomas James de Montehor. And St. Luke Medical Center in Quezon City.

He stayed in the states for another six months. Arriving from Washington DC he drove to Kim’s place. A week earlier he received news that his favorite psychic Dr. Mack met a road accident in Rome. It was a freak accident according to Italian police report. The SUV driven by the doctor went wild on a paved road as if it was a crazy bronco. He lost control of the vehicle and ramped against a grilled gate of an old castle.

A couple of witnesses saw the incident, they couldn’t understand why an iron bar directly pierced the left chest of the doctor as if it was intentionally done.

Once again RJ pointed a finger to Antiochus for the death of his psychic friend. He also blamed him for Jamila’s demised in which within a week the lamb that she had become died of hunger. He felt sad that he wasn’t there to help her. Alone in her house there was no grass to chew.

He clawed his hair and grimaced to the thought. In anger he yelled within - it was me who did all these!

Now that the good old doctor gone, he needed more help. At this very moment his paranormal friend was not in good terms with him. Antiochus had his own reasons to hate her. He feared she would be next.

He strongly believed now was the time to confront the evil one by using Jamila’s formula, the secret potion. Jamila cooked up a strange mixture of herbs back home. She gave the bottled potion to him covertly with instructions that she and he only knew.

He had it always in his possession wherever he went. He had faith in Jamila’s recipe. Without her now, he would not hesitate to use it against Antiochus. But he wouldn’t do it alone. He needed Kim’s help in combating the evil angel. He doesn’t care what he really was, no matter how powerful he was, all he cared for was to get rid of the pest.

It was good that he and Kim were in good terms now. Several months had gone when he received a call from Toni telling him that she was already married to a Phil-Am guy who by coincidence was also a medical doctor.

“I’m sorry RJ.” Toni whispered. He could still recall that treacherous whisper in his ear. “Absence makes the heart ponder, you know that?”

“That’s what they say, isn’t it?” He said ponderously. “Congratulations and thanks for the invitation.” He dropped the receiver unceremoniously.

Kim squatted comfortably on the floor. Her lovely face flicked every now and then to the consuming flame of the fireplace. The stony faced of a man who equally sat near the fireplace heard her tale when she was still seven years old.

“I've got lots of question to ask from this little guy. He seemed to like me. I caught him on a hidden camera trying to catch candid shots at him. In one corner, I saw him under my couch. To my astonishment he became a conglomeration of many entities. I remember now I’ve seen this phenomenon before. It seemed real you know?

“I’ve seen these creatures many times but it seemed very elusive of being seen. Then one time when I was asleep, these creatures tried to touch my hair and eyelashes. Next they tickled my nostrils so that I was awake from my slumber.

“I smelled burnt meat. I mean I don’t know where that acrid smell came from. Few minutes later, I noticed there were commotions in another corner of my room. This time there was fear inside me. It would shock you out of your socks. The unseen little creatures seemed to communicate to me by some means.

“One of them told me what is going to happen in the next few weeks, a sad news that someone is going to die, a relative. They even predicted a plague will occur, how many people would die. The mysterious creatures kept appearing to me since I was a kid in Ohio.”

She cast her eyes at the flickering flames. Without looking at RJ she said, “You don’t believe me, do you?” Then she looked up waiting for him to reply.

The gentleman’s eyes showed interest to her tale. “Of course I do believe. You could see strange being that other people couldn’t. You’ve got that special gift.”

Kim looked hard at him. “What really do you want from me?”

RJ rose from the floor, offered his hand to the lady, pulled her up and she was on her toes. On their feet now he said, “There’s something I want you to do for me.”

But the woman answered back instantaneously. “I know what you want.” She smiled. The young man stared at her. “Tell me then…”

She told him that it was Antiochus that worried him. She dragged the man by the arm to a couch. “What are you going to do with him?”

“Going to do?” He looked at her. “Get rid of him of course.” By looking at her eye, he could tell that she asked how? “Well…” he pushed. “We’re going to do it together.” He held her hand tightly. You see I have a deadly weapon here in my possession given to me by one of my aunts. She was also a seer just like you.”

And so the young man told his woman about Jamila and how she died at the hands of Antiochus. “Sorry, I really don’t know who let her die of hunger. It could be one of Antiochus followers.”

Kim asked what was the deadly weapon? He didn’t show it to her. All he said that it was a vial that contained some herbal potion that could probably hurt or it could even send the evil spirit to disappear for good, never to come back again.

“Is that all? No incantation or prayers that go along with it?” Kim said as she withdrew her hand from his.

“There is…but I won’t tell you. It’s a secret and only me who could say it.” He frowned as he looked at her.

Kim asked him another question. “Then how can I help?”

RJ got out of the couch and phased about. He thought for a while looking up at the empty ceiling, then smoothed his fingers on his chin. She heard him say, “Maybe you could do it your way.” He looked down at her. “Of course you have your own way to get rid of our common enemy. You do…right?”

She admitted that she had a way but she wasn’t sure. She confessed that she haven’t tried it yet. RJ returned to the couch. He touched her chin gently and held her there. “If my vial of potion would not work then you could take over my place. What do you say, huh?”

Kim again replied in a negative way. She told him it could be dangerous because both their methods haven’t been tested if it really works on Antiochus or any evil spirit for that matter.

RJ breathed deeply as if he was depressed. He asked himself whether they were going to take the risk? Somebody said in his right ear to go ahead, stupid? And in the other ear he heard another voice saying, don’t you dare, it might cost your life or hers.

And then he said to Kim, “Let’s take the risk. Otherwise Jamila wouldn’t give me this vial.” He raised a fist in the air, “It’s going to work, it better be."

To be continued...

Author: Noel Horlanda

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skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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