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Honesty and conscientiousness are required to look into and discuss on the social issues “as it is”, based on the facts. Hypocrasy should not come in the way to conceal the facts on real life-styles what we are practicing that is far away from what we speak and boast about our great orthodox culture and traditions. Social change is visible to our eyes very clearly in all walks of our life. But, what is being projected to the outside world over our grate traditions and culture is quite different from our real domestic life-styles and social change that has undergone in our urban societies and also in quite a good number of economically developing rural areas.

Two important aspects pertaining to our changed social life styles have been the “Part-time love” and “short-term marriages”. As we found with our eyes, they have been the life style of western world, which was criticized by our pundits as promiscuous culture, has now been apparent in the Indian society. After the advent of Television, computers and mobile phones the life styles of Indians have radically changed and what have been written or were in practice about our traditions and culture are no more relevant to us.

And attitudinal change in compatible to western life style is even more visible with greediness for earning more and more money and to have immediately the luxuries produced by business houses, driven us to change our life styles and in search of that, finding all possible ways instantaneously, including manipulation of laws established for promotion of social welfare and common good. Law itself has become a hand-maid for changed greedy people and it has become pliable in their hands. Traditional ethics and principles are no more playing any role in the personal lives of the people. If ethics and principles are followed they are looked down as inefficient, innocent, and outdated and heckled. So, not even one per cent are preferring to have such principled life style, including women, who were once resected all over the world for their great association with ethics, principled life styles, tenderness and good behaviour in personal life.

The social change is very much visible in the personal affairs of both men and women. For instance, in earlier days the word ‘Love’ between a man and women has great meaning and attached with great emotions, sentiments, values and sacrificies. But today “Love” has become a business. “Part-time love” concept has been thriving in modern times. For both men and women and it has become a hobby, not attached with any emotions, values and sentiments. For certain type of women it has become more specifically a part-time money earning activity. Such kind of women have learnt that “part-time love” is advantageous for them because on looking at girl/women a man drooling, will spend money for her in restaurants, clubs and pubs and buy gifts what ever she desires to please and pamper her. After his pockets have become empty she leaves him and that is a universal phenomenon known to everyone. When he asks her why she is keeping him away and evading, she says that she never thought of marrying him and looked him with that view if another rich guy is acquinted with her in the mean time. If he accuses her why she duped him in the guise of Love, she complains to police that he is teasing and trying to rape her and the relevant women protection laws will be invoked against him by police, who are usually given in their official trainings only to see one side of the coin in women matters concerned. So, what that woman wanted was only part-time love to pass time and to enjoy the youthfulness of her age and to freely eat burgers, pizzas, cakes and ice-creams in the reaustaurents and to move freely on his bike or car to her workplace or college till her interest is exhausted and boared with him. This kind of fickle minded part-time lovers can be seen in the parks, pubs and in other recreational places and their primary life style is doing part-time love to fulfill their immediate needs or to enjoy their youthful craze.

Besides making part-time love with one guy, they will also be simultaneously in search for a well earning and well settled person for marriage. And when well settled person is found the part-time lover would be told good-bye and next chapter of their life “short-term” marriage will be opened with a well earning /well settled guy. After marriage unable to adjust emotionally between the part-time lover’s memories and legally wedded husband they undergo psychological trauma, and when this maladjustments lead to matrimonial conflicts, the marriage turns “short-term”, leading to divorce inevitably after filing dowry harassment and domestic violence cases on Husbands and inlaws. Later search will begin for second marriage. Even if that is failed Third search….no end for this searching for fickled minded girls and guys.

This social change is quite visible when you observe the number of matrimonial advertisements in the daily news papers and internet matrimonial sites, out of which at least 70 per cent advertisers are second marriage persons (except widows) irrespective of the age groups. That means due to our visible social change, and chainging life-stlyes either our matrimonial lives have become “short-term” or “short-term” marriages are being preferred by us due to our fickle and unstable minds and life-styles. It has become something like – if you eat in home only one type of food you have to eat every day life long, but if you start eating outside in hotel you can eat varities of food every day – which is a different form of ‘Part-time love’ and ‘short-term marriages’. So the adage “marriages are made in heaven” has been extended. Now it is known as “Marriages are made in heaven and Divorce is granted on earth”.

Some other kinds of typical persons are also there in our society doing part-time love and leading short-term marriage life simultaneously with spouse. If faults are found in married spouse they will jump away with lover, if boredom gets with lover, good-bye will be said to him/her. Lives have become like this now a days, Part-time loves and short-term marriages. By dchaitanya.

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Sam Uncle
Sam Uncle pointing out the Social Change
d chaitanya is based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, and is a Reporter on Allvoices.
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