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Damascus : Syria | over 2 years ago  
Syria's President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma al-Assad on Sunday voted on the draft of the new constitution for the Syrian Arab Republic at the TV and Radio Center in Damascus....
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  • Opinion: Are Libya?s friends better than Syria?s?

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    The Syrian uprising began nearly one year ago, when in March, thousands of pro-reform demonstrators took to the streets in Daraa to denounce the Assad regime. Since that time, thousands of civilians have been killed and the country has arguably...
  • MK Herzog: Syrian rebels want peace with Israel

      Ynet News | over 2 years ago
    Syrian rebels want peace with Israel?   Photo: Shutterstock Labor party's Isaac Herzog says Syrian opposition leaders told him they want peace with Israel after Assad falls; Syrian rebels wish to 'be friends' with Jewish state, he says Associated...
  • Now, India to back Arab League’s stand on Syria

      Time of India | over 2 years ago
    With India having switched its stance on Syria to being more critical of the Bashar al-Assad regime, New Delhi is ready to lend its considerable diplomatic clout to support the Arab League, which is driving the international community's response to...
  • SFA: Assad Planned to Use French Journalist as Leverage

      Israel National News | over 2 years ago
    Make a7 your Homepage Register                          Latest News Briefs "+arr[i][1]+" The Syria Free Army aborted its 'evacuation attempt' of a French journalist after learning Assad planned to use her as a bargaining chip. Full Story "),new O.
  • Asma al-Assad: The fashionable face of tyranny

      Washington Post | over 2 years ago
    Behind every dictator, there is a Louboutin-loving woman. The Guardian offers a glimpse at the lives of dictators' wives, who must stand by their men in good times (Chanel shopping sprees, archaeological artifacts as home decor, St. Tropez ice cream...
  • Syrian opposition forms office to lead armed rebellion

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    The opposition Syrian National Council announced Wednesday setting up a military bureau to supervise the "armed resistance" against the regime, as Washington raised fears of Al-Qaeda taking advantage of arming the rebellion. "The SNC has decided to...
  • Switzerland temporarily closes embassy in Damascus

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Switzerland said Wednesday it has temporarily closed its embassy in Damascus for security reasons as violence in Syria continued despite growing international pressure on Bashar al-Assad's regime. "Swiss citizens living in Syria were given due notice...
  • Israeli: Syrian rebels want peace with Israel

      Taiwan News | over 2 years ago
    An Israeli Cabinet minister says Syria n opposition leaders have told him they want peace with Israel after Syria n President Bashar Assad falls...They have fought several major wars, and Syria backs violent anti-Israel groups.
  • Syrians vote in referendum in the thick of unrest

      The Hindu | over 2 years ago
    AFP Syrian take to the streets after voting on a new Constitution in Damascus on Sunday. Proposed Constitution reduces the Baath Party's power Syrians were called to the polls on Sunday to vote on a new Constitution in the face of opposition calls...
  • Obama vetoed military intervention in Syria?

      Russia Today | over 2 years ago
    Sources inside Washington suggest that US President Barack Obama has shot down plans for an American intervention in Syria to aid in the opposition against the country's head, Bashar al-Assad. President Obama has already offered harsh words for Assad...
  • West's anti-Assad tirade grows shriller

      The Hindu | over 2 years ago
    Syria's efforts to reinvent itself have failed to impress major Western powers, which have sharpened their attack on the country's embattled President, Bashar al-Assad, after he successfully held a referendum calling for fundamental political change.
  • Syria's uprising is being crushed but Assad cannot escape his fate | Fares ...

      The Guardian | over 2 years ago
    There are reports that more than half the Syrian district of Homs is now under the control of President Assad's divisions. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images The fall of Baba Amr, when it happens, will be a serious blow to the morale of protesters...
  • Syrian opposition council 'open to working with Hezbollah'

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    If Hezbollah decided to support the democratic process in Syria, there would not be any barrier" to negotiations, he said. We will not sacrifice Hezbollah if Hezbollah does not sacrifice us as a people and as a cause." Hezbollah's greatest popularity...
  • No NATO role in Syria, Rasmussen says

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    Syrian president Bashar al-Assad accompanied by his wife Asma (L), posing for a photograph while casting his vote, during the referendum on a new constitution, at a polling station, in Damascus, Syria, on February 26, 2012. Syrians began voting on...
  • France, US arming Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles - report

      Russia Today | over 2 years ago
    A general in the opposition militia known as the Free Syria Army has told journalists that the rebels have received French and American military assistance, amid reports of worsening violence in the stricken nation. ­In Homs on Tuesday, a general...
  • Libya chips in with $100 million to help Syrians

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Libya announced on Wednesday that it will provide $100 million in humanitarian aid to Syrians in a bid to support their battle for "freedom" against the "dictatorial regime" of Bashar al-Assad. Libya government spokesperson Mohammed al-Harizi said...
  • The dilemma for Syria’s neighbours

      War In Context | over 2 years ago
    The dilemma for Syria's neighbours by News Sources on February 29, 2012 Alia Brahimi and George Joffe write : [T]he growing chorus of international condemnation against Assad is counteracted by anxieties, in western and Arab capitals alike, over what...
  • Islamist group post video claiming Syria attacks

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    A previously unknown jihadist group has claimed responsibility for suicide bombings in the Syrian capital and the second city Aleppo that killed dozens earlier this year, in a video seen by AFP Wednesday. The group calling itself Al-Nusra Front to...
  • Syrian opposition leader skeptical over UN vote

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    He said such a summit should include "the United States, China, Russia, Britain and the moderate Arab countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco." Manaa also rejected the idea of setting up humanitarian corridors in Syria. "I think this is a very bad...
  • Syria: Tunisia offers asylum to al-Assad

      AKI | over 2 years ago
    Tunisia has offered asylum to embattled Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in an effort to end violence that has killed thousands since the beginning of an anti-government uprising almost a year ago, according to TAP, the Tunisia's state news agency. "...
  • Kuwaiti MPs vote to recognize Syrian council

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Kuwaiti MPs overwhelmingly approved a resolution on Wednesday calling on the government to recognize the opposition Syrian National Council as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. Forty-four members including all cabinet ministers...
  • Connelly: Exert all efforts to convince Assad to step down

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    US ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly, in an interview with LBC television on Tuesday, said that all efforts must be exerted to convince Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down from power. Connelly added that there were no secret...
  • UN flagships ‘humanitarian’ resolution to Syria conflict

      Russia Today | over 2 years ago
    The UN Security Council has urged Russia and China not to veto a new resolution on Syria amid reports that the death toll in the conflict has topped 7,500. Meanwhile, anti-regime rhetoric has intensified with the US branding Assad a war criminal.
  • US hesitant to arm Syrian rebels due to al-Qaida

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    White House says its opposition to arming Syrian opposition forces partly based on extremists operating in the country. Ahmed Jadallah One reason the United States is hesitant to arm the Syrian opposition is that "al-Qaida and other extremists are...
  • Pentagon Has Desk-Drawer Military Plan to Attack Syria: Report

      Israel National News | over 2 years ago
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested Tuesday that Assad could be termed a war criminal. Full Story "),new O.News(153231,"Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Presents Credentials",'',284493,"",0,""),new O.News(153228,"UN to Praise Qaddafi\'s \'Human...
  • In PHOTOS: The killing fields of Syria

      Rediff | over 2 years ago
    M ore than 7,500 people have been killed in Syria since the uprising against President Bashar Al-Assad's regime began nearly a year ago, a top United Nations official told the Security Council...Click here for Rediff Realtime News The killing fields...
  • US says arms for Syrian insurgents could help Al-Qaeda

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    The White House said Tuesday that Al-Qaeda's efforts to take advantage of violence in Syria mean it is no time to send arms to opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "Without getting into assessments of our intelligence capabilities, I would...
  • 'US drawing up new UN resolution on Syria'

      The Economic Times | over 2 years ago
    The United States is drawing up a new draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria demanding humanitarian access to protest cities where thousands have been killed, diplomats said on Tuesday. If put to a vote it would be the third time Western...
  • Assad could be regarded as war criminal: Hillary

      Zee News | over 2 years ago
    While replying to a query by Senator Lindsey Graham about whether Assad should be viewed by the international community as a war criminal, she said," I think people have been putting forth the argument but I also think that from long experience that...
  • Opinion: What did Saudi Arabia say to Assad?

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    SaudiArabia has said, over and over again, that its religious and moral duty behooves it to take the stand it has adopted today against the Assad regime, and this is in order to protect the unarmed Syrians, and to protect Syria itself from who knows...
  • US drafts outline of new UN Syria resolution

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    Russian and Chinese backing for any council resolution, they added, would be a blow to Syrian President Bashar Assad. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Tuesday that the council was working on a third resolution, this time focusing on the...
  • Fears of extremism in Syria mount

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    The Daily Star In this Monday, Feb. 27, 2012 citizen journalism image provided by the Local Coordination Committees in Syria and accessed on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Local Coordination Committees in Syria) Western experts seem hesitant to support decisive...
  • Mona Charen: Syria is Another Instance of Western Sympathy for Despotic ...

      HNN | over 2 years ago
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a firm statement to the Syrian elite this week, urging them to overthrow the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. The longer you support the regime's campaign of violence against your brothers and sisters, the more it...
  • Tunisian President Offers Assad Asylum

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    Articles The Associated Press reported that President Moncef Marzouki told the French-language daily newspaper La Presse that his offer would also extend to the top officials of Assad's regime. An aide to Marzouki, Adnen Monssar, told Reuters: "...
  • Human Rights Council Urgent Debate on Syria

      Scoop | over 2 years ago
    Remarks Esther Brimmer Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Organization Affairs Geneva, Switzerland February 28, 2012 Madame President, The United States joins the many other nations gathered today, to again demand an end to the Assad...
  • Pillay backs referring Syria to the ICC

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    Syrian president Bashar al-Assad (R) shaking hands with his supporters upon his arrival to vote for the referendum on a new constitution, at a polling station, in Damascus, Syria, February, 26 2012. Syrians began voting February 26 on a new...
  • Clinton: Trying Assad is complicated

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday in testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee trying Syrian President Bashar Assad for war crimes could make it harder to get him to give up power...Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said...
  • Diplomacy may yet break Syria's deadlock, and avoid a military crisis | ...

      The Guardian | over 2 years ago
    Hillary Clinton speaks to the press following the Friends of Syria conference. Photograph: Jason Reed/AFP/Getty Images Two weeks ago I met the Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu and we talked about the efficacy of the high-powered Friends of...
  • UN Rights Group Slams Syrian Government

      Voice of America | over 2 years ago
    High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay addresses the 19th session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva, February 27, 2012. The U.N.'s top rights official, Navi Pillay, opened an emergency session on the crisis in Syria...
  • UN: 7,500 Killed in Syria

      Israel National News | over 2 years ago
    President Bashar Assad has sent the army to put down political opposition throughout the country; activists in the country say the army is deliberately targeting civilians. United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to the UN report...
  • Syria: Rebels down 'three military helicopters'

      AKI | over 2 years ago
    Syrian rebels have shot down three government military helicopters, said Colonel Riad al-Asaad, founder of the main armed opposition Free Syrian Army. "We were able to shoot down three of the regime's military helicopters," he told the Al-Jazeera...
  • Clinton says argument can be made Assad a war criminal

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said on Tuesday that an argument could be made that Syrian leader Bashar Assad is a war criminal. There would be an argument to be made that he would fit into that category, Clinton told a Senate committee hearing,...
  • Clinton: Syria's Assad fits war criminal category

      Kansas City Star | over 2 years ago
    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says Syria's President Bashar Assad fits the definition of a war criminal.Clinton was testifying Tuesday before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee on the budget for the State Department and foreign...
  • Tunisia says ready to give asylum to Assad

      The Economic Times | over 2 years ago
    Tunisia offered on Tuesday to give Syrian President Bashar al-Assad political asylum if that helps to end a crackdown on the near-year-old uprising against his rule. "Tunisia is ready in principle to grant political asylum to Bashar al-Assad and his...
  • Syria civilian death toll "well over 7,500"

      Reuters | over 2 years ago
    Video A Turkish journalist holds portraits of American correspondent Marie Colvin (R) and French photographer Remi Ochlik during a demonstration against the killings of journalists in Syria, in front of the Syrian Embassy in Ankara, February 24, 2012.
  • Syria: Iraq and Lebanon Abandon Bashar al-Assad

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    Articles Iraq 's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said: "Iraq backs change in Syria...He said a national unity government was the first step under Arab and UN supervision. Despite the recent referendum on a new constitution, Maliki said "a national...
  • Hilary Clinton Says Assad could be Labelled War Criminal

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    Articles She was asked by Senator Lindsey Graham if Assad could be classed a war criminal...Such labels "limit options to persuade leaders to step down from power", she warned. Must Read Sponsorship Link Like us on Facebook She said  she believed...
  • Assad Must be Slaughtered, Says Saudi Cleric

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    Must Read Sponsorship Link Like us on Facebook More than 7,000 people have been killed in Syria since protests began in March, according to official estimates. Dozens more are reportedly dying every day in the city of Homs, which has been surrounded...
  • Ominous signs in Homs amid reports that Syrian tanks are rolling in

      The Christian Science Monitor | over 2 years ago
    Now, it appears that Syria 's Bashar al-Assad is moving to phase two.
  • Israeli Arabs back Assad

      Ynet News | over 2 years ago
    The conference was organized by the Popular Committee for Syria's Victory.   Related stories:   Knesset Member Issam Makhoul, who also took part in the conference, told Ynet: "The event was held in order to reject the conspiracy taking shape against...

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