Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 13b)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 13b)

Cebu : Philippines | Feb 26, 2012 at 11:45 PM PST
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Skooter reporting 02/27/12

The green scenery made the sight cool to the young man who was driving his brand new SUV Cherokee along Martine Luther King Drive. Devoid of traffic he easily reached his destination, the Midway Plaisance Drive where he could see at the distant the University of Chicago Hospital. At the reception hall, one of the nursing staff directed him to the woman he missed so much. At the OR station he saw her. There she is, he said to himself. The woman in white with a small cap mounted on her head happened to turn her sight to the young man in midnight blue suit and a yellow tie about his neck.

They hugged not without a kiss and then separated looking at each other. She said, “Why you did not announced your coming, huh?”

RJ replied, “Why should I? It’s a surprise.”

“Surprise eh?.” Toni said. “Great, now, I couldn’t take care of you until 6.”

The young man gave her a quick shrugged and followed it with a what-could-I- do-looked. Toni told him that it would be a couple of hours yet before she could be with him. So she advice him if he could wait for her at the lounge or in the canteen.

RJ chose to wait for her at the lounge. While waiting, his eyes roamed about seeing people who appeared to be busy. The doctor caught sight of a gorgeous creature in white frocks, a stethoscope wrapped around her neck. The woman glimpsed at the man and smiled as she passed by. RJ’s eyes followed her. Eventually he looked at her legs.

That part of a woman was his weakness and a nice pair of legs she had. In his thoughts he said to himself, I’d like to know more about her.

Toni’s rented flat at E 59th St. was a block away from University of Chicago Hospital. The woman in white changed into a girlie get up, a dark blue flower printed Rouched halter with a matching straw bag. On her dainty feet a starfish slides.

At McCormick & Schmick’s they went. Toni forgot to warn her date that the earlier hours are the busiest, however they were still accommodated in the bar area. They went for mahi mahi cakes, fish tacos with saffron brown rice, and pecan-encrusted catfish nuggets. An order of two drinks made their late dinner perfect.

The weather that night was friendly, it wasn’t warm or icy, it was the right temperature for romance. They sat on a bench somewhere between Morgan Dr and Payne Drive. Washington Park a romantic place to talk about nonsense, they say.

RJ talked about his studies in Harvard although he didn’t want to be a bore. He complained a little bit not of the medical school but his accommodation in the university campus. The dorm was too small for him; he wanted to rent a bigger place where he can have all the comfort.

“Well anyway,” he shrugged his shoulder. “it’s too late for now ‘cause I’m finishing my residency in a couple of months from now. I would like you to come to Boston to attend the graduation rites. What do yah say?”

The woman told him that she would like to and hoping she would be free at that time. Nevertheless she said she will try her best even though she was still new in her job. But she didn’t tell him that, she might hurt his feelings.

The gentleman knew by her looks alone, she appeared to be lying. Nonetheless, he understood her. RJ wasn’t worried about that. What he was worried about now was he might not be able to see the woman whose pair of legs made him uneasy. Yeah he thought of her.

From Washington Park they enjoyed walking holding hand until they reach E 55th St. near UCH . “Which way…” Toni asked him. “You prefer Starbucks or Sammy Touch which is in the corner of E 57th St and S Cottage Grove Ave..”

RJ said, “lead the way my woman.”

They made love that night in her place. Early in the morning, Toni brought him to Edward’s Natural Pizza in S Woodlawn Ave., they have breakfast there. Then he escorted the girl to her working place. Soon RJ bid goodbye saying, “See you in Boston?”

Fortunately, he crashed into another woman in white frocks. He was so grateful to see the lady and without wasting time he introduced himself. The flabbergasted woman didn’t know what to say and couldn’t believe that such young gentleman was also a doctor of medicine.

RJ later found out that she was Doctor Chloe Jane Stone. She looked Latina even though she had a Caucasian name. Long black hair that ended just below her shoulder, feminine looking nose, brown irises nearly covered by her long black eyelashes and when she smiles her pouting lips seemed to pull him over to her.

He didn’t take off his sight on the woman doctor until he heard a mocking laugh behind his ears saying, “She’s your type, a mixed blood in her veins.”

Who said that? He ignored it for he knew who was talking. But then he nearly forgot his trip back to Boston. He had still an hour to know more about Doc Chloe. So he asked her for a quick snack at nearby fast food outlet.

At 57th St. inside the Medici they got to know each other more. Doc Chloe was an Internist seeing a neurosurgeon. RJ thought it was interesting and what interest him was she loved people from Harvard.

She said, “they are so cute little scientists, yah know?” Followed by “I really love them all.”

RJ brightened up, he couldn’t believe what this bitch was mumbling about. He glanced at his wrist watch and abruptly cut their conversation, “Sorry Doc Chloe, I’d better run along, it’s a long drive yet.”

But he promised to see more of her after the big day. “Promise?” She said. RJ gave her a big nod.

“How’s your friend?” Kim readily asked him. He told her everything well and good.

Kim informed him that there were a couple of calls, one emergency from Manila but she didn’t know what all was about, and another call from Dr. Mack. “You consult a Psychic about what?” Kim said.

RJ didn’t give her an answer instead he asked her what was going on in the school campus. She gave him a positive answer that everything was all right; there was no unusual happening lately. But then she asked him again that same question.

RJ waved a dismissal hand at her and begged not to bother him about Dr. Mack. The woman wasn’t satisfied of his answer. She became dubious about his meeting with the psychic doctor. Something or there could be some problems bothering him. Her eyes widened when she recalled the strange appearance of Antiochus that day..

Perhaps she began to think that he was asking for Dr. Mack’s help about this mysterious appearance of a long dead man. Imagine she derisively thought this lonely soul claiming that he existed during the time of Alexander the Great and that he was the personal physician of the Greek general.

When the gentleman was about to leave Kim called after him, “Are you leaving so soon?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “I’m going somewhere and please don’t ask me where?”

Kim looked at him. She gave a shrug of her shoulder. She then went to the window and watched him from there. When he drove away, she then hurried down and tailed the Cherokee. Kim was about fifty meters away from RJ.

To be continued...

Author - Noel Horlanda

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Image Chloe Jane Stone
skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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